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The Oblivione is an ancient artificial construction of the Etymology of the Ambrosia Galaxy that has existed from 3,390,000,000 BCE to the present year.


The Oblivione is a horrific abomination of technology, as it seems to be some sort of cybernetic necromancy. Though the Oblivione vary vastly from each other, they all have one thing in common. They are created from dead individuals that once challenged the Etymology in some way shape or form, turning them into a robotic zombie-like being in a perpetual state of limbo between life and death.

The chief architect responsible for their creation would be a one: Mystara, an individual who was also responsible for most known artificial species, and various other pieces of technology created by the Etymology.

They were created due to increasing frustrations of Mystara, and the wider Etymology of the various rebellions and general unruliness of some of the Etymology's peoples at the time. These frustrations came to a head, when the Capi, an intelligent species of the Etymology, was staging the latest rebellion against them in 3,390,000,500 BCE.

To show all who would dare question their supreme authority, they would take all Capi that perished in the conflict and use machines known as "Necro-Shapers." to turn them into robotic zombie servants. They would continue to make Oblivione out of all of the perished enemies of the Etymology for the remainder of the civilization's existence, making them number in the quadrillions.

Many Oblivione would perish indirectly during the Red Galaxy Event, however they still number in the hundreds of trillions aboard their various mausoleum control ships, with most being under the direct control of the C.Y.R.E.X.


The physicality of each individual Oblivione varied depending on each Oblivione in question due to them being made up of thousands of various intelligent species. However they share a couple of things in common.

The first is that each and every one's main structure was made of a formerly alive individual, with the vast majority of them being enemies of the Etymology government, however several other choice examples are known to exist. While the second is that all of them had various metal and other robotic instruments attached to the main body structure of the Oblivione. The exact amount and extent of these vary depending on the individual Oblivione.

The various limbs an individual Oblivione completely depended on the intelligent species that the Oblivione was made from, and since the Etymology was made up of thousands, each Oblivione was quite different from each other, assuming that the two aren't of the same species. Though, a vast majority of them seem to be from humanoid species.

Weight and height also varied depending on the species in question as well.

Many times, an individual Oblivione would be missing limbs and various other body parts. The reason for this is that the Etymology didn't really care to repair an individual Oblivione, only doing so very rarely. So, an Oblivione would continue to be used wit any damage they've sustained in their lifetimes, until' their structure was too damaged for them to operate,

The movement of a Oblivione was very limited, with them shuffling along at low speeds and being unable to sprint at a target. Since they were meant to be disposable however, they weren't meant to rush into combat, just to divert attention from the more important units and vehicles.

Very often, an Oblivione will twitch and vibrate in very odd ways. The reason for this is due to the artificial brain that moves their body, as it sends electrical impulses, sometimes it will make the joints of the Oblivione sort of spazz out, giving it the glitch like twitching.

Their various joints were able to rotate a full three hundred and sixty degrees, allowing them to turn their heads in a full circle, or rotate their torsos to meet someone that is behind them.

Their abilities of sight, smell, and hearing were quite powerful however. With them being able to see targets from several kilometers ahead, while being able to smell pretty much anything in a ten kilometer radius. As well, they could hear a pin drop from three kilometers out, making them very useful for discovering nearby targets for other units.

An Oblivione was able to speak all forms of language that every member species of the Etymology spoke, and if they came into contact with one they did not know, then artificial translators would translate what they were saying to the Oblivione and they would be able to speak it in turn.

Since they do not need to breathe, they can operate in any climate or environment, even in the vacuum of space. Their bodies were also temperature regulated, with them being able to survive nearly any climate as well.

The organic structure that makes up the Oblivione is susceptible to decay, if the species in question decays after death. Though, the machines that surround the organic structure will prevent it from decaying to the point where the structure will fall apart.

Very often, they would be equipped with various weapons like firearms, explosive devices, bladed, and or plasma/hard light weaponry since they were mainly used as disposable troops against rival armies and groups, causing Oblivione to be destroyed on mass. Though they were sometimes used as manual labor and various guarding roles.

Their: "diet" was made up of electricity, as they needed it to operate and propel their bodies. They would often recharge after a conflict on board their many mausoleum control ships. If an Oblivione ran out of power, then their bodies would fall over and shut down, and they would need assistance to get more power. However the other members of the Etymology's armies would most of the time not even bother, and leave them where they lay.


The Oblivione is in a perpetual state of limbo between life and death. So, they aren't really dead, but they aren't really alive either. This was used as a form of punishment to those the Etymology fell in battle, as they felt that even in death they still served them. So while the living consciousness of the individual is fully intact, with them being aware of everything around them, they are unable to interact with their own bodies.

