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Perathri was the jewel of its region of space, home to a vast array of species, including the great Perathri Species, one of the fastest-growing in the galaxy, until a massive fleet of relativistic missiles bombarded the planet, reducing the surface to molten lava. However, the colonies on its moon of Urall mostly survived, and became the last surviving members of their species. The planet and its moon were later disassembled by the Somnar Hive for material.

Physical Characteristics

However, after the bombardment, the planet was reduced to an unending ocean of lava, killing all life on the planet. It remained a similar mass, but its original atmosphere was blasted away, replaced by a thin atmosphere of vaporized rock. It was later entirely disassembled by the Somnar Hive.


Perathri had one moon, Urall, which was home to the first Perathri colonies before the Bombardment. Those colonies, having a population of less than a thousand individuals, were the last surviving members of the species. The members of this colony wisely chose to construct a colony ship and abandon the now dead Poranna System, and head towards the territory of the Last Free Systems, saving themselves from the incoming Somnar Fleet.


Perathri formed along with the rest of the Poranna System just over eight billion years ago. Roughly seven billion years ago, a large planet on an unstable orbit was destroyed when it smashed into Perathri, blasting them both to pieces, eventually recoalescing into Perathri and Urall. Things were rather boring after the temperature decreased enough for water to stick around on the surface, and it took an awfully long time for things to get past the bacterial stage, for some reason. However, roughly four hundred million years ago, life exploded in diversity, with thousands of multicellular species emerging. All this reverie stopped when a massive asteroid impacted 150 million years ago, igniting a massive supervolcano, which would wipe out 97% of all life on the surface of the planet. Life would somehow manage to recover from this horrible blow, and evolve to create the Perathri species

This species would rapidly evolve in intelligence, creating vast cities covering the planet, and even colonizing the moon of Urall. However, just after the first large-scale base was fully populated with ~500 people, A hail of relativistic missiles impacted the planet. Everyone on the planet, all eleven billion people, were reduced to outlines of chalk on the ground, and even those were wiped away by the tidal wave of menacingly glowing lava. Seeing this, the Perathri remaining on the moon decided to hastily construct a vast colony ship, which left Urall for the territory of the Last Free Systems, all the while gradually repopulating their species.

The planet would later be utterly destroyed and disassembled by the Somnar Hive to contribute to its war machine. A sad ending for a glorious planet.