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PInoV is a gas giant in the B'va system. It is a wonderful and curious phenomenon due to the atmosphere being breathable for humans. This is extremely rare for gas giants. The Caoticol Corporation took advantage of its atmosphere and began to harvest its gaseous resources. In 57 400, the Intergalactic Federation had established a massive floating city on PInoV. Simply named PInoV City. PInov has 75 moons in total, but has only two major moons. The gas giant has a gravitational pull of 1.37 Gs.

Moons (From closest to furthest from planet)

  • Qinou
  • Pyrei


PInoV was discovered by an Unknown surveyor in 55 217 CE, along with the rest of the B'va System. It was investigated soon after the colonization of Ustea that PInoV may have life on it. It wasn't until 56 210 CE when a group of explorers entered the atmosphere of PInoV and discovered the following:

  • It has a stable gravitational pull of 1.37 Gs
  • The air is breathable
  • There is life on the planet (Microscopic Aerial life)
  • PInoV is smaller than most gas giants
  • There is often rain storm on the planet
  • The clouds are rich in resources that are valuable to the economy

The explorers had reported back to the Intergalactic Federation and had presented their observations. A year later, construction for the main platform of PInoV City begun. The city was completed in 56 217 and at the time after its completion, PInoV became a massive tourist attraction.

PInoV City

PInoV City

PInoV city is what some consider an impossible technological feat. A city, suspended thousands of kilometers from the planet's core, sitting on top of the most resourceful gases in the universe. Despite the conspiracies behind how PInoV City stays afloat, It actually stay afloat using repulson technology and geo synchronized orbit mechanics to stay in the same position always. When it was first built, the city's main purpose was to be a mining colony for residents to easily access the planet's hotspots, but gradually evolved into a luxury getaway for the wealthy.

In 99 321 CE, PInoV was estimated to have a total population of about 500,000+ residents. PInoV City has full resorts, including their own casinos, pools and hotel rooms.

The Monolynth

The monolynth above PInoV

The Monolynth is a ring-shaped megastructure orbiting the gas giant, it was constructed by an unknown race at an unknown time, it orbits very close to PInoV and is a point-of-interest to the scientific community due to its characteristics. The inner side of the ring has present terrain, the terrain appears as desert terrain, the inner side has breathable air around its surface. Scientists have discovered the following about said Monolynth:

  • The terrain suggests that the ring was constructed in 882,420 BCE
  • The ring has a flourishing ecosystem that perfectly mirrors a normal planet's ecosystem.
  • It takes 15 days to orbit PInoV