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Orena Sigurdsson is one of the daughters of Merku Sigurdsson, the head of the House Sigurdsson, one of the High Noble Families of the Empire of Mankind. She has a twin younger sister known as Mirin Sigurdsson and she holds the title of Duchess of Ephros alongside her sister and the title of Countess of Tolmund, as well as other minor titles. Both are considered extremely beautiful and have underwent genetically selective breeding and enhancement when on the womb and even before, since generations prior to their birth. All their ancestors have also underwent genetic enhancements who have been passed on to them naturally.

Orena is married to the second in line for the Throne of the Empire, Thardos of the Tarnos Dynasty, son of Ashalon II Tarnos. They have been recently married and have not yet produced any issue. She is one of the most famous personalities of the Empire and an icon all over the nation. She has been preparing itself for the duties of her life ever since.

At Court, both sisters are seen as new into the courtier's scene by many notable nobles. Specially women, like Fiona Zykov and Anya Hangul, who nevertheless are in good terms with both sisters, underestimate their powers and capabilities in the games of aristocratic lush for power and influence.


She is extremely beautiful although slightly less than her sister Mirin. She is blond and has light eyes, with a complexion of perfect measures due to selective breeding. Her IQ is very high, also genetically engineered on her and all her previous ancestors. They are extremely good at Fashion and expend enormous amounts of money in the latest fashion items. Legions of tailors, textile workers, shoemakers, jewel manufactures etc.. work exclusively for her and her sister in Ardax. She has since become featured by Imperial media all over the Galaxies as an example of good taste and many young women in the Empire seek to emulate their style.

Both excel mainly at court in their seduction and power hungry abilities. Alongside Fiona Zykov, and some other members of the Nobility they are extremely capable of managing the courtier live. However, as they are seen as "young" in the eyes of many, they are carefully watched as they seem to not being able to be aware of what is going on. This is something most of their enemies would soon regret.

She is always body guarded by the Warriors of Fenris, some of the most fierce elite warriors in the Empire. A present from her dad. She usually also takes a legion of Clone slaves everywhere she goes. Sometimes when angry she is cruel with them, although soon she feels remorse.

Her best friend is Alisa Telakas, the daughter of a very wealthy man. She has no nobility status, but her incredible wealth outmatches some lower nobility fortunes by far. Her, and her sister are the only persons she fully trusts. Alisa and her family, although not being nobles, are very much important in the Iskadi Galaxy. Alisa's dad is one of the most trusted men by Merku Sigurdsson, and has been his advisor for many years. Rumors say, the title of Baron of Leka would be given to the family, but no official declaration on the matter has been made yet.

She likes music and dance and is often seen to assist musical events and operas in the Capitals of Elpida and Mitra. She has sponsored many pieces of music and theater scripts, to be later presented not for the nobility but for the common people.


As it is common in Noble Families, both Sisters, Orena and Mirin were nurtured and taken care of by servants and slaves. Although those in charge are well selected for such a task, sometimes even to the point of being genetically modified for such tasks. Her mother also took part on their early years. Although she has already passed away, she is deeply loved and respected by the two sisters. The head of the house did not meet or spent time with them until they were 12 years old.

They were assigned some of the best private tutors, studying several subjects during the early first 100 years of their lives. During the first half of this years, they learned to play instruments, conversation, biology, history, ethnography, xenology, archeology, diplomacy, philosophy, geography, languages, mathematics, design, physics and chemistry, and many more subjects. During the second half of their learning, they get a more down to earth approach, such as dances, gastronomy, gardening, perfecting social skills, putting in practice their knowledge, travelling, learning finances, visiting and attending their first public events, etc. At the age of 100 years they are officially presented at court.

Here alongside its father, she was introduced to courtier live, and was officially given power on her titles (before it was just nominary). Once done this, she was able to openly attend receptions and events on her own, and was allow to have a source of income for herself and was granted dominion over some worlds and others. Usually, when a noble is young delegates governance on a capable governor that rules alongside them while learning the local problems of her set dominion.

Soon after, Orena and Mirin made official residence in Adrax while his father took dominium of Yabenus in the Lewis Galaxy. Orena was bestowed to the second son of the Emperor and the Ceremony was officially celebrated on Yabenus. She has ever since, spent time between her dominions on Skadi and her husbands dominions on the Iskadi Galaxy. Her influence in society has been increasing in the recent years alongside her sister, with whom she likes to spend time.