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The Orachis-Kenna Path is a natural wormhole, also known as WH 4339, connecting the Orachis System in the Ejeunor Galaxy and the Kenna System in the Florathel Galaxy. It is unknown how it was created, but it was found already stable by the Shev'ra in 74339 CE.

It has been theorized that the Orachis-Kenna Path was used in the past by the Providence Union, as the Glanadi Archives make mention of a wormhole at about this location in the Florathel Galaxy. However, the Union territory in the Ejeunor Galaxy was negligible at best, and was almost entirely ignored by the greater Providence Union. The wormhole seems to have established commerce between the Union and an ancient and almost entirely unknown civilization from the same period known as the Ejeunor Founders, before they were almost simultaneously destroyed.

By the time of the discovery of this wormhole by the UNFG and Shev'ra, the remains of the Ejeunor Founders were under intense study by the latter nation. Research has intensified after the UNFG joined the effort.

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