Ozqer and Ploqerneus

Landscape of Ozqer with rings

  • Ozqer (or RS8414-21-7-1956863-1772 4.1 in is a moon of a gas giant called Ploqerneus in the galaxy Circinus, its an E-Class world and the homeworld of the Yerts and Weuns. It's age is about 4 billion years and the average temperature ranges from 3°C to 30°C depending how far it is from Xahor or Ploqerneus. It has a thin atmosphere of 0.363 atm. It's atmosphere is composed of 88.9% CO2, 7.65% N2, 3.32% 02 and trace amounts of SO2, H2O, Ar and Ne. Even with its low amount of Oxygen and a thin atmosphere, life still developed on it, the planet houses both carbon based life and even Nitrogen based life, although its rare, its still there. it also has a low gravity of 0.75 g. Its rings look very similar to Ploqerneu's.
  • It's diameter is 9527 km and it takes 22 days to orbiit Ploqerneus, its rotation period is 66.3 days but the lifeforms on the planet are used to this because their eyes can see very well at night and they have no problems sleeping when it's day or night. Its parent star called Xahor, a class K2.9 V Orange Dwarf with 9 planets including Ploqertneus.

View of Ploqerneus from Ozqer

Xahor from Ozqer

  • Ozqer's plants are very similar to Earth's, but their colour is darker because of higher amounts of Chlorophyll also plants on Ozqer are much taller and bigger. Most trees are over 50 meters and the tallest are 200 meters, they also have much bigger leaves and their barks are almost always overgrown with moss, but the moss is not a separate plant. Grass on Ozqer is very short and thick like Chive. Bushes are very wide and short. Because of the long rotation period of Ozqer, plants consume alot of Oxygen at the 33 day night meaning the levels of CO2 and O2 dont change.
  • Most of the Yerts belive that the god Ospenius lives in the clouds of the gas giant Ploqerneus. On the other hand most of Weuns belive that the gods (Zyren, Yovac, Norsq, Polyae, and Wapnos) live on the 9th planet of Xahor called Liyen, a frozen titan.

    Map of Ozqer

  • Yerts and Weuns live in peace today, but there were many wars between the 2 creatures in the past, their technological progress is far ahead of humans as of 2019. They launched many probes around planets and moons and many probes landed on the moons of Ploqerneus They also have 5 space stations around Ozqer and one around Lopawaxeraustenuliusuwer and have a base on the moon (asteroid) Deruseus (4.D14) and Equsat (4D.15) for harvesting resources and science, there is also a base on Lopawaxeraustenuliusuwer. They harvest Hydrogen from Ploqerneus for rocket fuel. Their currently dominating production of electricity comes from nuclear fusion, nuclear reactors and Hydroelectric power. Theyre also currently building a Dyson sphere around Xahor, they do not show intrest in travelling to Meaqo for example, the closest star to Xahor.
  • The current population of Ozqer is 11 billion (4,5 billion Yerts and 6,5 Billion Weuns) as of 2019

Countries as of 2019

  • The countries of Ozqer are:
  • Red - Soviupol
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