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"...Though, in the end, the Galaxy colored green would be succumbed by forces unimaginable, summoned by ones which seek greed, glory, and power. The ones which named this place home will be forced to reside in the Aylathia, and seek refuge in her safe clouds of saffron." - The Great Sedruan Prophecies, Aylothn Galaxy Section III


The Orithyia Galaxy (Also referred to as the Galaxy of Horror) is a spiral galaxy, existing as one of the three satellite galaxies of the Aylothn Galaxy. Known for its current era of violence and instability, the Orithyia Galaxy was subjugated by The Paragons of the Burning Crown. Initially, The Paragons were a creation by Sedrua in order to quell the up-and-coming Septet Alliance of Free Aligned Nations (SAFAN). However, they soon grew out of control, dominating the galaxy and soon overpowering the SAFAN. What rose in its place was the Quintet Puontari Federation, which fled with major Paragon forces to the Aylothn Galaxy. Currently, the Orithyia Galaxy is ruled by fragmented and disassociated remnants of the original Paragons, which typically war with each other. Rarely, pieces of these remnants make their way to the Aylothn Galaxy, though they do not provide much of a challenge to any nations of large magnitude. As of the modern day, parts of the Paragons have rested in the Aylothn Galaxy, near the Quintet Puontari Federation (QPF), the descendants of the SAFAN. The conflicts which took place between the Paragons and the rest of the nations have tarnished the name of the Orithyia Galaxy. This is what granted its colloquial name as the Galaxy of Horror.

Through its prehistoric eras and recent times, the Orithyia Galaxy has always existed as a relatively sterile realm. As such, it has remained rich in natural resources. Its lush nature has made the Orithyia Galaxy stand as a prominent galaxy in Aylothn's vicinity. Even so, no development on obtaining potential resources have been made in the modern day, as a result of the potential danger and cost of colonization. The Orithyia Galaxy is also the Aylothn Galaxy's second largest satellite. The luminous star systems which populate the Orithyia Galaxy, formerly used as areas for megastructures and life, have since been stripped bare by the Paragons, which leaves the galaxy in its inert sterile state. Known as the Era of Silence, the Orithyia Galaxy has remained this way for about eighty thousand years. What life remains exist as minor and unnoteworthy civilizations, which are pruned by the Paragons before they have a chance to rise as interstellar nations. As such, there exist no attempts to re-colonize the Orithyia Galaxy in the modern day. However, it is thought to be possible with the stagnation of intragalactic Paragon forces.

The name Orithyia derives from the ancient unified language of the SAFAN. Originally, the name Orithyia translated to "home" or "heaven". It has also been used as a general word for the color green, resulting from its clear appearance. Since, Orithyia been referred to as "old home" or "abandoned home" by individuals who still use it as a word in languages. Typically, Orithyia refers to the most used term, which is the old 'heaven' or 'home' form of the word.

Major Realms

Through the Orithyia Galaxy, there exist two major realms, though they have been stripped and rendered as dilapidated husks of their former selves. What resides in their place are remains, ruins, and artifacts, with strewn isolated communities which are descendants of the SAFAN. Little to no advanced technology, save for autonomous Paragon drones, exist in their vicinity anymore. Observation by large nations, as well as limited expeditions by corporations or independent organizations show that while The Paragons of the Burning Crown have mainly crumbled from said realms of the Orithyia Galaxy. Even so, they still exist as hazardous areas with aggressive and primitive civilizations. A display of two notable worlds, former SAFAN capitals, are below:


Ivathyia is one of the two former capitals of the Septet Alliance of Free Aligned Nations. It existed as the core of development, industry, and commerce for the nation, being revered as its acting capital. The name Ivathyia derives from the Orithyia Galaxy itself, with the people thinking of the world as the center of it. As the SAFAN's dominance of the Orithyia Galaxy grew, so did the development of Ivathyia, and it eventually became the center of population for the nation. However, the Paragons of the Burning Crown arrived in the Orithyia Galaxy, seeking to end the long-lasting nation. Ivathyia was one of the last places which was abandoned, turning from an urban paradise to a broken world of ruins and threats. While most people died or evacuated, the ones which remained restarted civilization, though it has remained in a shifting and primitive state. What exists is a large and desolate hinterland of invasive life, hostile people, and factions which claim thousands of pinpricks of land. Any technology which exists resides underground, in decaying and hidden caverns or ancient residences.


Zayarus is the second and most recent capital of the SAFAN, though it shares a similar fate to Ivathyia. Prior to invasion by the Paragons, Zayarus existed as a more symbolic capital, being the center of operations for POLIKY and another, smaller facet of the SAFAN government. According to scriptures, logs, and other pieces of recovered evidence, Zayarus was a once bustling, more naturalist world which held a very prominent impact on the SAFAN. After the invasion from the Paragons however, Zayarus has thought to become sterilized, residing with no known civilizations. There are no detected life forms in the macroscopic scale either. What is left is an array of crumbled ruins, with only a few remnants of what was there prior. The surface is also noted to be geologically active, filled with numerous tremors, cracks, and quakes which have swallowed a large portion of remaining civilization.