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Ouranir is a barred irregular galaxy and the largest satellite of Via Lacrimosa. Its impressive size of 11 billion stars makes it quite large compared to any of its companion satellies. The galaxy is not very dense and has a small central black hole for its size.

The Interstellar Systems of Ysau became the dominant power in Ouranir after the Split of the Yohjan Confederacy in 0 CE. There were multiple large interstellar civilizations around the fringes of the galaxy, including the vast human space and the loyalists to the Yohjans. As the Yohjan Confederacy was slowly replaced by the Erstes Konsortium, an increasing number of humans immigrated to Ouranir. In 22,006 CE, Erstes Konsortium annexed the entirety of the galaxy in an effort to compete with other powers in Via Lacrimosa. The nations of Ouranir rejected this annexation, causing the First War of Ouranir.

Erstes Konsortium was never able to fully integrate the entirety of the galaxy into its nation. It stopped the war after conquering the Ysau in 23,404 CE. Despite the annexation, many of the former Ysau leaders still held considerable powers over the galaxy. Erstes Konsortium's governed the ISY as though it was a partially integrated colony rather than a full possession.

Continued discontentment with general ignoring of the region by the human-centered authorities initiated the Ouranir Troubles, a long-lasting, low-intensity conflict that has lasted almost continuously since the end of the First War to the modern day, with occasional interruptions. In more recent years, insurgent forces have been rebuilding themselves. The troubles have escalated to a conflict known as the Second Ouranir War in 99,997 CE.