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"We are the ones studying the sciences of society, we are in control of the economy as well as the human culture and the human gift of communication. We the Orange study the logic of society and how it works. We are experts in Languages, on looking into our past, into our history and archeology to disentangling the secrets of the already gone lifes in this universe. We are needed to communicate with Xeno-intelligent life, and definitely to study their culture and ways. We are experts in human behaviour. Reach us if you want to understand why we do things the way we do, and why something is the way it is. We provide answer and we gather and preserve knowledge for future generations to come" - Rina Harthan

Saikanian sister of the orange branch

The Orange Branch is one of the 12 Branches of the Sisterhood of Kryso, an Order native to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It's Sisterhood headquarters as a whole are located in Kryso, but those of the Orange Branch are located in the Planet Dausa. In this world, they are in charge of training new members of this women-only Order. This branch is often called "the Socials", "the Communicator" or even "the Money-Makers".

This Branch focus itself in Sociological fields of studies and knowledge. They, as the other branches, focus heavily on gathering (and saving) said knowledge for eternity. They write records to preserve for eternity the deeds of different societies, Its main goal is to save what humanity has accomplished for the Universe to see in case the race goes extinct or is swallowed by a foreign power. Nevertheless it is also their duty to save that information for future generations of Humans.

They are known for being experts in the fields of social sciences such as History, Economy, Psycology, Linguistics, Sociology, Etnography, Xenology and many other social sciences.

Often used in all stages of society as experts in certain fields. Some Orange members are even employed by the government for economic or cultural measures. They often serve as translators in xeno-communications. They are verse in the art of talking and languages, or in culture. They study extensively other cultures, past and present, forms of communication etc... For such tasks, they are often required to follow the Path of Awakening. Typically, the Path of Awakening that they do is the Path of Senses, the Path of Wisdom or the Path of the Seer, as it fits perfectly with the policy of the Orange. They work actively with the White and the Yellow to preserve the knowledge of Humanity for eternity.

The Orange are always seen travelling and visiting different worlds. Mostly to research arqueological sites, study the history of a place, or learn a language or form of communication. However, they can be seen working in other fields, like studying human or xeno behaviour, or in administration or banking, if they focus on economy. There are thus two sub-branches of the Oranges.One is made of those who follow the Economic field, experts in markets, stocks, banking, and other more technical and mathematical aspects. The other sub-branch, much bigger focus on the social studies of societies, such as History, Arqueology, Linguistics or even Psycology of the human mind.


As it name indicates, the traditional clothing of the orange branch is orange. They wear it while on duty at all times to indicate to others their belonging to the Orange branch of the Sisterhood of Kryso. However, when on the field, such as an arqueological site, or in any other ocasion where wearing orange would be impractical, they tend to wearnormal clothing but with orange robes around their wrists to indicate their belonging and status still to the branch and the sisterhood.

Functions and Powers

The Oranges are very well seen working all over the Union, either in economical fields, usually providing supervisors for big private or public companies or either travelling to planets all over the Union or abroad to study the history, the culture, the language or an arqueological past of a set society and planet population (Human or xeno). They have somehow important power, specially those in the economy subranche. They adquire wealth and can, if they wanted, control the markets for their own benefits and deeds. They other sub-branch however, more numerous holds passive power, as understanding and having the key to culture and history gives you access to twist or change things to your own benefit, Linguistics is also a powerful tool who could be used to twist communications to create wars. So although at first, they may not be seen as powerful, be aware of the oranges is extremely important.

As said before, the oranges control not only key functions in the economy, but also in society. This has allowed the oranges to directly influence the Union's society although they rarely have used such powers. Only in verysubtle ways. As truth is they dont have total control of it, just marginal control. However, it is in no question they can make a lot of harm in both the economy and society if they so desired.

Psycokinetic Powers

Their powers are often used for their own fields of work. Those in the economy with the power of precognition or recognition are extremely used or wanted as they can "predict somehow" how a market will react or will be going. This has been regulated to provide some measures of control to this advantage.

They also use their powers to use on the linguistics fields, the arqueological sites and protecting themselves from strange fauna or flora where the sites may be located.

Notable people of the Orange Branch

  • Rina Harthan
  • Zaira Merklin
  • Paula Doznan