The Perseus Pisces Supercluster is supercluster of Galaxies, located south of the main Laniakea Galactic Supercluster, the Hydra Supercluster and the Canis Void. On the other side of the void is located the Pegasus Supercluster of Galaxies.

This Supercluster is home to about 80,000 Galaxies in total and its famously known for being the home of the Lewis Nations who came to the area from the nearby Laniakea. The territory of the Perseus Pisces Supercluster is almost exact to that of the Herschel Space.

The Lewis Nations, with a total territory of 35 Galaxies are the largest nations in the Supercluster. The remaining Galaxy, are in hands of many Alien Nations. Many Alien nations are native to the Perseus Pisces Supercluster, although less powerful than Humans, they are forces to be reckoned with. The most famous nations are those of the Aldorians and the Krizik among others.


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