Pahexus is a system located in the Djorg 3/NGC 6540 cluster, about 12 thousand light-years away from Sol.

It is home to the Trarrofs and their home planet Cöntqa. For humans, the system is best-known for hosting the moon Eonxe which used to be the headquarters for pirates operating around Milky Way Galaxy.


The system has 7 main planets and a dwarf planet along with an asteroid belt:

  1. Haarvax (Scorched S-Class)
  2. Daashna (Scorched D-Class)
  3. HaasaVosta (Scorched D-Class)
  4. Cresths (Temperate N-Class)
  5. Wuind (Cool S-Class Dwarf Planet, largest in the belt)
  6. Cöntqa (Cold J-Class, capital of the system)
  7. Liatra (Cold I-Class)
  8. Fints (Frozen I-Class)

Most major bodies in the system have been colonized by the Trarrofs, with noticeable presence of human populations and economic activity in some of the colonies.

Pahexus, photo taken by a human miner from an asteroid mining site owned by a joint venture of the Trarrofs and a human corporation.

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