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Out of the many starlodes confined within the Palioxis Starfield, only a few reach such a level of importance as Orion does. Stretching approximately thirteen thousand light-years in diameter, Orion is the second largest starlode, coming behind the might of the Zephyr's Spiral. Within the azure clouds of Orion lie over twelve billion xelithi, which, along with cosmic dust and gas, orbit a supermassive black hole. Although rich in all forms of life, Orion has conceived only two species within its swirling stellar clouds. As they are both young species, they have yet to expand outward within the bounds of their home systems, though they have made numerous technological advancements in this regard. Furthermore, Orion's outstanding affluence has transformed it into a lively starlode worthy of eternal fame.

Ever since its initial inhabitation by Singularia, Orion has been the Starfield's industrial powerhouse, producing the bulk of the realm's technology for several nations. As many as twenty million industrial worlds lie deep within Orion's azure clouds, with over seventy percent of them purchased by various corporations. Except for the essential operators who must be present at all times, these industrial worlds are sparsely populated. Most of these immense worlds are encased in layers upon layers of factories and manufacturing complexes. As these worlds aren't regulated much, the industrial worlds of Orion have been home to an exceedingly high number of criminal organizations, some of which have even expanded to an interstellar scale.

The political landscape of Orion has been noted to be rather calm compared to other starlodes at this level of influence. Noted for its abundance of resource-rich worlds, the fabrication of more industrial worlds is a fairly simple and straightforward process for the nations of Orion. There have yet to be any battles to conquer all of Orion in modern-days. Nonetheless, there had been an era in the distant past when several extinct species belonging to Orion waged an unending war. Orion's vast clouds are unequally divided into over ten interstellar civilizations. Regardless, a few small conflicts near the borders of these nations are constantly taking place, though they have never expanded to a greater scale.


Helia, the supermassive black hole which sits at the heart of Orion

Orion spans 13,000 light-years, or 3,985 parsecs, in diameter. The bright disk of the Starlode includes about twelve and a half billion xelithi, eighty percent of which have been adequately examined by the inhabitants of Orion. Helia, a supermassive black hole with a mass of almost a million solar masses, sits at the center of the Starlode. Orion is mostly composed of vast amounts of interstellar gas and supergiant xelithi, thus giving it its famed azure hue. These clouds of interstellar gas extend from the core to the farthest edges of the Starlodes. Near the core of Orion, the xelithi are just a tenth of a light-year apart at the center, and have been known to crash and rip out each other's stellar cores.

Orion is divided into three major sectors based on their relative distance outward from the core. The Orion's Hub, the smallest of these, is located in the heart of the Starlode, stretching three thousand light-years across. Orion's Hub is by far the most hostile of the sectors, with supernovae and supergiant xelithi aplenty. Orion's Hub is followed by the Casten Cloud, which is where the majority of the modern infrastructure is developed. This sector, which consists of Orion's predominant azure clouds, extends seven thousand light-years from the edge of Orion's Hub. The final sector is called as Tegralis, and it is the least populous, both by xelithi and by people. This dark blue sectors runs from the edge of the Casten Cloud to the boundary of Orion.

Notable Anomalous Phenomena & Objects

Space-Borne Ecology

Notable Civilizations

Civilizations which reside in Orion
Name & Flag Location Capital(s) Founding Species Government Civilization Type
Singularia Flag.png
Orion's Hub & Casten Cloud
Federal Parliamentary Republic
Type 3.052
Vanheir Flag.png
Vanheir Unifier
Orion's Hub, Casten Cloud & Tegralis
Parliamentary Monarchy
Type 2.852

Major Worlds

Keleros Planet Image.png
PlanetIcon.png Lyria PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Lusillon PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Zolvyria PlanetIcon.png
Orion, Outer Orion's Hub, Vanheir Unifier
Orion, Outer Casten Cloud, Singularia
Orion, Inner Tegralis, Vanheir Unifier
Unique Attributes:
  • Aquatic planet
  • Filled to brim with life
  • One of the first worlds in Orion to be colonized by the Vanheir Unifier
  • Fairly large industrial shellworld
  • Heavy population of 25 trillion
  • First planet in the inner Tegralis to be colonized by Singularia
  • Filled with complex carbon-water-based lifeforms


Primordial Era

Generation of Unending War

Age of Prosperity