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The Nuurian Federation is a nation, located in the Kevenam Galaxy. It is the most important and populated of the two nations of the Nuurian species. It's capital and the homeworld of their species, is Anuur. The nation takes an important space of the Kevenam Galaxy and is known for its distaste for technology.

This country is in the hands of the so called faction of the Traditionalists who follow traditions and are not very much into mechanical technology. They have focus themselves on biological advancements (such as flesh-made spaceships) and have a democratic approach to rule. The old religions have a strong presence. They are grouped together in the Nuurian Federation.


The nation is an association of states, with different minor factions within each state related usually to religious clashes. Religion and fleshcrafting are some of the most characteristic features of this nation. Within the policies of the Federation there are two distinct factions: The Religious Faction is mostly composed of member nations that focused themselves on different religions. One of the most notable members of this Religious Faction is the Nuurian Theocracy. And the other factions: The Democratic Faction, is that who doesnt base itself on religion but on democracy.


The Nuurian Federation was formed under the wing of different Nations that associated themselves to protect their common views and values on certain topics, such as the distrust for technology, robotics and IA and the love for biologically related inventions, as well as high steem of religiosity. Many nations decided to join the Nuurian Federation and each of the members has representation in the "Parlament of Voices", within the Nuurian Federation. This parlament decides on each and every move of the Federation. The Senate, which is in charge of most of the judiciary appointment is formed out of parties that rally all over the Federation. This factions group themselves on ideologies rather than nationhood.

The Lorship knows of this form of government, that they see as rather it's weakest point. After all it takes different nations with very wide diverse fews on many topics. For them, this is a possible target of attack as they see causing inner trouble as a children's game. However, the government is stronger than they think and the secret of the Federation's survival. They have focused themselves on the common ideologies, reafirming the points that bind them together, using the distaste for the Lorship as a common grown.

Population and Society

Most of the population is divided among many smaller nations all of which come together to form the Nuurian Federation. Many of these nations are based mostly on religious motives, or ideologies which support the Traditionalist views. The core of the Federation are three nations called the Triple Nuurian Coalition, the Theocracy of Keelur and the Akinur Democracy.

The Triple Nuurian Coalition is based of the so called three nations of Linku, Fuundar and Teluun. Three planets and it's diverse colonies that created a pact that would later created the nation of the Triple Nuurian Coalition. This late lad to the macro federation with the Theocracy of Keelur and Akinur that finally rose to birth the Federation.

The Theocracy of Keelur is a nation based on the religious principals on the planet of Keelur which holds a holy position among and was the base for unification of this country. This was the base for inclusion and importance of the religious and traditional beliefs of the Federation.

The Akinur Democracy takes its name from the region it arose from. An association of planets that came together to form a join parlament of decision and who instaure this idea into the Federation which holds a parlament as well.

Federated States

  • The Association of Anuur (Founding State): Made of Anuur and its colonies. It is the capital of the Federation and also holds the Homeworld of the Nuurian Species. It is one of the most populated states within the Federation.
  • Triple Nuurian Coalition (Founding State): Three large colonies Linku, Fuundar and Teluun and its colonies that came together to form the Coalition and later key to the founding of the Federation.
  • Theocracy of Keelur (Founding State): Based on politeistic believes, the main worshipped deities with significant amount of believers get it to the Keelurian Council, ruling the state affairs. They are loose on religious tolerance and Iklanism or Shwuunism can also be found in the Theocracy although proselitism is forbidden.
  • Akinur Democracy (Founding State): Liberal nations with religious pacifist policies. An amalgam of scattered worlds that organized themselves. Culturally diverse, and very extended. They are one of the large states within the Federation and they border the Nuurian Theocracy. Before, they used to border the union but the lands between this state and the Union became filled with missionaries from the Union, who managed to convert a large part of the population in the border lands, creating a new state later on..
  • Ikla Compound: Its an organized state in which most of the worlds profess Iklanism.
  • Shwuunic Alliance: Shwuunic practioners worlds who united under one banner.
  • The Haagu Republic: Formed out of the newly settled territories, the Republic is a diverse state with most of the mayor cultures and religions of the Nuurians present. There is also large amounts of foreigners in it as well. This conditions are due thanks to the colonization efforts coming from all states in the federation.
  • The Nuurian Theocracy: Mostly based around the Unionist religion is was founded out of the mix between Unionist Humans and Nuurians. Some of the mixed breeds, the Luunan can still be found in the state. However, not all Luunan are Unionsits.
  • The Wekluu Dominion: A state with a very strict religion, called Wekluunism. It's one of the smaller states forming the Nuurian Federation but is one of the most warrior-like and are known for their religious fanatism.