The Nuurian Federation is a nation, located in the Pyramus Galaxy. It is the most important and populated of the two nations of the Nuurian speacies. It's capital and the homeworld of their species, is Anuur. The nation takes a large space of the Pyramus Galaxy and is known for its distate for technology.

This country is in the hands of the so called faction of the Traditionalists who follow traditions and are not very much into mechanical technology. They have focus themselves on biological advancements (Such as flesh-made spaceships) and have a democratic approach to rule. The Old Religions have a strong presence. They are grouped together in the Nuurian Federation.


The nation is an association of different minor factions with some minor to major important religious clashes. Religion and fleshcrafting are some of the most characteristic features of this nation.


Work in Progress

Population and Society

Work in Progress

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