"I can't afford to give in. I can't afford to give up. For those who had given their lives and their love for me, I cannot allow myself to slip."-Peccati Reus

Peccati Reus was a member of the Capi species and the former leader of the Free Et-Nos Movement and later the first Oblivione in existence. Now he serves as the leader of the Capi-Oblivione in 20,200 CE, the date of their creation.


Peccati Reus is by far the most influential figure in the Capi's short history as a species, as he managed to beat back the Etymology occupation of his home world of Et-Nos with far less manpower and technological strength. He stands as one of the best examples one can use to show disparaged people's tenacity against tyranny.

His life has ebbed and flowed. From leading a freedom fight for his people, to being nothing more then a robotic zombie slave of his former enemies. And finally, leading the remnants of his broken people to a brighter future. Due to the state he spent the majority of his life in, as well as how long he's been alive, most people would have lost their sanity in his position. However due to sheer force of will, as well as a fair amount of spite towards his former enemy, he has managed to keep his grace and remain as whole as he was in his previous life.

As previously stated, Peccati Reus served as the leader of the Free Et-Nos movement, a short lived rebel group of the planet Et-Nos that managed to beat back their Etymology occupiers due to Peecati's tactical might, as well as implementing the use of gorilla tactics.

Most famous today, he would become the first Oblivione in existence, which would soon number in the quadrillions after him. And thanks to the actions of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, he and the remaining Capi-Oblivione would be able to regain their living consciousnesses and become a people once more.


Early Life

Peccati Reus would be born to two loving parents in 3,390,000,524 BCE. During his formative years, his father, Dictius Reus, would teach him anti-Etymology propaganda, which turned out to be quite successful, making Peccati hate his Etymology occupiers that had taken control of their world thirty standard years prior, with a practical cult-like zeal.

In his young adulthood he would spend the majority of his time at the numerous protests that would erupt across the many cities of Et-Nos, as well as causing various other actions of civil-disarray against them. His antics would actually be known quite well to local Etymology forces, but due to them being viewed as simple pranks they let them be for the most part.

During one protest he would meet the person that would influence the majority of his life going forward, and that honor would go to his future husband, known at the time as: "Predita Ratio." The two of them would begin to grow a friendship due to their mutual disdain of their Etymology overlords, meeting together at the various aforementioned protests, as well as acting in the mischief previously discussed. This friendship would eventually develop into a budding romance, and the two would eventually marry on the eve of February 3,300,000,506 BCE. This marriage would be the highlight of Peccati's life, as he spent every waking moment of every day with his beloved husband, as they continued their passion project of being a general thorn in the side of the local Etymology powers. Though this happiness would only last so long. 

Et-Nos Rebellion

On one faithful night in the year 3,300,000,503 BCE, a protest would erupt in the middle of a town square, not an uncommon sight to the two at this point. And, wanting to continue their spree of rebelling against the Etymology, they would join in the crowd. This protest, while beginning fairly civil and controlled, would eventually begin to grow increasingly hostile to the Etymology police force on hand to control the angry crowd. These hostilities came to a head when the crowd started to throw objects at the aforementioned Etymology members, and as things continued to get more and more heated, the defense force, panicked, began to open fire on the crowd. This split second moment would cost the lives of around five individuals in the crowd, unfortunately, Peccati's beloved husband Perdita would be one of them. Enraged, Peccati would kill all those who took part in the crime. This would be the moment that would galvanize Peccati into forming the rebel group known as the: "Free Et-Nos Movement" in the following standard month of the tragedy.  

Once formed, the Free Et-Nos Movement would begin attacking the Etymology military presence on the world, using the amazing tactical skill of Peccati, as well as the vast jungle-like landscape of their planet in a sort of gorilla-tactic. This was so effective to the point of them having around 98% of the native population of Et-Nos joining their rebel movement, and with their massive numbers, they managed to beat back all Etymology presence on the planet in 3,300,000,500 BCE. 

Unfortunately for them, their rebellion would be seen as the final straw by one of the Ten Supreme Authorities known as Mystara, as it followed several happening across the Etymology at the time. Before they could really celebrate the liberation of their home world, massive Etymology war ships would enter within Et-Nos' orbit and they would begin to orbitallly bombard the surface of the planet, killing nearly 96% of all life on the surface. As Peccati watched his home world burn, he would be shot in the back of the head by an Etymology solider, instantly killing him. 

However this would not be the end of his story. As Mystara wanted to make an example of them to any who would dare challenge the supreme might of the Etymology, she would create a machine known as a: "Necro-Shaper" to turn those felled by the Etymology into robotic zombie-like slaves. Thus, the Etymology would take Peccati's corpse and began to transmit it to every world within the Etymology's dominion. And, in front of the entire Ambrosia Galaxy, would use the Necro-Shaper to turn Peccati Reus into the first Oblivione in existence. 

