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"The Paro Flower holds a certain special place within my heart, as it was the first gift I would give to my beloved wife, Anora. She would always speak of the glamorous pink colored pedals of the flower, as well as the entrancing scent produced by them, so when I showed her our new pond filled to the brim with Paro Flower pods, she was elated. Never forget the small moments with loved ones, as they are sometimes the greatest memories you may one day have of them."-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora Illustrated.


The Paro Flower are a common species of aquatic lilium (lily) flower found all across Haven's temperate small fresh water aquatic bodies such as ponds and streams, with a global population theorized to be around two hundred billion individual flowers. As they are quite common, the Paro Flower is a fairly famous flower among the sapient populace of planet Haven, often times being used in effigies, artwork and other pieces of iconography. Typically, a Paro Flower will have an average lifespan of around five standard years, before dissolving into the water they inhabit.


The Paro Flower's baseline physical appearance and structure is fairly unique among the species of lilium as they have a very wet and slippery texture to their respective pedals. They grow from a singular seed secreted by a Paro Flower pod at the end of their life cycle, which will then float across the waters it was birthed in until' eventually flowering into a large pod of flowers, with the amount ranging from as little as five, to as many as sixty, with the pattern of which ranging widely as well. Located across the Paro Flower pod, small stems connect the various flowers together, forming them into a single mass of flowers. These stems are very frail, with the slightest of disturbance breaking its structure. However the respective stem that was broken will almost immediately begin to regrow itself as to ensure the the pod remains in tact.

The pedals of the Paro Flower universally take the same hue of pinks, light reds and blues, with no documented variation in color across the entire planet's population of the flower. This uniformity is fairly uncommon among Haven-born flower species as in most cases one will be able to find at least the slightest amount of color variation, but the Paro Flower's coloring will look identical the one-thousandth time one observes the flower. These pedals also produce an enchantingly pleasant aroma to entice various aquatic pollinating insects to them, which they are quite successful at.


The Paro Flower is most commonly used by the sapient populace of Haven as a form perfume, as the scent produced by the flower is quite pleasing to most who are fortunate to experience it. Along with perfume, many people who have ponds, fountains or streams on their homestead will use the Paro Flower to accent the respective waters located within them to give off an aesthetically beautiful appearance.

Many species of aquatic insect fauna partake in the nectar produced by the flower to entice them, pollinating the flower by proxy. Along with insects, several species of aquatic bird will eat the flowers pedals, along with certain species of fresh water dwelling fish, which will rise from the depths of the respective pond or stream the Paro Flower is located, then proceed to consume the flower from underneath it.