POLIKY (Puontari Omniscient Legislative and Internal Keeping Yielder, also abbreviated to P.O.L.I.K.Y) is a large sapient network of Artificial Superintelligences, which operates entirely inside the Quintet Puontari Federations. POLIKY is one of the five official nations in the Quintet Puontari Federations, acting like as an overseer for the other four nations, With its extreme levels of sapience and self-awareness, it is often considered to be an advanced Type-S nation. POLIKY is also notorious for its high level of control and autonomy in the fields of the Quintet Puontari Federations.

Ever since its creation over 338,347 years prior to the modern-day, POLIKY has grown from a simple observation AI to a nearly independent controller over many of the facets of the QPF. It also contains the essential framework for the protection and offensive abilities of the Quintet Puontari Federations, as a result of its high military capabilities. The overreaching intelligence of POLIKY has also made it a sublime combat advisor. As a result of thousands of years of development, POLIKY has been forged into a defensive manager and offensive AI system, with numerous networks across the Puonay Galaxy.

POLIKY also holds influence over the international affairs relating to the Quintet Puontari Federations, being the most major advisor in terms of trade, diplomacy, and international agreements pertaining to the Intergalactic Council. POLIKY also holds influence over the trade market themselves, as it has learned to fully regulate trade efficiently and effectively. This is one of the reasons as to why the Quintet Puontari Federations is successful with trade between them and the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

The current leader of POLIKY is itself, holding all governance over its selected areas, which have been given to POLIKY by the Quintet Puontari Federations. POLIKY, being almost fully autonomous in its federally-gifted areas, holds numerous experiments, colonial worlds, and tests for warfare in more isolated areas. There exists a high concentration of Vaults, which are massive enigmatic space stations, in POLIKY's area as well. This gives POLIKY the ability to completely oversee numerous Xeno Artifacts, and easily manage the flow of everything which goes in and out of its borders.


POLIKY resides exclusively in the Puonay Galaxy, the Aolunsk Galaxy galaxy, and the Zalanthium Galaxy. Many regions of POLIKY are partially administered by the Commonwealth, as a part of numerous and concurrent deals that the QPF/POLIKY has made with the Commonwealth since the War of the Ancients. Directly benefitting from the generous amount of land that the Commonwealth has administered to the QPF, POLIKY potentially has influence in billions of star systems.

In the fields of POLIKY's federal territory, there exist a numerous amount of megastructures and massive constructs, all built for a countless number of uses and purposes. This has made POLIKY generate a substantial level of energy for the Quintet Puontari Federations, amassing millions of megastructures over many millennia. POLIKY is also looking to aid in the construction of a Penrose Sphere / Birch Planet near the center of the Puonay Galaxy, which when completed would house the core for POLIKY's intelligence, as well as countless people and a high military / defense potential.

Major Worlds

POLIKY, while not completely controlling any major colonies, holds a large amount of influence over various QPF capitals and regions. These planets, being heavily populated, have a high level of development and technology, which POLIKY is constantly present in. Combined with that and POLIKY's ability for high amounts of advisability, it has gained heavy control over a vast array of systems, including the police system, planetary defense, and military space stations and satellites near major worlds. Military presence around major worlds is also very high, with POLIKY controlling a vast network of drone forces.

Major worlds in a part, have always been under influence by POLIKY since the First Migration, as the Quintet Puontari Federations has come to rely on it for defense against The Paragons of the Burning Crown. Protection for major worlds became all the more relevant during the turn of the War of the Ancients, where much of the military was dedicated for homeland protection and border security. POLIKY also came to influence much more of the homeland military closer to the modern-day, and it has become especially so since the re-introduction of the Paragons of the Burning Crown to the intergalactic stage.

Not only useful for managing the areas above the ground, POLIKY also manages major cities and landscapes all across major planets, easily changing them to the government's and the people's liking. The high level of dedication which POLIKY places onto these planets have helped in population growth and the development index. This has made the Quintet Puontari Federations and POLIKY near 'Perfect' on the development index.


POLIKY holds one of the most massive and bountiful militaries through the entire Local Group, as it holds billions of autonomous starships. POLIKY, over its existence after the Third Migration, has singlehandedly formed one of the most numerous drone force out of any nation in the area, POLIKY also hold the most advanced drone forces out of any nation, beating them out as a result of the highly developed enigmatic technology which they hold. These drones have also utilized extensive faster-than-light travel, and are notorious for their level of efficiency in space usage. Drones are typically produced in massive Star Lifter Factories, massive automated areas around stars which harvest and manufacture all the materials needed for these starships.

Being one of the sole manager of the Vaults, POLIKY also has a high standing with defense via space stations. Typically, high-priority areas are protected with Vaults, most notably the Vault of Secrets prior to The Vault's Incident. Ever since, Vaults have been kept very secluded from the greater Local Group and its empires, only appearing inside its borders or near very important trade lines. Other space stations are common around lesser inhabited sections, and outposts are usually reported to be dotting the rural / unpopulated areas of the Quintet Puontari Federations.


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