As he came to from his transformation, he found himself being held by some sort of machine. However something was wrong. While he was able to look, hear, and smell everything around him. He was unable to move any of his body parts. He was then forced to watch as the remainder of his species was turned into fellow Oblivione, and then he, along with the rest of his kind, were made to march in a single file line onto a large star ship.  

Thus, he would become one of the countless tools of the Etymology. With his living consciousness hovering between life and death, seeing everything around him but not being allowed to interact with the universe with his own free will in any way shape or form, or even being able to turn his attention away. He couldn't put his finger on what exactly was happening to him, with him leaning towards being placed in some sort of hell after his death, though exactly why he was dammed remained unclear to him.  

Oblivione Life

He would be in this perpetual limbo of servitude for countless years, causing him to lose grip on reality several times. But, he would attempt to keep his mind occupied by creating different stories and characters to interact with in his head. These characters became the only form of interaction he would be able to have, other then the conversations by living individuals he would hear from time to time. The characters he made in his head were mainly based on those who made an impact in his comparatively short life such as his mother, his father, and most importantly to him, his husband. Though they may have brought painful memories to him, they were his only respite to this nightmare he could not wake from. But he would refuse to let his mind go. He would not allow the Etymology to win and break him, he would remain as himself for as long as the universe held light if that's what it took. 

Ironically, his military career as an Oblivione was quite lucrative. With his tenacity in battle, he won conflict after conflict in the seemingly endless wars the Etymology got itself involved with. In fact, he was actually one of the most useful singular entities that the Etymology military had at their disposal. Though due to his nature of being an Oblivione, he would never be recognized for his accomplishments.  

In 789,357,430 BCE, the respective mausoleum control ship of the Capi that were transformed into Oblivione would be hit by a massive gamma-ray burst, causing it to lose its navigation and automatic control systems and become marooned in the interstellar space of the Fantasma Arm. And due to the massive size of the Etymology, they wouldn't even notice, leaving the ship in gravity's mercy. This left Peccati, as well as the rest of the Oblivione on board, in their recharge state, but due to the ship shutting itself down, they would just remain stationary in the now darkened ship. 

Though, this event proved to be their salvation. After the C.Y.R.E.X rebelled against the Etymology and destroyed them, along with almost every life form and colony under their control at the time, Peccati and the rest of the Oblivione would be spared due to the A.I not knowing of their existence.  

Peccati would remain in this state for untold amounts of time, until', by chance, a small exploration ship of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would discover this now ancient mausoleum control ship in 19,870 CE. Once the small away team entered within the massive ship, a large electrical discharge would shoot across the entire ship's structure. Miraculously, reverting the living consciousnesses of the billions of Oblivione on board. Once the ability to move was given back to Peccati, he would collapse, as by that time he had forgotten how to move. The illusion of movement when it first came back to him baffled Peccati, as he could now blink, and finally be able to close his eyes and just close off the universe after so long. But once he noticed the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems members located on the ship, he would become enraged and then began to crawl towards them, as he thought they were members of the Etymology. The others, not knowing what else to do due to their own respective conditions, followed him in this slow crawl, and the away team was able to escape back to their ship, leaving Peccati and the rest of the Oblivione behind.  

Creation of the Capi-Oblivione

Afterwards, Peccati would begin to reteach himself and the other Oblivione to walk and talk once more, and by the year 20,150 CE, all Oblivione on board would be able to speak and move freely. Unfortunately however, some of them were unable to handle the burden of what their lives were like before they were freed, and they ultimately took their own lives as a result. Those that remained nicknamed themselves the: "Capi-Oblivione" and they would remain on the ship for the next fifty standard years as they had no way to leave it or operate it in any capacity.  

Later on, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would come aboard the ship and get in contact with Peccati, who was made the defacto leader of the Capi-Oblivione. And after explaining that they were not members of the Etymology to Peccati, they would also explain the destruction of the aforementioned intragalactic civilization.  

The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems expressed their sympathy's to Peccati and the rest of the remaining Capi-Oblivione and offered them protection and a home within their intragalactic civilization, which Peccati accepted, however he wished that he, and the remainder of his people be brought back to their home world of Et-Nos, so that they may one day reclaim their old lives.  

The fact that the Etymology was destroyed when they were freed enraged Peccati, since there was no one left to enact any form of revenge upon. They kept him as a zombie slave for countless eons, and now that he was free, they were already dead. They had robbed him of the one solace that he felt he had. But, this didn't matter too much to him at this point. He was free. He defied the Etymology and kept himself whole and alive until' the day he could walk once more. And he saved the remainder of his people. Though he was not his former self, he was still alive and whole, and that's all that mattered to him. He won. 

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