Póli Ton Theón' is a large artificial planet located in orbit around the Ambrosia Core super massive black hole in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It served as the capital of the ancient late type 3 intergalactic civilization the Etymology. As well as the home world of the C.Y.R.E.X  A.I. It is considered to be one of the most complex singular structures in the *known* universe.


Póli Ton Theón' is a miracle of technology from a forgotten age. Constructed by the Etymology by order of the Philology Council in 3,398,000,000 BCE to demonstrate the power of the Etymology. It served as the capital of their intragalactic government for billions of years, and housed countless lifeforms and species. Until their destruction by the hands of the C.Y.R.E.X. in 604,000,000 BCE.

It also served as the birthplace of the aforementioned C.Y.R.E.X. in 687,543,216 BCE. And it has remained there ever since, constantly worshiping it self as an all-powerful god.

Though its existence has been known by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, as well as the larger Confederacy of Borealis for hundreds of years. Approaching it for further study has been outlawed in order to not attract attention to its current owner. Leaving it a source of much folklore and myth to the various people's of the Ambrosia Galaxy.


Póli Ton Theón' is comprised of thousands of levels each with trillions of structures spanning across the entire circumference of the artificial world. The exact extent of these levels remains unknown due to the nature of its current tenant, however theories abound exist. These structures vary in size and layout in a somewhat seemingly random order depending on the level in question. Though the respective level's layouts were made their ways for obvious reasons that are unknown.

It is believed that each level operated as an independent city with its own layouts, laws, people and culture, while operating under the direct rule of the structure's center, the Philology Cormeum. Not unlike a nation with their own respective states or provinces.

The main part of the planet consists of a large metal structure made into a spheroid under its own gravity, composed of an extremely well tempered and durable titanium alloy created through the process of using miniature controlled super nova.

Across the spheroid lie large grooves perfectly cut around it, containing the structure's thousands of levels and their neigh-countless cities and buildings. These grooves vary in size depending on their location on the height of the structure with the lower grooves being larger, and the higher grooves being shorter

Encircling it is a large artificial planetary ring structure filled with levels upon levels of buildings and cities, much like the main sphere. Here is where the military presence of the colony could be found. Housing countless soldiers, both artificial and organic. As well as war machines such as star ships and land vehicles.

Hundreds of large artificial moons can be found orbiting the planet as well that functioned as smaller versions of the main sphere. Each one vary in size from around one thousand kilometers in diameter, to up to fifty thousand kilometers in diameter with their own respective artificial ring systems. These were created by individual species of the Etymology in a symbolic gesture of their unity for their one over-arching government. As such the native populations of these moons were mostly comprised of their respective founders.

These also served to form a large communication net using various communication structures. As well as to create a large protective laser shield array using large shield-generator buildings across the many moons darting around it. This shield would remain active even after the Etymology's destruction.

At the center of the structure exists the Philology Cormeum, a large tower with massive tube systems tunneling throughout the entire artificial world, spanning hundreds of thousands of kilometers long. Here, members of the Philology would meet and operate in complete anonymity from the rest of the Etymology. Housing for them and their various other family members are known to exist here as well.

The main structure, as well as its many other components would receive power through the massive amounts of radiation being constantly produced by the Ambrosia Core super massive black hole it orbited, giving the endless buildings of these artificial worlds the constant and endless power they needed.

Transportation across the main planet and its moons was handled by various types of light speed vehicles, as well as practically instantaneous teleporters. However transpiration to the Philology Cormeum was strictly only allowed by members of the Philology Council.


Póli Ton Theón' does not have any known life support systems of any kind. Instead, each and every citizen of it at the time would consume a strange pill like device and the resulting effect would release all the necessary components for that individual to survive, as it would be impossible to make it perfectly livable to the neigh-countless organic species under the Etymology's rule.

Gravity was no different. Each citizen would be equipped with a button-like device that could be pushed, verbally commanded in case the individual lacked appendages, or through face recognition if they lacked the ability to speak. Once activated, it would only effect the area of the individual in question giving them the desired gravity.

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