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Peleunsk is a region of Aylothn, filled with dense starfields and interstellar gas. It is most characterized by its unique ring shape, which helps show an inner smooth region and an outer rough region of gas. Currently, Peleunsk holds a very dense section of infrastructure, which emanates deep in its core. Peleunsk is also notably active in terms of star formation, and as such it holds a large number of super-luminous stars which exist near the fringes. This has made Peleunsk a lucrative target for corporations, nations, and it has been expressed through history as a valuable area for conquest.

There exists one major civilization in Peleunsk, which is named the Lowzyol Federation. It has existed in Peleunsk since 28,372 BCE, originating from a planet named Lorokira. There is also a notable megastructure, named Wa-Strionarh, which houses a significant portion of its population. Both areas are reserved to be the symbolic and industrial/commercial capitals respectively.