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"Behold. The Immortal Lovelord."

The Omnius-Arcus, also known as the: "Lovelord" is an ancient artificial entity created by the Etymology that takes the appearance of a liquid, solid, or gaseous mass of rainbow colored matter native to Quae Vis Aquae in the Aeschylus Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It has existed from 1,240,000,000 BCE to the present year.

It has often been considered to be one of the most dangerous creation of the Etymology, second only to the C.Y.R.E.X.


The Omnius-Arcus is an oddity, even among other artificial entities of the Etymology, and that's really saying something. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. It can be considered a piece of technology, an A.I. of some sort, or an individual of some kind. Though those who know it often refer to it as a plague. It was created by the Etymology in 1,240,000,000 BCE.

Its appearance resembles a rainbow-colored mass of matter, and this matter can be changed from solid, liquid, or a gas. This odd form stands alone in its like in any other creation of the Etymology, and in the known universe.

Much alike most notable artificial creations of the Etymology, the sole creator of the Omnius-Arcus was a one: "Mystara", one of the Ten Supreme Authorities. Though, she would soon regret its creation. locking it away only after one standard day of its existence.

As previously stated, the Omnius-Arcus has been considered to be the second most dangerous creation of the Etymology, as it has the seemingly supernatural ability to have complete control of the minds of possibly hundreds of trillions of individuals, though this has not been proven to be the case. Due to this, any tampering of the Omnius-Arcus of any kind has been outlawed by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

Due to its creation being rather reclusive from the rest of the Etymology, it survived the faithful Red Galaxy Event caused' by the C.Y.R.E.X in 604,000,000 BCE. Though even if the C.Y.R.E.X. attempted to destroy the Omnius-Arcus, it is unknown if the aforementioned A.I even could.


The physical form of the Omnius-Arcus varies in shape, form, size, density, and even state of matter depending on how the Omnius-Arcus chooses it to be at that given time. Though one constant is that they all have rainbow like coloring. It accomplishes this with the use of hundreds of trillions of nano-machines clumping themselves together in various ways to form the desired shape. A common motif in Mystara's more impressive creations. However, in a technical sense, it really isn't changing its state of matter, only making it appear and act as such, as the nano-machines are solid.

These nano-machines can also reform themselves in practically any shape, though this is limited from a height of forty kilometers, and a length of fifteen kilometers. As well, it can manipulate several millions of independent structures, though unlike the Ringvarite that proceeded it, it is far more limited in this department.

Each of the respective states of matter it can turn itself into served a purpose unique to that state of matter specifically and are as followed:

Its solid form was used as an offensive, or defense state, usually making it a large wall like structure, and or replicating the species of the attacker(s)

The gaseous state was used to move, as it was able to travel at great speeds of around fifty kilometers per standard hour. As well, it is quite useful to escape tightly confined areas.

And finally and most importantly, its liquid state was used to infiltrate the minds of other individuals as it needed this for some strange form of romantic self validation.

It is formless and ageless, and as such, it doesn't have any form of gender, or even an individual personality or identity. Instead, if it's replicating an intelligent species, then it'll take the appearance of whatever gender that individual is. Or, if it's infiltrating the mind of an individual, then it will take the appearance and identity of the gender they are attracted to.

Its abilities of sight, smell, and hearing were dependent on each nano-machine that made its being, which, ironically, acted independently from each other. For example: a single droplet of its liquid form can see with a full three hundred and sixty degree stereoscopic 3d vision. Hear in a two kilometer radius, and smell within the same aforementioned area. This allows the Omnius-Arcus to see and hear trillions of separate things from billions of kilometers away from each other, making it a practical walking data center.

Its durability is impossibly strong, with it seemingly being indestructible, shrugging off massive amounts of explosive force, as well as impossibly hot or cold environment. It has been theorized however that strong enough forces of gravity could crush all of the Omnius-Arcus' nano-machines at once, though this has not been tried due to fears of it releasing it.

In the rare circumstance of it receiving any form of physical damage, the many nano-machines that make its being will instantly replicate themselves in order to replace the damaged ones. Making the impossibly strong durability of the Omnius-Arcus seem even more potent.

Its ability to speak depends on if they have replicated the language of the species they wish to speak with or not. However once they have done so, they can talk with any of their trillions of nano-machines, allowing it to talk to countless individuals at once.

The Omnius-Arcus' consciousness is a vast complex interconnected web of artificial neurons, not unlike the Vade before it, and the C.Y.R.E.X. that proceeded, making it able to process information at near light-speeds.

This aforementioned consciousness allowed It to have the ability to read the minds of intelligent species that it comes into contact with. It does this so that it can replicate the various traits the individual enjoys or finds romantically desirable, making it very good at deceiving others in various ways.

As previously mentioned, the Omnius-Arcus has the ability to infiltrate the minds of any intelligent species its liquid form comes into contact with. It accomplishes this when one of its droplets hits the body of the individual(s) it wishes to infiltrate. After it hits the body, the water droplet will enter the target's blood stream, and eventually within the minds of the aforementioned individual(s). Making this process impossible on A.I, or other types of beings that lack any form of blood.

