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"The divided world, Oryn today is split between Dakinti, Etul and Nuon. The home world of the Tryn, most of whom were expelled from here thousands of years ago, it is still a place highly controversial for our nation. However, it must be pointed out that the victory achieved over this world meant a burst of morale among those factions that rejected xeno-life and favoured the supremacy of mankind. This cold world offers still remanents of the old civilization to be seen. Its abundant and peculiar fauna is still a cause for many to come here to observe and study." - High Priest Annik Marrash

Oryn is a cold tundra like planet, located in the Jul-Kapa system in the Lewis Galaxy and deep in Herschel Space. It is famous for being the native planet of the Tryn. However, after the war between the Union and the Tryn, the Planet is nowadays under human control, and the native population of Tryns were expelled from it.

The planet is a Tundra like world with low vegetation and strong winds. It is located in the Kapa system (out of the binary system of Jul-kapa), and shares it with the world of Etul. This world has no representation in the Triumvirate system of government that dominates the administration and ruling of the Jul-kapa system.


The world of Oryn is a cold tundra like world. Largely know for its cold weather. However, its native live has adapted perfectly to this. The soil is fertile to sustain local crops and thus life is still surprisingly abundant. The planet has 2 moons, the large Exo moon and the small satelite rocky moon of Lin. It has a large ocean known as the Gorgos Ocean and several island-like continents. The Western continent, known as Tubrin, the eastern continent known as Fyldan (in honor to the Fylan kingdoms in the region) and the Southern continent of Danari. Tubrin belongs to Dakinti, Fyldan to Etul and Danari to Nuon.

  • Tubrin

This continent lies into the west and is known for being home to the Hurklo ancient civilization and the western Tryn nations (The Aklo, Olun and Minen, most notably as well as the Terid Empire). However, with the expulsion of the Tryn the land was later given to Dakinti, which settled the area with colonist. Some of them used the now empty Tryn cities to create their own, other new cities were born from scratch. Most notably is the City of Adalin, which was founded out of the ancient city of Ulum, the Capital of the Terid Empire. Adalin, just as it was in the previous period is the capital of the Dakinti sector.

The continent is large and is formed by several penninsulas and large mountain ranges to the north and the south. It is completely separated from the other two continents through the Gorgos Ocean. This means that the region has its own particular flora and fauna. It is highly militaristic nowadays, used for mineral straction, shipbuilding and repairing. Otherwise, the economy is based on manufacturing and agriculture.

  • Fyldan

asdfghj The continent was home to the Fyllan kingdoms and after the expulsion it was granted to Etul. The region is home to several large lakes and rivers, who were the splitting point of the several kingdoms. The region was fertile enough and thus why it was one of the three main centers of the Tryn culture. It has low tundra like forests and becomes a full forrested terrain towards the ecuator. The largest city here is Kilidon which was based on an ancient large city of the Tryn. It is now the capital of the Etul sector. Towards the west and the equator of this continent, some natives can still be found.

  • Danari

The continent of Danari is large, and is located towards the south. It was home to the Adaj, Tigon and Umuni Civilizations and the states that followed. The Continent was one of the ones with largest economies and was known to be peaceful. The continent is formed by a large area of land and several penninsulas that formed bays and nice harbours. This penninsulas holded the known Umuni Civilization and later on it splitted into city states that would later protect themselves through a commercial alliance known as the Ladun City States. The Largest of this City states, known as Merdal, is today the Capital of the sector, which is under the control of Nuon.


The Planet's history begins with the rise of several Tryn civilizations in the planet. Three have been notices by xenoarcheologist. The most notable of them is the Hurklo Civilization, which lasted for over 7000 years until its collapse. However, its succesor empires led to the modern cultures of the western Tryn. This gave rise to what is called the Terid Empire, a nation which was known to be a succesor of the previous civilization that gave rise to them. They were known for its large manufactiring production and its large quality of goods. The Aklo Kingdom, the Olun Kingdom and the Minen Kingdom, also descendants from the Hurklo civilization, formed a triple alliance which prevented the Terid Empire from conquering them and mantained a status quo in the area.

