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"Haven Oaks are as common as the grass they sit upon. I'm sure I've seen trillions of the throughout my journey around Haven, yet despite that, I always have to stop myself from observing each minute detail of its structure. They are the ultimate example of both quality and quantity, and anyone wanting a thick materiel for their homestead, look no further."-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.


The Haven Oak is the most common form of tree spread across Haven, with countless members inhabiting every corner of the world. They are so prevalent that out of the theorized four trillion trees inhabiting Haven's surface, around one trillion of them belong to the Haven Oak family alone. It shares its namesake with that of the "Oak" tree found on many planets.


Haven Oak trees are one of the most diverse trees on Haven, with around six hundred different species of Haven Oak, with each ranging widely in height, girth, and volume. Its wood is very thick, taking around two thousand eight hundred pounds per square inch to break through its structure. Haven Oaks have their respective leaves arranged in a sort of spiral pattern, much alike their counterparts. The exact amount of branches and leaves a Haven Oak can have varies depending on the specific tree in question, though some have been reported to have as much as fifty thousand separate leaves growing at once.

Typically, a Haven Oak tree will take around two standard years to fully mature from an acorn, but thanks to their extreme rate of reproduction, the Haven Oak has dominated the majority of the planet's countless forests, with an average tree producing up to fifty eight thousand acorns per year. In fact: Haven Oaks reproduce so quickly, that artificial intervention is often needed to simply prevent the trees from overtaking all available landmass.


Thanks to the trees relatively strong durability, as well as its commonalty, most homes that are not apart of large cities throughout Haven are created from Haven Oak, making the planet littered with expertly crafted idyllic log cabin-esque homes. Along with housing, many sea-fairing vessels are created from the wood of Haven Oak trees as it is extremely cheap and abundant, though its not recommended that those who use these vessels travel great distances.

Non-intelligent species of insects, birds, and small mammals often use the Haven Oak trees as nests, as they provide a fair amount of protection from both the elements, as well as threats from other predator species. Often times, a predator species will actually evolve to specifically break through Haven Oak trees and get at their prey, as the trees are just that prevalent across the planet.