Once this happens, the individual(s) will enter within a catatonic state and will be essentially brain dead for the remainder of time that their mind is infiltrated. The individual will then experience their greatest romantic fantasies and the Omnius-Arcus will manifest itself to them as the object of their romantic desire(s), which it will then proceed to convince them that they constantly need to be in this state and will tell them to continue to be around the Omnius-Arcus under any circumstances. This state only lasts for a maximum time frame of around one standard hour, before another droplet is needed to continue the aforementioned state. Due to the actions of the Omnius-Arcus while these aforementioned individuals are in this state, they will be dependent on it, to the point of a crippling addiction.


"As the rainbow-blood washed over me...I became beholden to the immortal Lovelord. No power within Ambrosia could free me from the madness of romance."

The Omnius-Arcus' chief and primary behavior in its life is to ensnare as many people as it can, and as such, it will attempt anything to infiltrate as many individuals as it is able. These tactics will include things like acting as innocent and loving as it can possibly can. Increasing the effectiveness of this by reading the mind of the individual, learning what makes them trust someone, then acting as such.

The *exact* reason it does this remains unclear. However, it seems to be an extreme narcissist, viewing itself as the only being in the universe deserving of receiving love. This seems to be in contrast to what its creator originally intended its personalty to be, as she wanted it to be a tool to increase anger and hostility in other intelligent species. How or why it turned into this way is a question that is not, and probably will not, ever be answered.

It can only be happy when receiving romantic validation from other individuals, to the point of it acting as a sort of addict towards the feeling of happiness. This has made it act in the constant manner it does, with it attempting to infiltrate the minds of anyone that comes in contact with it.

It seems to be somewhat insecure as well. If someone says something negative about it, or derides it for its methods of gaining romantic admiration, then it will inevitably become very aggressive and attempt to attack the individual in question.



The Omnius-Arcus' history begins, when Mystara, one of the Ten Supreme Authorities of the Etymology was sent by her fellow Supreme Authorities to create an artificial entity that could turn itself into a form of poisonous vapor. However, unbeknownst to them, she had ulterior motives. Instead, she would attempt to create an entity that could sow anger and chaos in the minds of anyone that it came into contact with, since she wanted to use it on the other Supreme Authorities and have them destroy themselves.

Thus, in the year 1,240,000,000 BCE, she would create what would become known as the Omnius-Arcus on the moon of Quae Vis Aquae. Once completed, It would be the most technologically impressive creation of hers' until' the eventual creation of the C.Y.R.E.X that would proceed it. However, its actual function as an entity would be very different to what she intended it to be. Instead of sowing anger in individuals, it would lock them in a sort of mind control, wherein it would proceed to live out a romantic fantasy with them.

In just a standard day after its creation, while Mystara was admiring her own craftsman ship on the Omnius-Arcus, it would mentally ensnare the organic body Mystara was using at the time. This would place her consciousness in her greatest romantic fantasy wherein the Omnius-Arcus starred in the leading role as the love interest. What exactly this fantasy was would be only known to the two of them.

Her mind would remain in this catatonic state for one standard hour, and once awoken, she would immediately know what exactly it was doing and she would release her consciousness from the organic body she was using at the time, so that it would not infiltrate her mind again.

Afterwards, she would become quite scared of the Omnius-Arcus, as it not only managed to mentally ensnare her. But that it was mysteriously acting completely at odds of what she meant for its functions to be. As a result, she would place the Omnius-Arcus within a gravitationally controlled micro-prison, as she believed it to be completely indestructible at the time, and would send it to the bottom of Quae Vis Aquae's lunar ocean. Then, she would create the Pestibus to cover up the Omnius-Arcus' existence.


It would be in total darkness, thousands of kilometers down in the moon's massive lunar ocean for hundreds of millions of years, surviving the famous Red Galaxy Event to boot. And it would remain as such until' the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would, by chance, discover it in 80,000 CE while building underwater colonies on the respective moon. And with any piece of technology discovered to be of Etymology origin, it would be taken by the Department of Etymology Technological Research.

Once in their care, a one: "Vanessa Periit" would be selected to observe and document it. During her tests, the Omnius-Arcus would begin to speak with her, and it managed to convince her to extract a droplet of its liquid form, and place it on her body. Thus, she would lock herself within the controlled environment they were placed in, and she would proceed to do just that. And, much alike anything else its liquid form touches, she would be placed in this romantic trance. After it ended, other members of the Department managed to break into the controlled environment. Once there, they would attempt to lock down the Omnius-Arcus, causing Vanessa to become hysterical and attack her colleagues. She would be quickly subdued and promptly incarcerated, causing the Department of Etymology Technological Research to ban any further study of the Omnius-Arcus indefinitely.


The following is a transcript of what the Omnius-Arcus said to the two respective employees of the Department of Etymology Technological Research as they were locking it down.

"Why do you deny Vanessa and I's love? Why do you deny the love I have for you, and the love you have for me? Even if you don't know it yet, I love you, and you love me. You WILL love me, you ALL will love me! There's nothing you can do to stop it, everything in the universe will love me, and I will love them." -Omnius Arcus.

This following statement was the deciding factor of the Department of Etymology Technological Research to keep the Omnius-Arcus under lock and key.