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The Perseus Region, (numerically designated KDG 64) is a Galatic region with numerous star systems, located in the Lewis Galaxy in Herschel Space, at the middle of the Horos Arm in the so called, Dareda Horos Arm subdivision. It is united by several high concentration of hyperspace lanes. Currently, it is divided between the Humans and the Murban, the only area in the Lewis Galaxy under the control of this species after they settled there through the Wormhole known as "Kilaron" connecting Murban space in Kevenam and Lewis Galaxy.

The region is divided by the forces of several Lewis Nations. However, about two thirds (or 68,4%) of the Perseus Region is under the control of the Empire of Mankind, the Intergalactic Federation controls 16.1%, the Murban Nation controls 12,3%, and the 3.2% remaining is free territories, most notably in the hands of minor primitive species or pirates, mercenaries, disidents or run aways.


It is located the last section of the Dareda Horos Arm subdivision, and marks the end of the section where the Horos Arm changes from a high density of starts towards a low density of starts in the ending portion of the Horos Arm. This means that the Perseus Region is the last one of the regions in Dareda and borders the Iyana Horos Arm subdivision. The region is thus in between the Barnaba Line and the Eulderon Circle, in the Okaia Quadrant, in the Outer Okaia Quadrant more specifically.

Politically, it is located at the border between the Intergalactic Federation and the Empire of Mankind. Most of it is considered to be in Imperial territory, but a small fraction of it slips into the Federation. Also scattered systems here and there belong to the Murban species, most notable the ones around the Kildaron Wormhole from where the Murban crossed into Lewis from Kevenam.

Some Aldorians also have managed to settled here, most as runaways through Federal authorities. Thus, a large section of the federal controlled systems are inhabited by Aldorian migrants and associate (although less than 30%). On the Imperial side, most of the Region, if not all is under the control and administration of the Hayalon family, holding some of their most important worlds. The Hayalons, are more in accordance with Federal values of equality and xenofilia. This has brought stability and peace to the Perseus Region, which has prospered to be a wealthy trading place in the Galaxy.

History of the Region

This region is located in the border between the Empire of Mankind and the Intergalactic Federation. It also takes some areas under Murban controlled space.



The Empire was the first human nation to colonize the region. First, it was on the outskirts of the imperial territory and the Region was an open area for settlement as soon as the 42 000 CE. Many Imperial humans had already settled the region earlier and recognized the region as part of the Empire. It was given to the Hayalons.

Intergalactic Federation

Many species in the region decided to join the Intergalactic Federation to avoid getting trapped. The region was split in half between the Empire and the Intergalactic Federation in the treaty of Leporis. Later, Murban claims were recognized.


Most of the Murban took access through the Kilaron Wormhole, as it is known by them or the nickname "The Pass of Murbans" given to it by Humans. They entered the area pretty late in the 68 188 CE and expanded quite quickly though the region. By 70 311 CE they had encounter the Intergalactic Federation for which the Murban territories were surrounded.

Ancient Civilizations

Presence of the S'aka has been found here as well as presence of many of the ancient species that lived here. Perseus was a crucial place of travel in between the outer regions of Lewis and the core.