The Occult Galaxy (Also called The Hidden Galaxy) is the second largest galaxy in the Telusian Group as well as the political and economic center of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. It is the location of many notable worlds, most of which under control of the Hegemony. Scipio is the most populous planet within the galaxy. The Occult several dozen satellite galaxies many of which have less than one million stars. It is a fourth the size of the Via Sagittaria at 100 Billion stars, however, this still puts it well above the average number of stars.

For such a large galaxy, it is remarkably spread out. Despite only having half of the number of stars as its nearby neighbor the Avana Galaxy, it is almost equal in size. This low density makes the galaxy fairly dim and causes it to have an even high proportion of red dwarves than other places. This low density and lack of massive stars causes the galaxy to, overall, have a very low metallicity. Iron is rare, elements such as iodine are rarer, and transuranic elements are almost nonexistent. Nations in the galaxy have to import material from other galaxies or synthesize these elements themselves. The former option is far cheaper and is basically the default for the Occult nations.

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