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Reckoning is a Thaumic war vessel created by the Payotari Alliance during the Sedrua-Alliance War. It was later inherited by Civeehol of the the Quintet Payotari Association following the Civese Civil War. As it stands, Reckoning is one of the most powerful Thaumic Vessels, being restored prior to the War of the Ancients and being extensively used since.

The vessel's use in war was nothing short of phenomenal, as it has repeatedly proven itself as an intimidating asset. Upon its initial commission, it led a now forgotten legion of 16 Thaumic vessels. During the Sedrua-Alliance War, Reckoning paved the way for the military application of Thaumaturgy. This eventually let the Alliance to stay on par with Sedrua, defeating them after multiple centuries of warfare. Reckoning not only brought forward the practice of Thaumaturgy, but it expanded the Alliance's knowledge with it. It is thought that the vessel was a catalyst to POLIKY's Thaumic understanding, eventually leading to its ascension.


Originally, Reckoning was meant to be drafted as one of the few ships in its caliber. While Sedrua was skirmishing across the the Alliance's borders, POLIKY devised a way to use its connection to the Lux Aeterna. It advised the Alliance to create large and potent spacecraft, inhabited by skilled personnel and Virtual Magi. Experimental at the time, these computers linked the spacecraft to the Lux Aeterna in a very rudimentary way. It paved the way for the use of Thaumaturgy, utilizing onboard A.I. to direct Aeternal Energy. Merely 17 of these vessels were ever created before POLIKY's Ascension, when POLIKY gained full access the Lux Aeterna. Reckoning is the only surviving vessel from this time, now revered as an ancient artifact of war.

With the glory of war, Reckoning was hailed as one of the Alliance's most useful of vessels. POLIKY's Ascension improved it as well, giving it greater access to the Aeterna. Virtual Magi, AIs which used Thaumaturgy, were subsequently improved. The Alliance's first Thaumic Weaponry was tested on Reckoning as well. It was not until the Civese Civil War did it see use again, valiantly defending the state of Civeehol against internal opposition. Upon the founding of the QPA, Reckoning was reconnected to POLIKY, though it was more or less used as a show of force.

Reckoning was retired during the 35,200s BCE following significant de-militarization. The QPA was unable to afford Virtual Magi, and adept Magi were few and far between. As such, Reckoning was treated as an honorable artifact, flown across the QPA in various ceremonies and celebrations. It became a symbol of the QPA's strength, proving that even through chaos, the QPA could still stand tall. Due to its significance, the vessel was kept in pristine state, albeit with all of its weapons disabled. Reckoning followed a path of strong patriotism, though it was obscured as the years went by.

It was not until the War of the Ancients was Reckoning caught in the public eye once again. Observing its importance and potential, much of the QPA's population vouched for a potential recommission. Nationalists thought of it as a tactful way to raise the people's morale. In time, Reckoning was seen with great symbolism. Many wanted it to target Confederate forces with the goal intimidating them with Thaumaturgy. Growing public demand was deemed too important to ignore, and so the vessel was restored to full condition. It was outfitted with the latest military technology, with emphasis on Virtual Magi and Thaumic weaponry. With this new version of the vessel, the QPA struck back at the U.F., terrifying Via Lacrimosa's citizens with the possibility of full Thaumic war.

Reckoning was used sparingly across the War of the Ancients, though it was to great effect. Several notable stealth operations were led by the vessel, including protection of several Vaults. The Celestial Plague was also forwarded by Reckoning. Though the vessel was uncommonly seen during the war, it proved to be quite formidable, and the QPA's patriotism improved it further. By the time war concluded, Reckoning was more revered than ever. In the modern day, the vessel serves as a leader for the 1st Reformed Payotari Battalion, a group of new and recommissioned Thaumic spacecraft.


Reckoning takes the appearance of a large, dark hovercraft covered in a plethora of ornate designs. It was first manufactured to give off a magical and intimidating appearance. On the left and right sides of the vessel, two large 'vents' are able to propel the craft around space. They serve as an effective way for slower-than-light travel. Both vents are powerful enough to let Reckoning remain stable in atmospheric flight, though it rarely enters the influence of planets. The top of the vessel features a Thaumic Drive, displaying itself in the form of a large spire. Recknoing's Thaumic Drive is unique, as it channels Aeternal Energy by means of Virtual Magi. The Warp Core appears to have a speed of 25,000c, better than the most refined of Warp Drives and even other Thaumic Drives.

Reckoning also contains a series of barracks, used for housing personnel. Most of them take the appearance of large towers on the top of the ship. These towers also house offices for departments. In total, Reckoning has logistics centers, observation centers, several decks, and light weaponry. The entire top of the ship is covered by an invisible forcefield, protecting the towers inside. Some structures are also coated in Hardlight, re-enforcing them from a wide variety of attacks.

There are three main levels to Reckoning. The first one is the upper level, containing the top decks, towers, and Warp Core. It also contains the ship's "Thaumic Power Plant", which is controlled by POLIKY and gives the ship Aeternal Energy. The second level is a storage level, primarily used for transporting materiel and resources. Smaller spacecraft are stored in bays all across the storage level, along with weapons and foodstuffs. Several antimatter power plants are stored here as well, for functions not relating to Aeternal Energy. The third level contains Reckoning's weaponry, and is used to attack enemy vessels or deploy spacecraft from the storage level.


Reckoning's armament is one to behold, as it contains a wide range of weaponry. It is considered highly advanced in the modern day, as it is equipped with its ever-changing set of Thaumic defenses powered by Virtual Magi. Aeternal Energy is able to be channeled in such a way that Reckoning can use explosives, arc emitters, and particle cannons among others. Aeternal Energy is also able to enhance Reckoning's conventional weapons, enhancing their destructive capabilities. During the War of the Ancients, Reckoning was armed with the Celestial Plague, forces of erratic automata which caused severe damage to the Confederacy. Use of the Plague was prohibited following the War of the Ancients.

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