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The Orcubor (scientific name: Ignik Sophos) are a sapient race of aluminum-based life forms native to the planet Gohbrin in the Ventemir Galaxy. They are most commonly found in the Entente of Ventemir but are also found living in the United Federation of Star Systems and Ravi-Anthrovia. The Orcubor are widely known for their unique biology and needs. At over 4 meters tall and 1000 kilograms each, the Orcubor are some of the largest known bipedal organisms. Given their unique biochemistry, Orcubor require extremely high temperatures of over 1850 degrees Celsius to survive.


Unlike most species that use water or liquid methane as their solvent of choice, the Orcubor a primarily made up of liquid silicon dioxide (quartz), hence the extremely high temperatures they need to survive. Aluminum-based biochemistry is a rare trait among species in the universe, as the majority of planets close enough to their star to hose life like this burn up or have their atmospheres stripped away to nothing before life can emerge. When the Orcubor were first discovered, many exobiologists were very interested in learning about their biochemistry.

Even though they are composed of wildly different chemicals than normal life, they share some similarities nonetheless. They possess cells, protein analogs, and genetic material like life generally does. The cell membrane is composed of a number compounds that are "dioxophilic or phobic" creating a bilayer much like organic life's. Proteins are composed of over one hundred compounds called "Xeno-aminoids" due to their analogous behavior to amino acids. Since acidity does not apply as a concept to silicon dioxide, these aminoids are instead simply regular aluminum-based compounds with varying polarity, size, and properties. The environment of Gohbrin prohibits and long or fragile molecules carrying DNA. Instead, genetic material is stored not "digitally" as with DNA but using "analogs" made of proteins. Proteins are arranged in such a way as to fit with the ribosome equivalents to direct the production of more proteins. They have often been described as more akin to gears than anything like a computer.


The large amount of heat energy on their planet makes most traditional organic molecules quickly break down. Thus, different processes are used. The Orcubor are very cool compared to their environment. All life on the planet is like this. The hostile planet has a thick atmosphere, which is the only reason any liquid silicon dioxide can exist on it at all. All life forms, save for extremophiles, take advantage of the fast winds of Gohbrin by possessing large heat-sinks on their bodies. The heat is radiated away, allowing them to maintain an internal temperature which allows for aluminum-based chemistry to be possible.

This cool temperature allows them to take advantage of this heat difference (heat flux) to generate energy. In a process creating a tiny electric charge, they then convert this charge into high-energy molecules (called Alliose) which are then used to drive biological processes. When Orcubor die, they actually heat up, rather than cool down, distinguishing them from most species that keep themselves at higher temperatures compared to the environment.


They naturally generate most of the energy they need from the environment. However, their expensive brains require a lot of energy to keep cool. They eat the more efficient energy producers on their planet, which are Fungi-like organisms. This also lets them gather nutrients such as Vanadium and Osmium Oxides which are chronically short in the crust of the planet.


The Orcubor have large sails on their backs, this serves the purpose of radiating heat away from their body. This sail is held up by bone-like projections, and is remarkably tough for being only a fraction of a millimeter thick in some places. The Orcubor take advantage of the common aluminum on their world to reinforce this sails and increase its conductivity of heat. This sail is covered in thousands of lateral slits that increase air-flow and increase it's surface area as much as possible.

On top of their large bodies rests a head. This head contains most of the brain, but over thirty percent of their "grey matter" is located in their torso. Two proportionally thin arms and proportionally thick legs are attached to the torso. The legs are for supporting their heavy body, while the arms are mostly for fine manipulation of objects. Although, legs can be used if need be. However, the strength of these limbs makes it difficult to handle objects with care.



The species first came to be almost one million years ago. Like most self-aware species, they were divided into many tribes and nations during the beginning of their history. While at first a more collectivist society, they gradually developed concepts of trade and wealth at the same time as the first true nations arose.


Due to the extremely high temperatures of their planet, most technology was far harder to develop. They were hardly a space-faring after 800,000 years of existence, making them one of the slowest developing species. They would develop space-flight in 96,983 BCE. Shortly thereafter, the Triumvirate Civilization discovered the Orcubor. They immediately incorporated them into their civilization and began aiding them in their advancement of technology. Armed with knowledge of the advanced Triumvirate, the Orcubor quickly became Kardashev I then II within 5,000 years. Equipped with Faster-than-light travel allowed their expansion to happen even faster.

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