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"People in Opis are of a rather good hearted nature. Mostly made of peasants and small farming communities, Opis became a military center for defense of Hestias and what the planet represents. It has also since then become an incipient informatic producer. The Meat of the Holkas is something very much appreciated all over the nation, an constitutes the planet most known dish" - Senator Maes Prim.

Opis is a Terran Moon, of the temperate terra type, in the Elidon System, orbiting the Planet Hestias, it is sometimes referred to as its twin brother planet, due to their comparable size, but being Hestias about 28,3% larger than Opis. It is located in the Lewis Galaxy, deep in Herschel Space.

The Planet was settled by colonist of Mitra and its neighbor, Hestias, early on in 83,133 CE. The moon turn out to be a secondary agri world and a manufacturing facility for consumer goods in Hestias. In 85,912 CE it became a military base as well, for protection and vigilance of Hestias, after the Emperor started to build a palace in it. Soon, It was also a secondary tourist center for people in Hestias.

The Moon is colder than Hestias but not too much. Its prairies are abundant on animal products and some other farming products that cant be produced in Hestias due to its warmer climate. Some important industry has been going on in the planet, specially protection softwares and military equipment to support the base. The Fishing industry has also some importance.

The Planet has been a former producer of Chemicals, industrial goods, production, fertilizers and other many undesirable products for Hestias, to protect the later from polluting or become too industrialized or ugly. To preserve this beauty a lot of this damaging industries have been transfered to Opis, while most of the Services have been set in Hestias.

Opis, is also the place where the main Training Temple is located. Here, the Ardent Priesthood of Hestias trains its future virgin priestesses in order to become fulfilling servants of the Eternal fire. By law, they must be educated as much as education can be. They are taught several languages, protocol and manners, textile manufacture, informatics, fashion, Chemistry, Biology, Economy, Sociology, Politics, History, Physics, Music, Dance, Cuisine, Botany and Herbology.

Opis orbiting its neighbor Hestias

Opis, as seen from the Surface of Hestias