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The People's Republic of New Aegyn is a power residing in the Zalanthium Galaxy, based off the world of New Aegyn. It was created by a human crime lord escaping from Aegyn, and fleeing to the Zalanthium Galaxy, were he and his followers settled a unexplored habitable planet, which they named 'New Aegyn.' Since their founding, the nation has mellowed and now accepts aliens as an inevitable fact of existence, rather than a scourge to be wiped out of the universe.


The Wandering Years

The PRNA began as a criminal organisation residing in the lowest levels of Aegyn. They were powerful, but not the most powerful, and so fled to richer hunting grounds. They hijacked a war drive equipped ship, and began the hundred year treck to the Zalanthium Galaxy.

During the journey, the flag, the planet and the ethics of the new planned nation were chosen. If things had been different on that ship, the entire politics of the Zalanthium Coalition and the galaxy would be different. As they drew closer to New Aegyn, the emotions of the ship ran high, until it culminated in a mutiny, killing the captain and the subtle shift of the ethics of the new-found nation to Xenophobism, instead of indifference.


They landed on a uncharted and unexplored planet in the Mixel Arm of the Zalanthium Galaxy. They began to build infrastructure, but many scuffles and arguments erupted on how to run the new nation. The most major of these was the Mellowing of the Republic, which saw the ethics of the nation at the time shift to toleration of aliens, instead of xenophobism.

Building a Nation

Arrival on the Cosmic Scene





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