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"Nuon is the oldest world in the Jul-Kapa System and a member of the Triumvirate. Alongside it's neighboor, Dakinti, it forms the main economic axis of the system. As the home of the so called Nuonian Mothers, an order of high importance within the Union, it is a revered religious place for many within the Unionist Religion. The Mothers, although few in number, have full control of this lush world. It has a diverse set of ecosystems, from deserts, tovast oceans, oceanic prairies or jungles, which makes it one of the most beautiful worlds in the region." - High Priestress, Annik Marrash

The world of Nuon is a planet located in the Jul-kapa system, in the Lewis Galaxy and Herschel Space. The planet belongs to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It is as well one of the three worlds that form the triumvirate, the local government ruling the Jul-kapa system. It is the second largest world in the system and the oldest, as it was colonized first. It did not need terraforming of any sort like its companions on the system did.

It is known for being a center of religiosity within the system and the planet is ruled under a matriarchy in the same form as Saikan or the Systerhood operates. They formed a council of Mothers, as it is called and one of them is elected to represent Nuon in the Triumvirate.

Nuon is one of the leading economies of the Jul-kapa system. It's definitely the second largest, and is in tied connection with Dakinti, with whom it forms an axis of commerce that concentrates most of the wealth in the system. Nuon is a planet based on trade, agriculture, mining, financial assets, education, services, religious services specially (alongside breeding and exporting parasytes), pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.


The planet has 4 large oceans, the Koloponi Ocean, the Huviri Ocean, the Neiol Ocean and the Satura Ocean. This oceans divide the continents of Nuon, which are Regusa, Matril and Obelur.

  • Regusa

This vast continent has a large amount of land, extensions that cover large areas of the planet and produce agricultural goods in large numbers. However, a region withing Regusa holds the Mineusi Desert, a large extension of dry arid land. Several rivers and lakes, even seas can be seen in its surface and a variety of climates exist here, from the cold tundric and snowy lattitudes next to the poles to a tropical climate towards the equators. The continent's economy is based mostly on agriculture, pharmaceutics, services and education. The population of the continent is 12 billion.

The largest city in the continent and the second largest in Nuon is Akane. It is a mayor and huge center of the economy in this part of the world. Specially a center of pharmaceutics and services as well as research. Also in this continent, we can find the city of Ovron a main center of education and the second most important city in Regusa.

  • Matril

This continent has as well a whide range of climates. Oceanic climate predominates while snow and tundra are large on its lattitudes close to the pole. It lies within the southern hemisphere of the planet and lacks equatorial jungles. There, instead, you can find a small arid desert known as Lobatre Desert, followed by large extensions of savannah. Most of the population however, lives within the oceanic regions were agriculture can be produced. It's economy is based mostly on finance, trade, religious services, contruction and finances. To a lesser extend, Agriculture and mining are also important. The total population of the continent is 10 billion.

The city of Metreissis, which is a religious centers, and the capital of Nuon holds spirial significance and importance all across the System. In planet terms its the fith biggest but is the seat of the local government and the council of Mothers. On the other side, Tilbaron is the largest city in Matril and is heavily

  • Obelur

This continent lies within the southern hemisphere as well, but crosses into the northen hemisphere. The areas within the equator covered large and dense jungles. Towards the north, temperate climate and a large extension of grasslands exist. Towards the south from the equator, a large mountain range exists followed by a temperate climate and a vas extension of tundra and cold forests. Then the pole touches the Obelur continent. Seen the icesheets covering partially lands in Obelur are a huge touristic attraction in the planet. The ecomomy of Obelur is based on mining, finance, manufacturing and services. Agriculture and tourism play a small role as well. The total population is around 9 billion.

The largest city is Bulsara, the largest city in the planet, on the southern hemisphere and the city of Taukinis, located in the northern hemisphere region of the continent. Bulsara is the main economic center, heavily based on mining, services, trade and manufacturing, while Taukinis is the a main center for finance, services, agriculture and trade.


The system where Nuon is located was first explored in 35 909 CE (15 743 ADL), but the world of Nuon wasnt deeply explored until some centuries later, in 36 127 CE (15 961 ADL) when the first tripulated mission was sent to the planet. In 36 243 CE (16 077 ADL) the first stations in orbit were placed down and in 36 257 CE (16 091 ADL) the first station for scientific studies was stablished.

The world was the first one to be colonized within the Jul-Kapa System with settlers from the Zeurel System in 36 311 CE (16 145 ADL) when the first colonial spacecraft landed. In fact, observations from that system had already located the potential for settlement and colonization on Nuon. This led to several probes being sent to the planet. It was then when habitation of Dakinti was also confirmed and thus a tripulated mission was later sent to explore the world.

