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"The Shame of the Empire, this planet is a polluted one. Once a wealthy forge world, where resources and gases were refined and transformed for exportation all over, this careless production destroyed their ecosystem and it's wealth attracted enemies who bombarded the planet, making it a hard world to live in. The ancestral home of the Weng House, the destiny of this world is a stigma they carry to this day. Although measures have been taken by the Emperors to restore the planet to its past ecosystem, a long time would be needed. This has forced the Weng to move their seat of power. A once glorious planet is now a shadow of its past. A truly sad story." - Senator Maes Prim

It's a terran world, located in the Zaun System, in the Lewis Galaxy and deep in Herschel Space. It belongs to the Empire of Mankind. It has been the seat of House Weng for several millennia, before they transferred their seat of power to planet Eyen, due to the conditions of Oyata.

This Planet has undergone a series of problem, most of which have been due to pollution and mayor conflicts, which both have finally made this planet harsh to live in. Still, the planet remains populated, although has one of the lowest populations within Imperial space in the Lewis Galaxy for a *Terran World. Most of the local fauna had to be brought to Eyen, or other terraformed planets in order to be saved from extinction. Other continues to thrive in Oyata, and some even have evolved to cope up with the planet's conditions.

A program to clean the Planet has been undertaken thanks to imperial decree, but the planet would not be clean completely until the 100 millennia due to radiation, toxicity etc...

The Planet takes its name from Auris Oyata, a High Senator who fought for the advancement of the poor and promoted activities to improve the live of those at the bottom of society. She implemented several Scholarship for poor children and was a deeply loved and admired figure throughout the Empire.

History and Origins

The Planet was colonized by settlers of Astrion and Orbion in the 28,440 CE, and was after the birth of the Empire, the seat of the House Weng. The Planet was a wealthy one, with large industrial production and was named "The Forged World", as it was one of the main center for treatment of metals and other resources. Still, after millennia of this economic activities, the planet was suffering from pollution.

Oyata was a manufacturing world, a refinery for extracted gases and mining products from all over the Lewis Imperial Space. Most gases and other resources were processed in the planet and then sent for exports to other areas where they were needed. Energy production, military production, clone-slaves production, fertilizers and tools or basic products were produced here at high levels, this made the atmosphere and the planet to be quite polluted but still, processes were made to clean the skies and the planet was somehow livable.

Due to its industrial nature, it was a target during several conflicts. Oyata was attacked during the Nobility war, by Loyal forces against the rebellious Weng, which cause serious damages to the enemies production, Still, the planet recovered well after the war. The planet was again attacked by the forces of Roldar I during The war of the Two Emperors, and damage was cause in the continent of Grodar, where most of the Chemical plants were located. This cause a damaging problem into the atmosphere of Oyata, due to the immense quantities of toxic gases liberated into the air. This incident made the color of the planet change towards a reddish tone.

Still, the mayor incident occurred during the First Relative's War, when the Weng fighted Aranis and their own members of the house in Oyata, causing massive destruction and causing many to flee the planet. This incident made the World become a decadent place, and the planet became a place of immigration. Finally during the Union Wars, the Unionist dropped several bombs into the planet who finally destroyed large portions of the planet and made living on it harsh. Some of the Planets Population was taken to the Union and forcibly converted. Many fled to the Akai Nebulae, becoming settlers of the Thirteen founding world of The Intergalactic Federation. This war transformed the planet, and it became after the war a shadow of its past completely destroyed, the economy was still revolving around mineral production and manufacture, while the locals completely abandoned chemicals and other toxic production due to the bad state of the planets atmosphere.

This World has to import most of its drinkable water and food due to the bad conditions of Oyata, in exchange for their highly appreciated metals and manufacturing goods. Still, the planet is under protection of the Emperor and is highly subsidized, in order to retain the population and help the planet to recover one day. Although the steps made are good, recovery will take several more millennia of work to clean the pollution and the nuclear damage it has suffered.

Oyata before pollution and War problems.


Its people have a very entrepreneurial spirit, and have a will of steal. This is more evident even today than it was back in the early days. Most of Oyata's people are austere, highly ecological with eco-consumption and production at their inner core. They have a very well preserving Fauna and Flora program in which all citizens are involved in. The spirit of its inhabitants is very militaristic. They have rationed food and water per day and work in either the restoration of the atmosphere and ecosystem or manufacturing and metal production are the two only ways to work in the planet. Services is only a third one partner, needed in the Planet, and focus mostly on export and imports.

Oyatans are hards people, with strong character and a will for preservation and peace, unseen in other areas of the Empire. Due to their massive emigration, Oyatans descended people can be seen all over the Empire. Some Planets have been founded by Oyatan colonists or with a high amount of them. Still, the most similar to previous Oyata is the Planet Eyen, who holds the biggest Oyatan diaspora.

Oyata's landscape after the destruction of its ecosystem

The Population of the planet reached a maximum of 52 Billion before the War of the Two Emperors broke out. With all the conflicts and increasing pollution, its population started to shrink with most of them moving away. The Internal wars in the Empire, made the population stand at 47 Billion. With the war against the Union, the population was reduced to 24 Billion, with 7 Billion death and 9 Billion refugees, most of which went to the Akai nebulae but others left for other newly colonized planets. Another 8 Billion were abducted and taken by the Union to their territory, thanks to forced conversion.

The population continued to shrink due to hard living conditions to 19 Billion. Most of that population moved to Eyen and other planets nearby, when House Weng moved to that planet in what was known as "the Massive Exodus", when 10 billion people left the planet for Eyen, leaving just 9 Billion in Oyata. Right after War of the Ancients, since economic hardship hit the planet, and access to water and food were highly restricted, it made 3 Billion people to emigrate, with the population hitting a record low of 6 Billion. In the following millennia a slow emigration process took place in the planet, shrinking little by little its population from 6 billion to 4 billion. Nowadays the population of the Planet is stable at 4 Billion with a slow increase due to Hard measures been taken by the Empire to prevent depopulation.