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Osseters are large blue megastructures intergalactic travel to smaller ships. Built by the Guild of External Power in 5,000 CE, These Osseters are found in every colonized galaxy, but are most commonly found in Via Aylathiya. Osseters act as galactic hubs, and are found above major worlds.


Osseters are arguably what gave the Guild its name. Now being named the Guild of External Power, they began to build the Osseters in 5000 CE when Sedrua began experiencing shortages in supplies in the Suvaren Field and its systems, because of the current technology, it would take long periods of time to get to Sedrua, so their solution was to design a network of devices that could take their spacecraft to other parts of the Local Universe. These Osseters can reach a maximum length of 220 kilometers, all built on Cresh. They were ferried to parts of Via Aylathiya in 5,006, it wasn't until 5,035 when they started being used for intergalactic business.


The Osseters have distinct range of functions, they act as FTL boosters for starships. In order for an Osseter to function, you must have the following requirements

  1. An FTL drive installed on the starship
  2. You must have an Exciting Osseter in order to be able to travel (As Osseters are hubs for major worlds)
  3. You must have a form of Starmap installed on your ship, this is necessary to be able to travel between Osseters
  4. You must have a fuel tank at high capacity

After completing these four steps, you will be ready to properly use an Osseter

How they work

An Osseter has a very sophisticated use, thus why they are Ancient, yet very useful. The Osseter has been claimed in the past to just be another wormhole network, though no wormholes are Involved, instead, Osseters use Sub-Dimensions that are entered through the bright gaps on their bottoms, these Osseters dilate enough time that a trip from Via Aylathiya to Florathel is shortened to about 18 hours. As well as being a safer alternative to other ftl solutions.