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148,033 BCE - Today

The Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi, often referred to as simply Nalachia (though this is strongly discouraged by citizens of this nation) or abbreviated to PPFN, is a major nation located in the Nalachi Cluster, and some small embassies in the Florathel Galaxy's disk. Formerly, the Nalachi Cluster encompassed much of the Florathel Galaxy, but it regressed into a period of isolationism, preferring to heavily develop its core territories, long before the modern era. The PPFN is primarily noted for its extreme level of megastructures located in its territory, and a formerly extremely isolationist nature, though it is now opening up to outside nations and has recently joined the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy.

The society of the PPFN, having an independent and isolationist streak, is almost entirely focused on the well-being of its citizens, giving it an unheard-of development index that is so close to one that the tiniest rounding error can make it be one. Because of this extreme isolationism, many individuals and members of government are extremely paranoid towards other nations, especially those which may be antagonistic towards it.


The PPFN, notably, has three capitals, Nalachi, Devoro, and Ta'Koro. The former two are normal planets, and the third is in fact a small birch planet with a huge concentration of population.



Nalachi is a parched, scorched world orbiting a red dwarf star. Only the terminator is habitable, and as such it has a relatively lower population to other planets. Nalachi is the homeworld of the Elkeres, the elder founding species of the PPFN, and some individuals wish to terraform the subsolar region and night side of the planet to vastly increase the holding capacity.

Nalachi is surrounded by many orbital rings, where the vast majority of the population lives. These rings create a sort of hazy look at low resolution images, causing confusion in initial sneaky surveys from some of the Florathel Galaxy nations.



Devoro is a very cold world, orbiting a gas giant which orbits a blue straggler star located near Nalachi. Devoro is utterly lifeless and airless upon the surface, but the subglacial ocean beneath the blue-tinted ice is teeming with life. There are vast cities hidden under the ice shell, which probably qualify on a list of Wonders of the Universe, should anyone care to compile one.

Devoro has a higher population than Nalachi by virtue of its more hospitable conditions in more areas. The Deviri, the younger founding species of the nation, have melted holes in the ice to allow for easy coming and going, and a common game is warping to a random point above the moon and trying to point out all the little holes.


Ta'Koro, also known as the Great Sphere, is a relatively small birch planet found by early explorers of the PPFN in the very early days of expansion. It is unknown who built it, but at the time it was extremely ruined with some sections of it completely gone and most of the atmosphere drained away. However, it was rebuilt and is now the most populous site in the Florathel Galaxy. Ta'Koro has a huge population of roughly half that of the entire nation, and it is so diverse and huge compared to regular planets that its almost impossible to map.

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Major Worlds

PlanetIcon.png Nalachi PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Devoro PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Ta'Koro PlanetIcon.png
Nalachi Cluster, Shell II
Nalachi Cluster, Shell V
Nalachi Cluster, Ta'Koro subdivision
Unique Attributes:
PlanetIcon.png Poralor's Ring PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Tarin PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Pyrris PlanetIcon.png
Nalachi Cluster, Shell IV
Nalachi Cluster, Shell VII
Nalachi Cluster, Shell IX
Unique Attributes:


The military of the Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi is huge, partially because of its extreme age and isolationism. The PPFN notably has a very high military budget, one of the highest of the nations in the UNFG, giving it more strength than its size would suggest. Because of the mindset of isolationism, the PPFN puts a lot of money toward defense which is the reason for this huge military, and this has made it pretty much impossible to invade the PPFN throughout its history. Many have tried, of course. The military is almost entirely automated, with the total number of real individuals onsite being less than a billion, with most spacecraft being controlled remotely from mockup versions of the ships in a secret location. Since joining the UNFG, the Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi has donated many of their exquisitely designed battleships to the other nations of the UNFG, earning them much praise.


Initial Founding and Colonization

Founding of the Union

Colonization Beyond the Nalachi Cluster

Early Modern Era

Modern Times