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"The most important world of the Megara Galaxy, it is the gateway to the worlds of this area of the Universe and by so, to its wealth. This beautiful world is known for its snowy peaks and its idyllic landscapes, but mostly by its dynamic economy, driven by simple humble people with a high devotion and patriotism for the Empire. Here, you will find wonderful cities full of urban and nightlife. Come try it's wonderful Geika Licor." - Senator Maes Prim

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This *Terran world of the temperate terra Type, is located in the Teiya System, in the Megara Nebula, nearby the Lewis Galaxy and Iskadi, deep into Herschel Space. It is the most populated and important planet of the Empire of Mankind in that Nebula.

It is famous for is beauty and mountainous area with a rather cold climate, but not freezing. The atmosphere is completely suited to Human necessities. It's a very pacific world, with large farms. However, it holds very busy Service and Industrial driven cities. Large plains cover the central continents while lakes and forest cover most of the coastal areas. The Northern and Southern Poles are High, building fertile large valleys


It was settled by free colonist brought by order of Eris Hayalon through imperial decree. The colonist came from Planet Isolda. Its main first target was producing energy and food for other worlds being settled in the Nebula, and soon the planet started to become a successful Agriworld providing feeding material for the Megara Nebula Worlds.

The planet was located in a strategic area, right in the middle of an Hyperspace route that connected Iskadi and the Lewis Galaxy, bringing most of the commerce through it. A stable Wormhole was then located in the system, being the main post of interstellar routes and the harbour of entry of most trade into the Galaxy. This displaced other important worlds of the Megara Nebula or the Galaxy of Milk (as she is commonly referred to) such as Turon, into more administrative and historical important roles and transformed Pandora into a highly urbanized, industrial, and service oriented world with high standards of living and wealth. Pandora became the most populated world of the Megara Nebula with 57 Billion inhabitants.


Most of the colonist of this planet are famous for its simple attitude to live, issued from its past as an Agriworld and idylic Farm live.

The discovery of its hyperspace route and the settlement of a stable wormhole gate, catapulted the planet to being one of the most dynamic economically and the most important of the Megara Nebula. Wealth and money came to the planet and with it, a high standard of living.

The Planet belongs to the Hayalons, but is governed directly by the Tillis Family, Counts that pledged alliance to the Hayalons, being under their protection.


The Planet has 5 continents

  • Verix: Its the main continent located towards the center of the planet, it is a lush place, and the hottest of all. It has verdant plains and lush forests as well as large fields or farms, but the Agriculture in this continent is not the most important activity. Most of it is used for services, energy and manufacturing and is the most populated and the most urbanized off all. The city of Edissa is located in its center, in the middle of a large Bay and it's not only the most important city in terms of wealth and population, it is also the oldest and the capital of the Planet.
  • Iladen: It's located in the North pole, united to Verix through a small isthmus, its northernmost area is covered by the ice sheet of the planet. Its most important City is Gondolin, located deep into a valley surrounded by Mountains. Its main activity is tourism, Energy production and Chemicals.
  • Yatan: Is the Largest Continent and goes from the northernmost part of the planet, its north pole, right into the southern pole, and is the most agriculturally rich continent of all, with some of its Northeastern areas as well as southeastern ones, being among the most fertile and productive of the planet. Large farms and idyllic live can be found here. Still large forest and beauty can also be found. Here is were the Geika Licor originated, through a local plant cultivation. Teyan is the largest city, and the third biggest in Pandora, its a dynamic city, full of Services, industry and manufacturing. The continent is also a leading point for business and even if Agriculture has become iconic of the continent, it is not is main economic activity anymore, giving rice to transport and energy generation.
  • Olpa: The continent is located in between Yatan on its West, Iladen to its Northeast, Verix to its east and Zenur to its south, it is a large island continent. In this part of Pandora, most of the Economic activity is based on Medical and Pharmaceuticals as well as Commerce and Trade. It is the second largest in population and its main city is Luidin. Its fields are also the second in terms of productivity with large fertile soil to its southern areas, while being heavily forested towards its north.
  • Zenur: Its the least populated of them all, and its main population is located towards a small peninsula that host most of the intercontinental trade routes. It has also several important regions and its main occupation and activity is Naval and Shipbuilding, as well as having the largest military base. Its largest city is Dimiria. One of the Islands of the Continent, known commonly as "The Ring", is one of the main attractions of the planet. The Tillis Family, the Hayalons and other Noble Families, as well as many wealth individuals have palaces here. Towards the South, the area becomes more arid and dry, but some cities like Orodinë can be found in the Valleys of the southern pole, based on Banking and some other services.

Pandoran Typical Mountainous Landscape