The first settlement was stablish at a later date by colonist from Saikan and to some extend from Arkon, Neldum and Ishai. Nuon is a name derivation which originally meant "Paradise given by God" due to the extreme abundance of Nuon when compared to their original planet they came from which was arid. This has marked the culture of Nuon to be very much based in Saikanian culture and practices, setting them slightly apart from other Unionist worlds. This allowed the rare gifts from Saikan to be imported to the planet, and thus form a large part of the special parasytes breeding-Bloodlines used by the Nuonian Mothers, the famous religious order.

The Nuonian Mothers


This religious order of women is original from the world of Nuon, born as an offshoot of the Systerhood of Kryso. It is definitely a misterious order and they are not many of them across the Unionist territories. Bases exist in other worlds but they are rare, and this planetary bases for the order are mostly there to cover up an area or size to mantain that space covered (what is known as the Nuonian Net). This means that just in the Lewis Galaxy there are no more than 4 bases, 7 in the Iskadi Galaxy, 6 in the Rodaun Galaxy and 5 in the Kevenam Galaxy.

Selective Program

This order mantains a special breeding program for their gift parasites, done in secrecy, in which their parasites have been selected in several blood-lines and then implanted in the acolytes of the order. This means that all parasites within the Nuonian Mothers are biologically related. This has allowed them to pusuit a Thaumaturgic power: Telepathy.


The Mothers are allowed to speak to each other through training. So the biological mother parayste can communicate more effectively with it's offspring (and viceversa) using telepathy than with it's more removed or far away relatives (aunts, cousins, second degree cousins etc...).

However, communication is always available through this selective breed or bloodline that has been engineered by the Nuonian Mothers for centuries. That's because no matter how far away in the bloodline, they are still all related. This has kept the number of Mothers low since there arent that many parasytes available to mass-implant. Children are carefully selected and implanted at the age of 13 when they reach puberty and their first period starts. This children before the implantation receive a very special education and are all females.

The Telepathy allows them to communicate with each other across the vast distances of space. However, this means that the more remove the parasyte is from the bloodline the least effective the communication is. For example a Mother talking to another in the same world would be carried out without much problems, but communicating to another planet or a nearby system may have more complications if the gifts are not mother-daughter.

Based on the gift bloodline range of communication:

  • Mother-Daughter: A daughter can communicate with it's mother through vast lands of space. As much as 5 million systems away. Far away from that, the connection disappears. Above 2 million systems of distance the communication daughter-mother is slow and fragile, and even allows only one to three worlds of communication.
  • Sisters: can communicate to just 2 million systems away and at 1 million systems it becomes affected.
  • Aunt-Niece or Granmothers: is 1 million systems, but 500 000 systems away becomes affected.
  • Cousins: communication is 500 000 systems in reach, but 250 000 systems to be affected.
  • Second degree cousins: 100 000 systems of reach, 50 000 systems to be affected. other than that..
  • Far more removed relatives: 50 000 systems and 25 000 to be affected.

This net of telepathy is known as the Nuonian Net. It can make news fly from one to another really fast which gives them an advantage.

Other Powers:

On top of that, the order has mastered things like inmunity to venom. They are capable of taste almost any poison in the universe and use their special training abilities with the parasyte to neutralize it's effects. This is the reason why many work for important people within the Union as tasters of their food.

They can control their body functions much better than any human would, neutralizing emotions such as pain, sorrow, anger or anxiety. Emotions that will otherwise betray them. On the same hand they have the power to use their mental abilities to inflict mental pain on someone or cure them alhough their ability here is lower than those in the Systerhood of Kryso.

They can perform as well the so called "Dance of the Mothers" which allows their acolytes to used weaponry in a very skilled manner. Upon finishing their training of passage, they are given a couple of "Meika Dagas". This will allow the mothers to defend themselves in case it's needed.


The Nuonian mothers seek to extend the Unionist religion to the far corners of the Universe, to every single human alive. They think the Xeno do not deverse this Gift. According to them, the parasyte was presented to them in Isso meaning "The God that sees beyond" chose humanity to subdue the universe and lead it to it's total utopian state of perfection. Giving the gift to xeno awaits for unexpected risks and deviations of the gifts out of control that could lead to the deviation from the final goal. They also believe, as much Unionist believers, that each and every one of the Gift parasytes are small pieces of god itself.

They main objective is to preserve human genetic lines and are expert breeders. They usually manipulate those within the Union to create powerful being that would empower the union and the unionist cause. In this matter, they use their known contacts to arrange marriages. However, their breeding is not only based on Humans, but also on gifts to create a powerful gift that will allow extra-presience. The only problem is that experimenting with gifts is forbidden due to the sacred nature of those beings in the Union.


Through the centuries they have had clashes with the Systerhood of Kryso and have always tried and work to superceed this order. However, due to their much fewer number, the Nuonian Mothers are in no position to be a threat to them. Nevertheless, many work to gain ground and take influence away from the Systerhood. The last one, see the Mothers as a simple inconvenience, and try to drive them away from high influence.

However, the orders have worked together in numerous occasions as allies. Most notably during the Wars of the Union with foreign powers, setting their internal differences for the Nation and the cause of the Unionist Religion.