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The Order of the Arkons is an order of Warrior-Priests, trained on special ways and native to the Planet Arkon originated in the Lewis Nation known as the Union. The leader of the Order are the Arkon Patriarchs. The order is an all masculine one, being its counterpart the Sisterhood of Kryso, a women-only order.

The Order has produced some of the most talented Unionist. Some have even reached powerful positions within the government and many are used as generals or commanders of troops. Most notably elite troops.


It's one of the most famous organizations in the Union. They use the Serkus Extract, made from the Serkus Plant, native to Arkon, to enhance momentarily their own Psychokinetic abilities. The Order was founded just after the Imperial-Unionist War and the invasion of their home planet as a mean to protect it for being invaded ever again. Its origins are set to be found in the initial invasion steps by the Empire, among the Unionist resistance. When the extract of Serkus was found to produce this effect on the Gift, its massive use by the Order was monopolized and even today, it is very much restricted to them.


The first de facto members of the Order were resistant Unionists to the Imperial invasion. During their struggle, many hide in the wild and started exploring the powers of the Serkus Plant, creating the Serkus extract and thus creating a side effect on the parasite of their bodies.

The extract makes the Parasite unlock their host Psychokinetic abilities for a period of time, giving him awareness, and extra powers either to fight, defend or protect.

When peace was achieved, the Order was formally founded by "the Great Warrior Fathers", condecorated warriors of the resistance that explored and trained themselves in the ways of the Serkus Extract, studying it on the move while fighting the Imperial invaders. The Order has the Oath of protecting the people of the Nation from further attacks. They are also keepers of peace, and thus have worked together to deter the government from declaring war as well.

First, the order was only located in Arkon but soon it expanded to nearby planets of the Zeurel System, such as Neldum, Ishai, Euden or Maikomai. Then the expansion kept going to other worlds of the Galaxy and finally to planets in other Galaxies within the Union.

The Serkus extract is thus exported all across the nation, however it only grows in very few worlds or under very special circumstances. Usually it prefers planets close to the Galactic Core than those at the periphery for some unknown reasons. The Order has expanded to many worlds in the Union. It is safely assumed that it is one of the most extended of all Orders.


The members are usually trained as well in the Path of the Warrior and the Path of the Seer. Both are considered crucial trainings by the Arkons, and are lifelong trainings. Usually only one Path is followed but in the case of the Arkon order, both paths are taught simultaneously to create the Perfect aware Warrior. It is a very hard training and only few of the candidates get to pass the training of both and become full Arkonian members of the Order. Those who failed are usually sent to pursue other carriers within one of the Paths as the main problem to defect is that they are unable to follow two at the same time.

The first Path, that of the Warrior, serves as a way of producing excellent Soldier, the perfect warrior to fight the enemy, to protect the people they serve. That is the base of existence of the entire order. The second path, that of the Seer, serves however as a way of enhancing the knowledge and awareness of the host of the cosmos they inhabit and implement even bigger Psychic abilities while fighting.

Some, most notably the leaders of the Order, the Patriarchs, get into the Path of Wisdom at a later age, when they are promoted and asked to be a Patriarch. One of the conditions is to undergo the Path of Wisdom. If they succeed they become one and if they fail they go back to be an Member of the Arkon as they were before. The Path is done to adquired knowledge of the very much appreciated Serkus substance, the techniques and strategies of the battlefield and the world in general. As a way to be good wise leaders.

Planets of Importance

Its the base and seat of the order, as well as its birth planet. The Patriachs of the Order are set to move to the planet and be members of the Council that manages all internal aspects of the Order. Patriarchs however, can be sent into missions or into government positions to other planets.

  • Lotus

it has an important base of the Arkon Order as they have training schools for the new novices in the Paths. The Planet is also important as it is one of the main producers of the Serkus Extract, having an enviromment very much liked by the Serkus Plant to grow into.

  • Terili

Its a retired planet, that serves as a base of warrior training for the Arkons. They have several important manufacturing industries owned by the order in the Planet. Hidden operations of the Order, are kept in the Planet and Terili is a bit exempt from the Unionist Government Laws as it was granted completely to the Order to ensure peace in the frontier regions.

  • Urthu

A harsh world to live. It is home to a large Arkonian run Unionist temple. In it, the newly trained Arkons are sent to pass the test and with their passing, officially admited to the Order. It is a remote, sparsely populated planet. Its a place for many secretive activities within the Order.