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The Orork are a Human mutant sub-species that evolved on the planet Fasia, in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy.

Like all the other Fasian sub-species, the Ororks were Humans that were subject to rapid evolution due to the unique properties of Fasia. in the case of the Ororks, the Humans that settled near or within the jungles to harvest medical plants were subjected to rapid evolution into the Ororks within a couple of generations.

They are a green skinned species that inhabit the jungles of Fasia, forming tribal structures and cities within the depths of the Gheccarzurd, Krudkaz, Dudgad Og, and Medarkrog. They form their social structures into tribes, with Ororks being born into Tribal communities and remaining in them until death. These cities had been hidden until after their admission into The Commune Federation.

Throughout the history of Fasia, the Orork's have been the subject of many species' scapegoats, blaming the Ororks for a great many of their problems. As such, they have, more than any other of the Fasian peoples, been subjected to incredible persecution and prejudice by nearly every other group they encountered. In spite of this, they still possessed an incredibly compassionate and gentle culture, not seeking to fight with other groups if they were able to avoid doing so. However, this has not spared them from being attacked unjustly by a great number of other forces.

At the arrival of The Commune Federation, the Ororks were incredibly skeptical, as they had learn that in spite of their open and caring culture, they had to be careful to protect themselves. However, as they saw more and more of the Federation, they became more willing and open to accept membership, which they did shortly afterwards.

The Ororks have become an integral part of life within the Federation, dedicating themselves to both humanitarian and colonization efforts. They have been particularly noteworthy in warzones, assisting in medical extraction and the prootection of civilians. They have become a welcome sight on nearly all planets in the Federation.

Physical Appearence and Anatomy

Female Orork.jpg

The Ororks are a green skinned people, whom tend to have two tusks coming from the lower jaw and up above their upper lip. The size of these tusks can vary. Their green skin is designed to help them blend into the surroundings of their jungle habitats fairly easily. they are also capable of developing muscle easily, which they use to help them climb the trees of their jungle homes, allowing them to escape local wildlife and set ambushes for attackers.

They possess pointed ears, similar to those of the Elaven. They also possess larger lungs, which allows them to unleash loud roars. They use this too intimidate their foes, so they may not have to fight them.

Culture and Customs

An Orork Tribe inducting a orphaned Elaven child into their Tribe

As with all species, there is no single unifed Orork culture. However, there are generalities that can be made.


The Ororks are based into a tribal system, in which they are a part of until death. They are divided into two types of tribes - The Stationary and the Mobile. Until the arrival of The Commune Federation, these mobile tribes would often travel around from city to city within the Orork jungles, contributing their various needs to the stationary tribes who inhabit the cities. In the modern day, the mobile tribes often work alongside the Commune Solar Militias or armed forces, acting as traders, traders, or preparing regions for colonization. This system was seen as mututally beneficial, As the mobile Ororks would be trading goods and helping their fellow Ororks, and the stationary Ororks would be defending their territory and providing the resources the mobile Ororks would need.


In spite of their appearences, a huge park of Orork culture is the compassion to those less fortunate or in need of help. It is considered a moral failing for an Orork to not offer assistance if it is within their power to provide said assistance. The Orork have been known to accept outsiders who ended up in their jungles, regardless of their sub-species. Many Elaven children, for example, who were orphaned by a conflict with the Skyborne in 1250VC, were accepted into the Orork Bru Kraccen, Qan Razrur, Drurkriz, and Vurgrur Tribes, where their desendents still live as full Orork tribespeople.