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The People's Republic of New Aegyn (almost always abbreviated to PRNA) is a power residing in the Zalanthium Galaxy, based off the world of New Aegyn. It was created by a human crime lord escaping from Aegyn, and fleeing to the Zalanthium Galaxy, were he and his followers settled a unexplored habitable planet, which they named 'New Aegyn.' Since their founding, the nation has mellowed and now accepts aliens as an inevitable fact of existence, rather than a scourge to be wiped out of the universe.


The Wandering Years

The PRNA began as a criminal organisation residing in the lowest levels of Aegyn. They were powerful, but not the most powerful, and so fled to richer hunting grounds. They hijacked a war drive equipped ship, and began the hundred year treck to the Zalanthium Galaxy.

During the journey, the flag, the planet and the ethics of the new planned nation were chosen. If things had been different on that ship, the entire politics of the Zalanthium Coalition and the galaxy would be different. As they drew closer to New Aegyn, the emotions of the ship ran high, until it culminated in a mutiny, killing the captain and the subtle shift of the ethics of the new-found nation to Xenophobism, instead of indifference.


They landed on a uncharted and unexplored planet in the Mixel Arm of the Zalanthium Galaxy. They began to build infrastructure, but many scuffles and arguments erupted on how to run the new nation. The most major of these was the Mellowing of the Republic, which saw the ethics of the nation at the time shift to toleration of aliens, instead of xenophobism.

Building a Nation

For ten thousand years, the population grew and grew until there was no more room on New Aegyn for people. It had already been converted into a ecumenopolis, and many layers had been excavated and new filled with buildings. In a way, the entire world was a series of concentric shells upon each other. The government then colonised the other planet in their lonely system, but that too was not enough. They needed the stars.

Through a series of well organised and executed plans, the fledgling nation took control of the systems surrounding their star. None of these included habitable planets, but it expanded their recourses and influence tenfold. They then proceeded to industrialise their new-found systems to the point of no return.

Arrival on the Cosmic Scene

With the advent of their first dyson swarm, later turned into a full dyson sphere, the other Zalanthium Galaxy nations started to take notice of this tiny but economically powerhouse nation. They treated it like all others - invitations to join the Zalanthium Coalition and kindness. The PRNA would have none of this. They declared themselves independent, in the following message:

"The People's Republic of New Aegyn is a sovereign state, governing itself and keeping to itself. All foreign parties that interfere with our internal businesses will be imprisoned and tried for attempting to sabotage our development and production. If all alien parties leave us alone, we will gladly leave everyone else alone.''

After this, the Zalanthium Coalition gave them wide berth, and looked away. This, ironically, helped the PRNA as they could use subterfuge to gain control of hundreds of thousands of previously Zalanthium Coalition systems. All aliens that they encountered were either killed or enslaved. Through this method, the grew to control a third of the Mixel Arm.


The Government of the PRNA is a martial dictatorship, with the High Admiral governing the entire government. A step directly below it, is the Senators, one from each planet governed by the PRNA. The Senate is made up of 3885 different senators, and even in the ranks of the senators there is a hierarchy. The High Admiral represents New Aegyn, and from there there is the Senator for New Petra, who has the second most power and influence, and then the Senator for Decadence, who has the third, and so on. The next level down is the individual nations the comprise of the planetary governments, each of which is ruled by a dictatorship. And so on.


The territory of the PRNA is relation to the Zalanthium Coalition.

The PRNA controls a third of the Mixel Arm of the Zalanthium Galaxy. This comprises to a grand total of around 3 billion stars directly underneath their control. Due to the large amounts of uninhabitable stars in the spiral arms, the total amount of colonies is only 3885. Their capital is located on the outskirts of their territory, marked on the map beside by a small ring.


The Culture of the PRNA is quite limited by the High Admiral, but within the limitations it has spread to as many forms as it could possibly allow.


Slavery is a critical part of the nation. They are seldom paid, and do not have any rights or liberties in any form. Humans, by law, are all first-class citizens of the Republic, and all aliens are slaves. Humans rarely have to do mundane work, as almost each household has one or two alien slaves. These slaves are kept in a special room called a 'slave pen', which is often underground but can be behind the house. Inside said pen, the slaves have a bed, a bucket and a blanket. This is all. They are often treated worse than criminals in other nations. Most often, they wake up at 4:00 local time, prepare breakfast and do household chores, and then when their masters wake up they escort them to breakfast. Below is the typical timetable of the average slave:

Time Job Description
4:00 Prepare breakfast Preparing breakfast is one of the first things the average slave does in the morning. It is often very elaborate and extensive, and a lot of it does not get eaten. The slave is prohibited to eat any of the meal, or any of the preparations for it.
6:30 Wake masters Waking the masters for breakfast is one of the worst chores a slave may have to endure. The masters often do not want to be woken, and commonly attack the slave. The slave must endure, and get them ready for the day by dressing them, washing them, feeding them and generally doing everything.
7:30-4:00 Household chores 7:30 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon is the relief for the slave. They just do all the chores in the house, from hanging out the washing to making beads to cleaning toilets.
4:00 Dinner From 4:00 until dinnertime, the slave prepares a magnificent banquet, almost always by themselves. They must get it done otherwise they will get beaten badly. Again, like breakfast, often a lot of it doesn't get eaten.
8:00-1:00 Household chores and cleaning From 8 in the evening until 1 in the morning, the slave cleans and does chores. After it has finished, it goes back to the pen and sleeps for three hours until it gets up again and does it all again.

Being a slave for the PRNA is inhumane. Almost all work themselves to death, and they have no futures. Only one out of every ten thousands will live to see their fiftieth birthday, as only young xenos are taken as slaves. In the entire history of the nation, only three hundred and twenty-five xenos have escaped their deadly imprisonment.


Criminal Activity



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