It has been proven in several instances that an individual who has been made into an Oblivione can have their consciousness be brought back into reality, however due to the nature of their existence up until' that point, they usually will have been brought to insanity, with many taking their own lives as a result.

The Oblivione were essentially brain dead, meaning that they couldn't think independently in any way shape or form. So, they needed a command structure to operate, which was usually in the form of computers and other machines on their control ships, however on site commanders would sometimes command them as well.

When they are given an order, they will instantly go to preforming said order, to the letter, meaning that anyone in a higher rank of command could make an Oblivione do practically anything.

They are also known to constantly produce a low, groaning like noise. The exact reason they do this isn't well understood, but it could be their living consciousness trying to communicate but being unable to, it comes out as a groan-like noise.

Once an Oblivione runs out of power, their entire structure will fall over and its artificial brain will be unable to receive further orders. While in this state, their living consciousness will remain active, completely at the mercy of the elements that their new body is lying on.

Due to their nature, the Oblivione would scare many of the Etymology population, as they were disturbed by the walking cyborg corpses, causing the Oblivione to be very rarely placed in any populated area, leaving them in their mausoleum control ships, awaiting the next combat mission.


The Oblivione are created with the use of a device know as the: "Necro-Shaper." This when placed on an individual's dead body, will begin to replace the various organs that had shut down and or been damaged with cybernetics. These can range from as simple as to replace only certain parts of the body, to replacing up to 99% of the individual in question.

At the relative center of the structure lies the individual Oblivione's brain. This brain is very limited, only operating when receiving orders. And once orders were received, then it would activate electrical impulses to the various joints of the Oblivione in order to complete said task.

As previously mentioned, the Oblivione had large control ships nicknamed: "Mausoleums" by other living organic soldiers. These varied in size depending on how many Oblivione were located within them, with some carrying trillions at once. In these ships were various handles and hooks where the various Oblivione would be placed on by robotic instruments until' they were deployed on world surfaces. They would also receive constant electricity from the ships on board power generator so that they would always be at full power.


In 3,390,000,500 BCE, the rebel movement known as the: "Free Et-Nos Movement." would begin to gain impressive ground, making 98% of all its native Capi be in support of this new group, spear headed by the movement's leader, a one: "Peccati Reus." This group was fairly successful, managing to beat back the Etymology from their home planet of Et-Nos.

This caused Mystara, one of the Ten Supreme Authorities of the Etymology, to grow enraged and frustrated at not only this rebellion, but the many that came before it. Thus, she came up with a solution that could strike fear into those who wished to question the supreme rule of their government. And, in 3,390,000,000 BCE, the "Necro-Shaper" would be constructed, allowing the creation of the Oblivione.

Afterwards, the Etymology would quickly bombard Et-Nos from orbit, destroying most structures on the planet and killing most of its inhabitants. Then, they took Perccati Reus, as well as his commanders, and they would kill them and transform them into the first Obliviones. They would broadcast this across the Etymology's countless worlds, to show the Ambrosia Galaxy what happens to those who challenge their supreme authority over them. The same would be done to those Capi who also perished, and the remaining members of the Free Et-Nos Movement would quickly surrender as well.

The Oblivione would continue to be used by the Etymology as a form of punishment to those the fell in the countless rebellions that fell in their wake, making the Oblivione armies number in the quadrillions.

During the Red Galaxy Event, the C.Y.R.E.X would destroy all structures belonging to the Etymology, which indirectly destroyed many Oblivione that were located on the countless worlds it targeted. However, many were aboard the many mausoleum ships located across the galaxy, which the C.Y.R.E.X would take control of most of them, adding the Oblivione in its infinite army.

The existence of the Oblivione would be discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 19870 CE, when a small star ships of their's came across one of the many reaming mausoleum ships, adrift in the Fantasma Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. The small crew of the star ship would enter within the Oblivione ship to explore it, however once they entered, the ship would reactivate and all Oblivione on board would follow.

Due to the age of the ship, a large electrical discharge would occur, causing all Oblivione to revert back to their living consciousnesses. And by happenstance, this ship contained the Oblivione body of Preccati Reus, who mistakenly took them to be Etymology forces and he, along with the rest of Oblivione, would attack the crew. However due to their slow speed, the crew was able to escape the ship, leaving it to drift endlessly across the galaxy.

Much later in 20,100 CE, Preccati Reus, and those remaining Oblivione, would be contacted by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. And, after explaining the current state of the galaxy and the Etymology's fall, they would join the Intragalactic civilization as the new species, the: "Capi-Oblivione" in an attempt to regain their old lives.

Now, the Oblivione serve as a reminder to the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems as an another example of the moral bankruptcy of the Etymology.