An organic ship is a spacecraft that utilizes biotechnology to increase its capabilities, such as a hull that regenerates and is capable of acting like a giant solar panel, weapons that consume any matter to use as ammunition, cockpits that can adjust their opacity, etc. They use living components to enhance their capabilities, however they are not the same as a living ship that is 100% organic materials.

Organic ships were famously used in the 75100 civil war between the Verza and Areough star systems, with the Verza nation winning by a landslide thanks to their regenerating ships. In the more powerful nations, organic ships are often used for more practical situations, such as construction in areas of space so crowded with debris that mechanical structures would fall apart.

Living Ships

can feel emotions and choose their own actions as opposed to organic ships, which only have specific components that can be considered living. They are grown from genetically modified alien species that have evolved to navigate space on their own, and as such can fly much faster than mechanical ships and detect small and dangerous objects from a distance. Some species of living ship also have the ability to bend spacetime a la the Alcubierre drive, and other can even maneuver through hyperspace.

Having their own conscious, a living ship will not fly for pilots that they come to dislike. As long as their pilot makes sure a living ship's needs and wants are taken care of, then the living ship will comply with the actions of their pilot.

These ships can also be turned into slaves against their will, with this technique once having being utilised by the confederacy of borealis before Living Ships were given rights. An example of a LS-built structure is the Freeman memorial around the rogue planet Rúge in the galaxy Zerx.The structure inspired many but also caused outrage in those against slavety. When the Rights for Conscious Beings act was put in place, LS-slavery was abolished and it became illegal to hold LS captive.

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