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"You people disgust me! How dare you leave millions, no, billions to die! You claim to care about them, and yet you make it illegal to truly help them! You leave them to live their miserable lives and then die in only a handful of decades, while you go on living for millennia! You doom them to this fate. Arresting me means that the blood of billions is on your head! Billions!" -Julio Losa

Omnite is a radical benevolent-upliftist movement primarily operating in and around the Laniakea Supercluster comprising of an array of autonomous groups and cells that aim to "uplift" primitive civilizations rather than obeying the Contact Directive. The movement is locally centralized in various places, but remains largely decentralized at the universal level. The group places little value in the preserving the cultures of the uplifted civilizations, favoring to assimilate them. The process of uplifting is entirely illegal within most nations, as such, the group remains largely underground in these places.

Members of the group are often incredibly passionate about their work, describing it as "saving millions" or "the morally correct thing to do." They tend to hold highly expansionist views. Specific views about the government's involvement in uplifting or whether violence is permissible varies greatly. With some Omnite cells yearning to only use peaceful means to uplift, while others insist on killing all leaders in the civilization as a show of force.

The movement is responsible for the uplifting of over thirty-one thousand species, the destruction of one thousand civilizations which used their new-found technology to attack them, and the extinction of several hundred civilizations which proved to be "too volatile to be members of the intergalactic community."

Definitions and Etymology

To "Uplift" is to gift advanced technology to a primitive civilization. These civilizations typically range from pre-technological tribes to pre-superluminal civilizations. The practice is usually illegal, unless given an "okay" by the Planetary Colonization Bureau. Most individuals do not care enough about primitive civilizations to want to uplift them. Only a select few individuals look at the primitive races with pity and decide to uplift them.

The word "Omnite" comes from the roots "Omni" and "Tech." In its simplest meaning "all tech," but is often interpreted to mean "all encompassing tech." Believers in the ideology are widely called "Omnites" due to the -ite suffix often meaning a type of person.


The word was created on a Human social media forum in 2027 to describe a growing group of people which believed that uncontacted tribes on the planet needed to be contacted and gifted the advanced technology they all took for granted. In 2041, the movement came into prominence when they intentionally contacted a previously uncontacted tribe, giving them sweet food and other gifts to coax them into accepting technology such as mosquito nets, antibiotics, guns for hunting, and many other things the majority of humans had access to.

The Brazilian government ended up confiscating the technology, only further radicalizing the members of the group. The leaders of the operation were punished with 20 years in prison. This caused a surge in popularity and support for the idea of contacting these tribes. It culminated with many governments giving in to give technology to many of these tribes if their culture and traditions were preserved.

The group mostly died down after the last uncontacted tribe on the Earth was contacted. The few remaining radicals had nothing more to do, so they merely started discussing the idea of doing the same thing with aliens. This was mostly hypothetical and the movement became a footnote in history in 2051.

It was when the Kya were first announced to the public that the idea of uplifting came back into prevalence. This time, it would be a major historical event. Would humanity leave the Kya to their own devices or induct them into human society? This sparked massive controversy, with many wanting to immediately contact and give them technology, and with many wanting to leave them alone entirely. The Omnite attitude came to prevail this time, cementing the movement in history and setting a precedent for uplifting primitive societies.

As time when on, the movement "lost steam." Discovering a new civilization became a routine occurrence and people soon lost interest. After the novelty wore off, people began to consider how uplifting destroys cultures, has the potential to create enemies, or simply believed that it was not even worth it to uplift such tiny and insignificant species. The radical Omites continued uplifting civilizations, but soon the funds ran dry, they lost members, and the government lost interest in these species.

Cultural preservation groups lobbied to create laws which would eventually become the Contact Directive, a code which inhibits contact of a species until they achieve FTL technology. Since few people cared, and the idea of "cultural preservation" sounded better than "uplifting," the laws passed. This is when the group first went underground. Only the most radical of members stayed with them this time, severely limiting their scope. What was once a household name of a movement was reduced to only one hundred thousand, most of which were made up of the uplifted species.

It is unclear if these Omnites died out or remained well-hidden enough to evade detection until the mid thirtieth millennium. All at once, several planets were uplifted despite the illegality of such activities and the individuals that were given technology were often inducted into the organization. Dozens of almost entirely unknown species suddenly appeared on the galactic stage, obviously setting off red flags. The CoB placed bounties on the Omnites or information about them. However, unlike the original Omnites, they were not a cohesive organization. They ranged from random quadrillionaires secretly giving natives technology, to rag-tag groups of nomads that don't even call themselves Omnites even though they do and believe the same things.

The War of the Decamillennial Transition

It was during The War of the Decamillennial Transition that the ideology came out of relative obscurity to relative prominence. Many soldiers stationed on planets, some with primitive civilizations on them, saw the abysmal conditions of the natives. The vast majority of the soldiers regarded them the same way one would regard an animal. It was the small minority that were able to empathize with these random aliens' struggle that really helped the movement come back into prominence. Soldiers that were already Omnites, whether they knew it or not, began to spread their views among the ranks.

When the war ended, these soldiers would rarely talk about their service, but would always talk about the conditions the primitives lived in. This caused a surge in numbers from several dozen active Omnite cells to several million within a century. This time not just in the Milky Way Galaxy, but in hundreds of places in and around the Local Group.

This war caused the single greatest surge in the number of cells ever. However, most of these cells, while believing in the ideology, had little idea other cells existed. After repeated uplifting attempts and successes now in many galaxies, the media started referring to the movement by its original name "Omnite," causing the name to come back. These groups started calling themselves Omnites and began using symbols to identify themselves.


While no single ideology encompasses

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