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A race of pale beings, very similar to us and who call themselves the Nuur or the people of Anuur, their homeworld. They are bipedal and smart, strong, big and impresive creatures; very smart and advanced in many ways, they tend to reject war when it can be avoided. They have been able to mix with us, and have been friendly to humanity ever since we stablished contact. However, the nuurians can be known as well to be very secretive in their ways, so caution while proceeding with them is strongly adviced" - Olga Garmendia, Xeno-species expert from the Intergalactic Federation.

The Nuurians are a race, located in the Herschel Space and native to the planet of Anuur in the Pyramous Galaxy. Most Nuurian worlds lie within the two major Nuurian nations: The Nuurian Federation and The Lordship of Nuur.

It is an advance race, but lies within the limits of the known Herschel Cluster of Galaxies. They are said to have extremely flexible genetics. They are masters of it and are commonly known as "Flesh Crafters" althought this term is usually pejorative.

While the Traditionalist used a voting system, in which conservatives and anti-tech parties rule supreme in the parlament, the Lordship is divided into 10 ministries: The Science and Technology Ministry, the Economics and Production Ministry, the Education Ministry, the Preservation Ministry, the Health Ministry, the Building Ministry, the Society and Cultural Ministry, the Military Ministry, The Diplomacy Ministry and the Colonization and Exploration Ministry.

They are related to the Luunan, a mixed race of Nuurians and Humans who mostly live in the border worlds between Nuurian space and the Intergalactic Federation as a result of contact between both races. Some Nuurian worlds have joined the Intergalactic Federation and the United Alliance.

Some have speculated that life from other corners of the cosmos may have arrived from Anuur, but this has not been proven. The genetical affinity between Nuurians and Humans may have been the result of genetic engineering over millennia over their bodies, which has made them very much adaptative to alien genetics. The Nuurians are an old race, older than Humanity but have not been so keen on expantion and have been conservative into doing so, as they had fear to encounter advance and posibly dangerous species out there.


They are of a white color, with rather small heads and strong bodies. Their upper torso is usually very strong and they have hands shaped as claws. It seems they are as well viviparus as humans are. However, their delivery is easy. Male and females are very similar with little to no dimorphism. Their "hair" is more a creatine like structure, that in some it is represented as horns, while in others as a more membranous crust, that protects their back neck and seems to have been useful in water ambiances.

Government and Nations

Nuurians are divided into two systems: The Traditionalists and The Lordships.

The Nuurian Federation

The first, the Traditionalists follow traditions and are not very much into mechanical technology. They have focus themselves on biological advancements (Such as flesh-made spaceships) and have a democratic approach to rule. The Old Religions have a strong presence. They are grouped together in the Nuurian Federation.

The Lordship of Nuur

The Lordships are a way more technocratic society and rule is given to those more capable in terms of knowledge in their field of expertise, that act with total power over their followers who put their trust and wellbeing into their hands. Power is given to those more prepared. Their nation is known as the Lordship of Nuur.

Both nations have been at war numerous times but nowadays have a joined alliance against their common enemy, the Hwila. While currently at peace with them, several wars between Nuurians and Hwila have been taking place over the millennia. Currently a cold war between Hwila and Nuurians is taking place supporting minor species conflicts within each other's territories.

Apart from both nations mentioned above, a third one exist, much smaller and way less important, it is currently in a state of expansion and growth, free from the internal conflicts and wars that have overrun the other major nuurian states.

The Nuurian Theocracy

A third and smaller nation exists. The Nuurians are the only alien species to have embraced the Unionist religion after Unionist Humans and Nuurians mixed together in the World of Jakubar. Here both groups mixed and the Unionist parasyte was integrated into the Nuurians, something some powerful factions within the Union claim as blasfemous while others cheer about. Jakubar was colonized by Nuurians and soon visited by Unionists from pro-xeno factions, who arrived to do active proselitism of the Unionist faith to them, successfully achieving so. This gave birth to a set of worlds of Nuurians and Luunans converting to the Unionist faith and thus spliting from the other Nuurian nations.


Five major religions are known to be spread all over the Nuurian territories. Minor religions exist, but none as important as this five. Most of their followers are centered inside the Traditionalists, the Nuurian Federation. The Lordship however, has somehow limited the amount and expantion of religions within their borders.

Nuurian Religious Art


It is a religion who considers live as sacred and the Universe as one single living entity, a god, known as Shwuu. They considered this entity to be their father, their figure and protector, seeder of life. Followed by the Chaos, who isnt a god but the absence of Shwuu doings. They worship this being in a similar way as the monotheistic religions of Humanity.


Tel-Naam is a religion of polyteistic nature. They worship gods of several forms, and based themselves on the hidden forces of the natural world, this includes the physical forces, and the living things. The religion is focus as well on the worship of Flames and Brightness and a set of Phylosophies.


This religion is a dual worship of deities. The Chaotic Deities, and the Creation deities who are considered to be in an eternal fight of eternal destruction and creation and this includes all aspects of things. Change is the real god, and is considered to be a fluid being, a bodiless creature.


A very hardcore and strict religion, it is based on the worship of Neyelu, a Nuurian prophet that relies on a set of religious texts and bases itself on strict routines and phylosophies that promote a strict hierarchical society and a worship of spirits.

The Unionist Religion

Mostly followed by the Nuurian Theocracy and many Luunans, it is mostly practiced within this nation and rejected by many Nuurians outside of it, as it is seen as a foreign religion, considered to take their own will out. It is regarded as a disease rather than an actual religion or cult by other nuurians. The religions is known as Kuulism by the Nuurians.


Native to the Pyramous Galaxy, they do have expanded into the Thisbe Galaxy and the Larissa Galaxy. They share this Galaxies with Humans and other species. While they have acted as a loose sort of guidance towards other minor Xeno-nations and civilizations inside their borders, they tend to simply ignore them and allow their own develloppement.