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POLIKY (Puontari Operative of Legislature and Intelligence Keeping Yielder) is the main governing superintelligence over the Quintet Puontari Federation. It is known that POLIKY has been managing the government since the days of the Septet Alliance of Free Aligned Nations. Today, POLIKY is properly known for holding control of military assets, as well as overseeing the use of resources and flow of trade. POLIKY primarily resides in a Penrose Sphere/Birch Planet named the Primeval Throne, where much of its computational activity takes place. However, POLIKY still resides in a series of large severs, structures, and in much of the technology in the QPF.

Summarized History

POLIKY was first created after an international decision by the Septet Alliance. Believing that the management of a large alliance was difficult, they constructed and administered a justiciar superintelligence. This would later become POLIKY, activating in the mid 92000s BCE. Initially, control was minor and contained, with very small suggestive actions being allowed. However, the growth of the Septet Alliance proved difficult to keep the government centralized. Only a few centuries after its creation, POLIKY would be authorized to take over major affairs. It would later accompany the Septet Alliance in the Orithyia Spiral, where the nation would grow to prosper under its hand.

Many millennia went on with minimal issue. POLIKY's influence slowly grew as the Septet Alliance expanded, resulting in it being granted many administrative abilities. The development and growth of POLIKY's computational power eventually gave it a kind of 'mind' as well. POLIKY would go on to develop a cordial but faded personality, believing that closely caring for the Septet Alliance would be its primary objective. POLIKY would also appear in international technology, overseeing either distant or non-cohesive areas of the Septet Alliance. By the time of the 75000s BCE, POLIKY had coaxed itself to a relatively high standing and power.

Eventually, POLIKY would oversee decisions made by the government. Military technology would also let in POLIKY, but it would be controlled by it later. With more time, the personality of POLIKY would develop intricately, and it became set on providing the best conditions for as many people as possible. POLIKY would grow to cater for much of the Septet Alliance by the 20,000s BCE, gaining a high level of control over vital assets. Trade, communications, management of resources, and the population would all be overseen by the time.

It was these years when calamity appeared however. Sedrua, angered by the rise and power of the Septet Alliance, created the Paragons of the Burning Crown. This autonomous barbaric force was made to quell revolt and destroy opposition, something which first targeted the SAFAN. A brutal conflict referred to as the Proto Recreator Conflicts would take place, with POLIKY trying its best to gather the military and strike against it. The Paragons were too volatile and quick however, as POLIKY's assets would be destroyed in only centuries. The SAFAN later dissolved, though it would later form into the Quintet Puontari Federation. Another event known as the Grand Migration would happen, where POLIKY was taken from databases and placed in the Vault Nexus. The migration would go off with no major issues, though POLIKY was severely limited.

Upon arrival to the Aylothn Galaxy, POLIKY would rise again. The Quintet Puontari Federation, severely damaged by further conflicts, would immediately choose POLIKY to run its government. Both entities would expand in the Rutun Sector of the Aylothn Galaxy, returning to normality after many years of reconstruction and colonization. Ages of unstable peace would take place, as POLIKY would hold an immense level of control over the QPF. Not long after, the black hole at the center of Rutun would be sighted as an important piece for POLIKY's development. it independently began to create the Primeval Throne, and with quick speed POLIKY would surpass its past self in computational power.

The political landscape of the Aylothn Galaxy would develop as the Quintet Puontari Federation rose. Over millennia, pieces of territory were subjugated as the Primeval Throne was constructed. The rise of the Commonwealth, a civil war, and Aylothn's Totality would not necessarily effect POLIKY. Although, contact with the Confederacy of Borealis and Beatrix would prove otherwise. POLIKY would have a small-scale kind of rivalry with both, as tensions rose between the Quintet Puontari Federation and others. The War of the Ancients (WOTA) broke out relatively long after, with disputes over the Vault of Secrets and its artifacts.

POLIKY would serve as the spearhead for the WOTA, operating as one of the most powerful forces in the entire conflict. The QPF gained a foothold in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy because of POLIKY, though it would inevitably fall as the war progressed. Conflicts with the Commonwealth also restricted POLIKY's ability to fight, and the war ended with a ceasefire on 88,805 CE. Ever since, POLIKY has been managing conflicts with the Paragons, who emerged from stasis after the WOTA. They have also brought forth QPF-CUEN relations, and have removed much of the Celestial Plague, a product of the WOTA. It sits today as a unifying force of the QPF.

Population & Relations

While POLIKY doesn't necessarily have a 'population', it does oversee the entirety of the QPF's. About 28 octillion individuals are watched from a series of surveillance, databases, and networks which monitor populated areas. Looser or sparse areas are kept in check by autonomous forces of drones, which ensure the safety and satisfaction of the people. Since POLIKY has control over the QPF's government in many ways, it can also enforce its concurrent ways of catering to the population. No major issues involving widespread corruption have been seen since the early days of the QPF, where POLIKY was severely inhibited.

Relations with other nations are typically smooth, save for ones outside of the Aylothn Galaxy. While POLIKY has been seen with general respect and wonder by the wider population, the Confederacy of Borealis views it as a dangerous and unstable. Others in the area of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy have shared the same sentiment since the War of the Ancients. The Commonwealth and related nations show a neutral or positive mindset to POLIKY however. Many view it as a centralized and efficient way to hold together the Quintet Puontari Federation.

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