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"A highly populated and extremely wealthy world, Pax is the financial heart of the Empire and the base for many big businesses going on in the nation. Banking and Investing is a way of life of it's inhabitants and the nation's biggest stock exchange is located here. Pax is also the Legislative Capital of the Empire, where the Law is made thanks to a Parliament elected by the people. Locals are known as entrepreneurs, merchants and business driven in character with an open attitude towards life and work, as well as an open eye for opportunities" - Senator Maes Prim.

Pax is a terrestrial planet, orbiting Iridia B, a Orange Dwarf, in the binary Iridia System and in the Lewis Galaxy. It is inside Herschel Space and Herschel Space. It's one of the three capitals of the Empire of Mankind, and holds the Legislative Parliament, the seat of the Legislative Power in the nation. Here are made most of the laws that govern each planet all across the vast space of the Empire. It is located in the Central Worlds of the Empire region Big cities have being built in the planet, very densely populated, but in general it is considered a comfortable world to live in.

This world is also known for its business and financial activity. Most of the Banks are located here and most of other related financial services as well as a big stock exchange can be found in Pax. Due to is high concentration of cities, nightlife and services are renowned in the planet.

Lately Pax has been experiencing an increase in internal migration, due to the high amount of opportunities for those that want to come and try. Sometimes is depicted as the "Land of Dreams". Surprisingly, the amount of poverty is not very high and has one of the highest concentration of rich citizens.

However, the planet is becoming recently an expensive place to live, and some people have been migrating to some of the most rural areas remaining in Pax, where agriculture and mining are the main source of income.

The name Pax, means "Peace" in the ancient Terran tongue, known as Latin. It was named as such due to the calmed live forms of the planet, as well as mild comfortable planet. Some say as a joke, that it was named as such due to a propaganda campaign to attract more settlers. Still the name is well earned.


Pax has three continents: Jotunheim, Alira and Esseria. Esseria is the most massive of the three, while Alira and Jotunheim are smaller continents, similar to very big islands, being Jotunheim the smallest one.

  • Esseria:

Is a massive continent. It has a temperate climate although around the equator reaches hot and humid temperatures and has several dense forests. Most of the rest is made of lush plains with some continental and oceanic climate. Some colder forested areas lie in the coast and so do most of the inhabitants of this continent with cities such as Aunkir, the biggest in the continent, set in strategic coastal positions. The inland is more rural, and has been attracting many settlers that are increasingly moving inwards. The biggest city inland of Esseria is Cerberus, growing at an incredible pace. Is the Agricultural and mining capital an controls most of the food supply of the planet as well as holding banks such as "Agribank", one of the oldest and most famous banks in Pax, dating back in the Republican Era.

  • Alira:

This continent is the second most densely populated and the second largest. The Northwest has many bays and small sees, while the south holds a strategic strait, where Tron is located. The North is cold and tundric while the center, South and West is oceanic and continental. It holds the cities of Tron and Sarium. Both the financial capitals of Pax. In Tron is located the main Stock Exchange of the Planet and one of the most important throughout the Empire and the Lewis Galaxy. Tron is located in the South of the continent, in the small strait between Esseria and Alira, a key point for planetary commerce. It's as well the second biggest and second most populated city in Pax. Here, large commercial business, corporations and companies are located. The city's nightlife and skyscrapers are an attraction in itself. Sarium on the contrary is located in the Northwest and is home to many businesses and although less densely populated and calm than Tron, it is still very big, holding many insurance companies and other corporations. The Inland regions are home to most of the Energy production of the Planet with many medium size cities.

  • Jotunheim:

Is the most populated continent and the smallest of the three. It holds the city of Itaka, the largest and most populated city in Pax. This city is also the administrative capital of the planet, where the Legislative Parliament of the Empire is located. On the other hand, the city of Misha, is home to most of the industrial companies and factories of Pax, having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Misha also holds most of the best medical centers in the Planet. The continent is as well known for its tourist attraction, having one of the best winter sports resorts as well as large mountain ranges that attract tourist on mass. Although heavily populated, nature is still one of the main attractions of the continent.

View of Esseria's plains from Space

The main oceans of Pax are known as Erun, the largest of them, Migar and Alar. Erun is large and extends from north to south. Migar is the smallest ocean, located in the north pole. Alar is set in between the Jotunheim and Alira and the eastern part of Esseria.

One of the most famous feature in the Planet is the Sea of Moira, a large crater filled with water and connected with the ocean through a small strait. Two land arms make the sides of the crater, with large coastline and fine sand beaches. This sea is known to be a holiday spot and is full of mansions for the wealthy, rich and noble, of the planet. Staying here is only affordable for the Elite. This sea is located in the continent of Esseria


The planet was populated during the era of the ancient Republic of Elpida, at the very beginning of the Empire's history. Pax was the first planet colonised by Elpidan settlers in 20,346 CE and the first successfully mapped and colonized. Many settlers soon landed in the lush verdant soil of Pax. Two ships having 550 000 settlers each, landed in this world. One in Alira and the other one in Jotunheim. Soon Itaka was founded and was set as the administrative center of the Colony.

The Planet formed alongside Elpida theRepublic of Anthropos, that later gave birth to the Empire of Mankind. During the First and Second Civil Wars, the Planet suffered from several bombardment and battles on its surface. Although affected by the war, it soon recovered and was able to regain important status within the newly formed Empire. During the following milenia, the population grew, and a population boom took place. Soon new colony ships departed from Pax to found new colonies and expand the borders of the Empire.

The location of Pax in the Lewis Galaxy.

With time, Nobility started to gain power, and soon, its power was at stake with the Emperor interests. Measures were taken and the Emperor started to tight the nobility rights and powers. This led to the Nobility War between revolted nobles and the Emperor. Many Nobles took refuge in Pax and war was once more brought to Pax, being the Nobility and the Emperor confronted with several battles on Pax, specially during the first stages of the War. Still, the planet was mainly controlled by the Bourgeoisie that stood with the Emperor, so the Nobles were soon defeated and Pax was lost to the Nobility for most of the War, becoming a stronghold of the Emperor forces.

Pax though was heavily hit by the slave revolts that shook the Empire. Many Slaves took control of the cities of Misha and Cerberus, and soon won many battles again the Imperial forces. Terrorist attacks and minor revolts took place in other areas of Pax that were still under control of Empire. This led to an era of anxiety, paranoia and fear among the Paxians as well as a period of Chaos in the slave-occupied areas. The Governor, Duke Kuros Lavey soon intervene with its army and killed or defeated most of the rebels, stopping all advancement from slaves made on Pax and calming the situation, putting Pax again under full control of the Empire. Several thousands of Slaves escaped to the hidden location of Planet Isso, where they settled alongside other escaped slaves from other planets and later formed the nation known as the Union. Soon, clone slaves replaced many of the former human-born slaves, having many human-born slaves who had remain loyal to the Empire being liberated while most of the revolted kept being slaves as punishment. More docile genetic modified clones were created as substitute of the human-born slave force. Since then, most of the slaves in Pax have been clones.




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