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Pelagus Wolves are a common species of predatory canine mammal native to both the many temperate forest strung across Haven, as well as the cold and icy regions of the planet. They are amongst the most common species of wolves on Haven, with a theorized global population of around three million, and can be found in small quantities almost anywhere. However, a good rule of thumb would be that the farther out you go from temperate or icy climates, the fewer Pelagus Wolves you will encounter.

As they are a fairly common animal, Pelagus Wolves are a relatively famous species of canine across Haven's many divergent cultures, appearing in many pieces of cultural art and iconography. This cultural reverence is mostly due in great part to the large mane that surrounds their face, often being seen as a symbol for power. As various powerful groups and families across Haven have adopted the Pelagus Wolf as their official insignia.


Pelagus Wolves share many of the inherent baseline physical traits found in all canine species across planet Haven. They have a quadruped build, with two front-facing eyes, a slanted snout, and two ears on the sides of their head. Their elongated mouths are filled with numerous, razor-sharp teeth, with an adult Pelagus Wolf containing around sixty-two individual teeth. Each tooth is specially designed to rip and shred through prey, and their jaws have been evolved to be able to clamp down upon them with great force. At full strength, a Pelagus Wolf's bite is able to reach conducive forces up to a thousand pounds per square inch, making the Pelagus Wolf one of the most powerful species of canine on the planet in terms of biting power.

The skin of a Pelagus Wolf is extremely tough, evolved to be able to withstand great amounts of kinetic force inflicted upon it thanks to the harshness of many of their respective native environments, along with offering protection against any rival predator species. Along with their naturally hardened skin, the Pelagus Wolf is also covered in a thick coat of fur, comprising numerous individual strains of hair. This fur coat is specially developed to withstand the harsh climates of their native icy environments, allowing a Pelagus Wolf to endure extremely cold temperatures, reaching all the way down to a frigid negative seventeen degrees Celsius. However, as the Pelagus Wolves spread themselves to more diverse areas of climate, this is no longer needed in some, leading to select Pelagus Wolves within said regions to be born with thinner fur coats. Along with offering protection from the cold, the Pelagus Wolf's fur coat is also used to entice a mate, in a manner similar to some bird species, with those who have larger, more colorful, and soft fur coats having a better chance of securing a mate.

Their senses of sight, sound, and smell are extremely adept, being able to see far into the distance, with a max vision range of around three kilometers ahead. Their hearing on the other hand is even more impressive, as they are able to hear almost anything occurring within two kilometers, and within a three hundred and sixty-degree radius around them. As well, their sense of smell has been finely tuned to pick up even the most minute smells that may pick up the Pelagus Wolf's attention, such as the scent of a respective prey species they may be currently hunting. All of these combined have made the Pelagus Wolf one of the most effective predator species across the whole of planet Haven.

Despite their impressive senses and physical abilities, Pelagus Wolves lack great feats of speed, as their massive bodies do not allow them to run as fast as some of their contemporaries, only clocking in at a maximum speed of around twenty-five kilometers per standard hour. As a result, a Pelagus Wolf mostly relies on its other senses for hunting and defending itself.


The baseline behavioral traits of a Pelagus wolf can be described as very alert, and carious, as no Pelagus Wolf will ever take any action without first taking every precaution beforehand. Their overly cautious nature is such, that in case of any nearby rival predators who may be alerted to their presence, they will always be ready to stand their ground, and not get caught off guard. Along with their cautious nature, the Pelagus Wolf is oftentimes very territorial and solitary, almost never allowing any other member of their kind to encroach upon their respective territory, with the exception of those of the opposite gender during their mating season.

As they hunt, a Pelagus Wolf ensures that each and every possible escape route a potential prey animal may employ has been eliminated, usually preferring to corner prey against wall-like structures or thick tree lines. How it decides its respective prey is usually determined by the size of an animal, and as the Pelagus Wolf is fairly large, numerous types of animals are seen as a potential source of food by them. However, due to their intelligence, numerous hazardous species of animal, such as those who are poisonous or venomous will be avoided.