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Okaia is the fifth world of the Eferal System, a binary one, located in the inner Okaia Quadrant of the Lewis Galaxy (which is named after this planet) and thus in Herschel Space. This world is known for being a hot oceanic world with a north ice-pole and several scattered islands all over the planet. However, the oceans of Okaia are rather shallow and not very deep. This allows Okaia to have one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the Galaxy. The planet is one of the seats of House Zykov, and it's importance has grown exponentially ever since.

The planet is known for several activities, mostly as a center of production and services. However, for most of the early years, the planet based it's economy on farming and fishing. This planet is however known as a center for Luxury and tourism.

The most valuable asset in the world is the Psionic school know as "Maitheren Psiquic School" that focus itself on the so called Maitheren school of though, manipulating liquids and other similar substances from a Thaumaturgic point of view. This has made the world an important center of such knowledge in the empire.

On top of that, the planet is located in the cosmic center of the quadrant, and that's why the quadrant has been named after Okaia.


The planet was colonized in the year 33 031 CE (12 864 ALD), by settlers from Isolda, Thetis and Mitra. It soon became one of the powerful outer colonies of the Empire due to it's large production of food and pharmaceutical products. The population exploded and in the 33 560 CE (13 394 ALD) it became a stronghold of the Nobility during the Nobility war on the side of the Zykovs who supported the rebellion. They had taken control of the planet in 33 410 CE (13 244 ALD), right before the start of the war.

When the side of the Zykov Family who supported the Emperor took over, the planet was spare although heavily sactioned. It would not be relevant againt till the end of 35 103 CE (14 937 ALD) with the increasing expansion of the outer colonies of the empire and the key position of Okaia on the center of the Okaia Quadrant. This drove many comercial routes and goods to pass through the planet which lead to a heavier importance on Okaia. The Zykovs increasingly tighten their control over the planet to the point where in 37 380 CE (17 214 ALD), they declared Okaia one of their powerseats, building up a magnificent palace for retirement.

Okaia City 2.jpg

During the War of the Two Emperors, Okaia firmly sided with the Kador V side and was a stronghold of Kadorian forces supporting several attacks one of them successful. The Planet was occupied by the Forces of Roldar and Larissa till the end of the War.

The Zykov's Residencia Palace on Okaia

At the start of the First Relative's War, the Zykovs sided with Hannakon and the planet followed them. However a rebellion inside the world occured from the supporters of Aranis. This led to a short and brief Civil war, known as the "Okaian Civil War" which was a war within the major conflict. The rebellion was successful and was a key point on making the Zykov betray Hannakon which finally led to Aranis winning the War. For most of the other Civil Wars, the planet remained loyal to the Emperors.

Okaia City.jpg

The planet saw very little Unionist intervention due to it's central location within the Empire during the Imperial-Unionist War. However, large battles were fought on the system. Okaia acted as a fierced center of the Zykov to redirect the fate of the war.

Okaia's ideal weather and landscapes has made it a common theme of artistic representation all over the Empire of Utopian paradise life. The Zykovs used the planet to build up some of it's luxury industry and the tourism industry emerged later as a consequence.


  • Treladin Island

The Trelabin island is located in the western north half of the planet and holds the planet largest city of Iraikas. It has a total population of over 3 billion and holds most of the relevant buildings for the local administration of the planet. It is a center of commerce and space crafting technologies. The interior is lush and is covered in soft farms, although about a quarter of the island is covered by the sprawling city.

  • Berbedalian Archipelago

Is located in the equator of the planet. It holds the city of Regodon, the third largest city in the planet. One of the nearby islands to where the city is located containsts the Zykov palace and the residencial space they use when in the planet. It is a center of the pharmaceutical and algae production in the planet.

  • Darga Island
Okaia Sea floor.jpg

Located in the northern hemisphere, to the east of Trelabin Island. It holds the Psiquic school and is a center for psionic studies all over the empire. The city of Dieskan is the second largest in the planet. It is located near coral reefs of extreme beauty and shallow waters.

  • Sorbrin Island

Located on the southern hemisphere., this Island is the largest and most relevant island in the south. It's the place where the city of Jailin is located. A center of the fishing industry and provider of goods for long space journeys. The city is also famous for giving incredible tours to the beautiful interior.

  • Malkeen Archipelago

The largest archipelago, it spans from the northern hemisphere all the way to the southern hemisphere. This set of islands are highly inhabited and are the center of the luxury industry in the planet. It is home to the city of Tenakil.

  • Ruhichit Archipelago
Okaia Islands.jpg

Located in the northern hemisphere to the west of Trelavin island, the Ruhuchit Archipelago is a various region made of several islands with a moderate population. Some industrial complexes are located over those islands.

  • Sheshi Archipelago

It's a set of a thousand islands, scattered in low seas of southwestern Okaian hemisphere, they lie on shallow water and are floting islands, or semi floating.


Fauna and Flora

  • Valvian

Valvian on the shallow sees of Okaia

Okaia Fauna 1.jpg
Okaia Fauna 7.jpg

Is a creature that roams the oceans of Okaia

Okaia Fauna 6.jpg
Okaia Flora and Housing.jpg
  • Kinumurun

Its a creature with a long shape, a predator with shiny light tentacles.

  • Shish
Okaia Fauna 2.jpg
Okaia Fauna 3.jpg

This species of animals live in massive groups, ranging between 50 to 600 individuals, although the most normal range between 100 to 250. They can live over 20 years and feed on fishes who gather in large groups as well. The Shish live in highly structured groups and they organized themselves with several classes. Being the Alpha the leader of the group. In goups above 150 individuals several Alpha may exist.

  • Tersikon

The Tersikon is an animal that lives in the oceans of Okaia.

Okaia Fauna 4.jpg
Okaia Fauna 8.jpg