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21844 CE - ___

The Oralat Virtual Utopia is among the most reclusive nations in the entire Florathel Galaxy. It is located within the inner regions Iriat Cloud, a satellite galaxy of Florathel which is presently passing through the disk of the galaxy, and is home to many massive stars. The OVU borders the Toralaskis prefect of the MIU as well as the FTIC state of Dereshan, despite the fact that there is little communication between them. The OVU is centered around the planet of Darakett, homeworld of the Oralat and one of the few true planets within its territory, as the rest have been disassembled to create various megastructures.


The Oralat Virtual Utopia controls around 100 million stars within the Iriat Cloud, a former satellite galaxy of the Florathel Galaxy which has not been fully consumed by its parent. Because of this, star forming has ran rampant, forming a huge number of large stars perfect for building megastructures around. The OVU has also made some forays into the nearby Minor Iriat Clouds, who are somewhat badly named because they are perfectly normal nebulae and entirely unrelated to the Iriat Cloud itself. However, these efforts have not done that much.

The OVU is divided into a large number of individually governed states, each centered around a particularly large matryoshka brain. Each state has more population than the entire flesh-and-blood population of the universe because of how little physical living space an uploaded mind requires. This huge population means that each state must be further subdivided into sectors, each of which is locally governed by elected officials.



The capital of the OVU is the ancient planet of Darakett. Darakett is the homeworld of the OVU's primary species, the Oralat, and has the highest non-uploaded population. Some historians say that Darakett is not in fact the capital, but is rather the site of the embassies from other nations, and that the nearby Gannet Matrioshka is in fact the true internal capital.

Darakett is very close to being the only actual planet in the OVU, as the vast majority of planets in their territory were disassembled to construct the vast megastructures found around nearly every star. It is widely considered to be among the most beautiful planets in the galaxy, and is home to a great number of cities scattered across the planet.

Major Worlds

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Iriat Core
Mid Shell
47 billion
984 septillion
Unique Attributes:


The government of the OVU is wildly variable due to its uncountably large population. In some places it is a monarchy, in others it is a direct democracy, in others it is an autocracy. The OVU is not really united at all, which confuses many students of history. However, in the regions nearest to Darakett, it seems to be generally a direct democracy, and is classified as such in most papers that mention it.


The OVU has no traditional military. However, it has invested heavily in defensive architecture. One such example is the capability of most of the various matriyoshka dyson swarms in its territory to rapidly rearrange into Nicoll-Dyson Beams, enabling the destruction of any attacking fleet. Then, special ships fly out to the ruins of the enemy fleet to harvest the resources present there.


Because of the absurdly large size of the OVU, nothing consistent can be said about its society. Individuals uploaded into the many matrioshka brains of the nation have chosen to be every species in the universe, plus millions of others which were invented by members of the nation. However, one thing can be said about this. The vast majority of the population of the OVU is perfectly fine with mind uploading, although that has been already said by the name of the nation. Within the endless computers of the Oralat Virtual Utopia, one can find almost anything.