The eastern Tryn based themselves on the Fyl Civilization that although tecnically disappeared after 1500 years of existence, it really didnt, it just changed into three minor civilization that would give rise to the Fyllan Kingdoms, inheriting much of this pass civilization culture, language, writting system etc... The Fyllan kingdoms were more militaristic based on honor, and science. They presented a authoritarian structure but were known for its filosophers and high quality of living.

To the south we find the other big civilization known as the Adaji Civilzation which lasted for over 2000 years, being one of the most advanced of the three, until it evolved into the Tigon Civilization and the Umuni Civilizations which will later give rise to several nations. This nations were collectively separated into the Tigon nations, and the Umuni Nations. The Tigon nations were egalitarian, democratic and scientific nations while the Umuni were comercially driven. Out of the Tigon, the Kendari Nation is the most notable while the Ladun City States Federation is the most notable of the Umuni Nations.

This nations kept evolving until they reached technological advancement large enough to launch themselves out of the planet, The Fyllan kingdoms united under a Federation, created the first colonies in the Moons of Palami, soon followed by other nations. Nevertheless, the Unionist had already arrived in the Jul system, and terraformed the worlds in that system and colonized them. Etul was in the process of colonization when the first encounter occured. It wasnt a nice one, and soon hostilities between the two arose. The Tryn then unified into one large organization that would lead the Tryn nations against the invaders.

Finally, a war started between the Tryn and Humans. But the Tryn had never a posibility against this way more advanced civilization. It did not last long until they were defeated and large vessels occupied their native world. Due to the unrest in Oryn and the large massacres of the war, the Unionist in the Jul-Kapa system decided to split the world of Oryn among themselves. That is the worlds of Dakinti, Nuon and Etul while expelling the natives out as punishment. This led to the great expulsion of the Tryn in large vessels. Some of them headed to the outside nebulosa of the Kapa system and settled there. Others headed to uncharted territory while the majority headed away until finding the Intergalactic Federation who granted them land to colonize and settled to start again. This later on would become its own province within the Federation.

The world after the expulsion of the Tryn was given to humans from Dakinti, Nuon and Etul. This made the world be split into three sectors, one for each world which will be in charge of its pacification, colonization and wellbeing. Ever since, the world has remained like that and has not a seat of their own as the Oryn people are already represented through the representatives of the three planets.

Fauna and Flora

Native Tryn

The Tryn were an advance civilization that was achieving early space dominion. They had already stablished small colonies in the moons of Palami (a gas giant in the Kapa system). However when humans colonized the system, the Tryn were pushed back to their homeworld and kept there until it was taken by Unionist forces. Most of the population was expelled out of the planet in large Colonial ships. They headed away into the Intergalactic Federation territory, in search of a new home. There, they were granted a world to start over and colonized, but they always head a total hatred towards the Union and its people. Some Tryn wanted to scape human influence at all cost, left for another world in uncharted territory settling there and creating the small nation known as the Tryn Coalition, settling around 5 systems and 3 planets. Others refused to leave the Jul-kapa system and travelled to the nearby Nebulosa, located outside the Kapa system. Here several worlds exist and it is said that one of its worlds has been colonized by the Tryn and acts as their homeworld until they return to Oryn. This nebulosa is filled with Tryn ships and pirates, as well as being very difficult to navigate to for foreign vessels. Ever since they were expelled, Tryn Pirates have travelled from this nebulosa to the Kapa and sometimes even the Jul system to raid and attack. Even to the point of colonizing the moons of Palami which have to be cleared up by the Union from time to time to avoid "nests" to be created on the moons. However, no matter how many times they attack, the moon colonies keep reappearing and act as a base for Tryn piracy in the region. This has largely affected Oryn who has the largest military orbital station of the Jul-kapa system who acts as a barrier to Tryn attacks.

It is important to mention that some Tryn still live in the world of Oryn. Most notably primitives who live in the least hospitable areas of the planet. They number range from 500 000 to 1 million in total out of 3 billion inhabitants. They have been allowed to stay as they do not pose a treat and were largely abscent from the conflicts of their more advanced peers. However, if one of the natives gets infected by the parasite, it has to be taken into custody and its parasite remove. Some humans in the planet do not agree with this and hide this natives within their lands, sometimes even teaching them their culture and/or helping them scape abroad.