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Pallidite is a rare crystal found only in the Verpletter region of Via Aylathiya. It is the primary component in many of Verpletter's advanced cloaking devices, as its light-bending properties can be used to turn people, vehicles, or even entire starships completely invisible.


Pallidite is a mostly clear crystal greatly resembling quartz or other similar substances. However, there are two ways one can tell pallidite apart from other similar-looking crystals. The first way to tell is by checking its hardness. Pallidite has a hardness similar to that of a diamond, and as such will take far more punishment. The other way to check is by shining a light on the crystal. When a bright enough light passes through a pallidite crystal, the crystal's light-bending properties will turn it invisible.

Pallidite also comes in a wide range of colors. The color is an indicator of the crystal's age, and the darker color a crystal has, the older it is. Older crystals are greatly prized as they last far longer than younger ones.


Pallidite is exceptionally rare, being found only within Verpletter. It is usually found on either highly volcanic planets or in drifting asteroids. Its rarity makes it so that whenever pallidite is found on a planet, nearby nations will sometimes go to war over it.

A common folk tale is that somewhere deep within the farthest reaches of Verpletter, there exists a hidden world known as Evanuit, a planet made entirely out of pallidite. Most people simply believe it to be a myth, but plenty of intrepid souls have searched for the hidden planet, never to return again. However, there has been a strange rise in disappearances of supply convoys near the outskirts of Verpletter. While these disappearances are often blamed on pirate attacks or careless piloting, suspicion continues to grow regarding the possible involvement of Evanuit.


  • Cloaking Tech - Thanks to its light-bending properties, pallidite is the primary component of many of Verpletter's advanced cloaking devices. A famous example of this is the Nightshroud stealth field generator, which used by many nations in their stealth ships.
  • Laser Weapon Amp - When pallidite is used as an amp in a laser weapon, it turns the beam fired by the weapon nearly invisible, with only a faint outline of the beam able to be seen. This quality is highly valued by assassins and other stealth operatives.

Notable Users

  • Golden Hand Syndicate - The Golden Hand Syndicate makes great use of pallidite, primarily in their Thaler-class corvettes and the personal cloaking devices used by many Syndicate members.