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The Obi'ka Ke'Tar is a Nation born out of the survivors of the so called long forgotten Telusian Civilization, thought to be extinct by humanity. It is inhabited by the Obi'ka and many enslaved species. They live currently in the outskirst of Herschel Space, in the Zudya Galaxy.

The species originated in the planet known as Telusia (that they called Maka'bi) in the Avana Galaxy. This world and a third of the galaxy are now in fact located in Herschel Space. Its former empire expanded throught the entirety of the Avana Galaxy, what is today most of Herschel Space, and the Florathel Galaxy, surviving for almost a million years (from 4,500,000 BCE to 3,500,000 BCE), before they were forced to relocate to the nearby cluster to survive the crumbling of their civilization.

The Name Obi'ka Ke'Tar translates as "Obi'ka New Empire".


Due to the collapse of their civilization, they almost went extinct, and during this apocalyptic event, most of their race died out and disappeared. Still some small amount of scientist and other experts, managed to gather the knowledge of their species, relocate between 1-3% of the species and save it from extinction, sending them far away with the hope of finding a new place to start again.

The New Beginning

The Obi'ka managed to settled in the Planet Teka'bi, meaning something like "New Beginning" in ancient Akeri Telusian Poetic style a register usually use to name planets, for the arts and symbolic ritualism.

It is a mystery how they survived such a long and dangerous travel (although it is suspected a very sophisticated and advance massive colony ship resisted a travel of several million years travelling through the Canis Void in cryogenic status of some sort). They managed to establish themselves in an alien world and from there, rebuild their civilization. Although some aspects have changed and disappeared from their former Empire, they preserved most of the former Telusian culture and some of their old sophistication (and some few aspects of their long lost technology). The Telusians however adapted and transformed gradually into the Obi'ka.

They presumably arrived to Zudya by the 1,000,000 BCE after a 2.5 million years travel through the void.

The Expansion

Somewhere around 800 000 BCE, they started a low and progressive expansion inside their new galaxy, colonizing many worlds and achieving total control of their local galactic region. By 500,000 BCE they expanded to the nearby regions, achieving total control of their own section of the galactic arm. In 100,000 BCE they started to expand to regions of their neighbouring galactic arm.

The Zudya Great War

In 1,000 CE they wage war against some unknown civilizations nearby to them, enslaving one race after the other. By the 38 000 CE, about a quarter of the Galaxy was mostly under their control, making them the largest nation in the Zudya Galaxy. However, they contacted their first equally advanced nation in 50 000 CE. Of course, the Obi'ka tried to conquer them. The were known as the Ptka. They managed to defeat them forming and Alliance with two other nations: the Ceun and the Fikithikini to keep them out of their region of influence. Installing the proper borders between the current nations in the area.

The War against the Federation

In 70 000 CE the Obi'ka tried to defeat the Alliance of the Three Races by supporting internal turmoil. By 73 000 CE the alliance was dismantled. In 85 000 CE a large war was declared among the Races and the Obi'ka took advantage provoking several defeats. Still they didn't manage to defeat the new alien power known as the Wawali who had join forces with the Ptka in the late millennia. This managed to keep the Obi'ka away and manage to reunite the Alien races under a Federation that was so powerful that the Obi'ka had no chance to defeat.

Current status

To present day the balance of power has remained untouched. Minor wars inside the Obi'ka nation kept them busy. The Federation then grew by adopting minor races seeking protection from Obi'ka wars of conquests. This has largely irritated them. The federation has been supporting factions inside the Obi'ka Ke'Tar to keep them busy and divided to avoid future wars. Some Obi'ka are in favour of joining the Federation. That would make them one of the most powerful nations in the federation and war could be over. This is specially supported by those who oppose the power of the Obi'kas war caste. No war would mean the complete annihilation of their supreme powers.


The Nation is ruled by a Council. This council represents the several castes of the Nations. Still, some rules have to be applied. The Council is led by three positions. The highest one is that of the Yot'ka, a rescued position from the Telusian Era. The other two are known as Uk'ra: One is in charge of the Economy and Finance, while the other one is in Charge of Legislation and Justice.

The Uk'ra are elected members of the Council, with the only requisite to be the elected only from the Ruling Caste. This people are among the most wealthy and have a high degree of social status and influence, coming from long established families, most of whom go all the way back to even the Telusian Era. Some are among the leaders of the Evacuation. They are elected for a 10 year service, after which they are either re-elected or replaced.

The Yot'ka belongs to the Caste of Warriors. Usually because the Yot'ka are elected through a duel, so they are the strongest individuals in the Nation, which in turn can only belong to the Warrior Caste. The Yot'ka is usually elected among the highest Generals of the country, since to be General you already have to prove to be the strongest, and (among the Warrior caste) only the Generals are eligible members of the Council. Members of other castes can try to be elected to Yot'ka challenging the current Yot'ka, if they so desired, but usually they are deterred by the always stronger Warrior Caste Yot'kas. They can't be challenged to a duel by anyone for at least the first 3 years (unless the ruler is a Tyrant, Mad or just unable to rule). After that they can be challenged at any moment. Duels are to the death according to ancient Obi'ka Law from the Old Empire Era. The Yot'ka are the strongest because they are the strongest rulers of the Military, thus having the de facto power of the nation.

The Council exist to replace the Emperor, thus this figure and its eager to have it led to the chaos that later cause the dismantling of the Telusian Civilization. 

Culture and Society

The Obi'ka don't speak Akeri anymore like their former race did, but the Ikazi language a far descendant. Still, Akeri is preserved as a language of knowledge and to understand their former technology, and ancient text. They have as well preserved it for religious purposes.

Their religion and its importance hasn't really declined and its social system has remained pretty much the same. They kept preserving slavery as a main commodity. Some slave races had been saved from extinction with them, by travelling all the way to their homeworld, like the century old Yejinki.

The nations has preserved the caste system and many of the culture of its former glorious civilization to the point tradition and rituals have been preserved.

As it had been in the past, the Obi'ka have preserved their caste system in the same way it was in the early Imperial days.

Their knowledge has been guarded for millions of years by preserving the texts in a special stone material, covered by a transparent metallic fluid known as Ik'ro, specially treated. This has prevented erosion and destruction of Telusian Knowledge, being able to transfer from generation to generation. Still not all knowledge was entirely preserved. This Ik'ro material is a special technology unique to the Obi'ka.