"Speak softly and carry a big stick"-Theodore Roosevelt

Peter Tacet, more famously known as: "Shy Boy." is a member of the human species and a prolific supporter of the True Alliance of Man movement. Now, he serves as one of the Supreme Commanders of the Ambrosia Alliance of United System's vast military, commanding the: "Silent Shadows" special forces squad.


Peter Tacet is a figure that, while not receiving wide recognition by his fellows, would lead a very interesting life. He served in the True Alliance of Man's military during the three conflicts that the aforementioned government embroiled itself in. These were the First Alliance War, the Ugnara Wars, and the Second Alliance Wars respectively.

He would be completely devoted to the True Alliance cause, fighting in every battle the rebel government involved itself in. This led to Peter becoming extremely skilled in firearms, among various other weapon types and combat tactics.

During these conflicts, Peter Tacet would quickly go through the ranks starting as a private, all the way up to captain at the end of the True Alliance of Man's existence. However that would not be the end of the man's military career. Once the True Alliance dissolved into the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, Peter Tacet's military career would be acknowledged by his new leaders, causing them to grant Peter as the fourth Supreme Commander of the Ambrosia Alliance's grand army, the highest rank one can earn.

Peter was born completely mute, and as such, he was unable to speak with any natural voice. Thus, he communicated through simple sign-language. This could lead one to wonder why he simply wouldn't use artificial means to speak. The reason for this would be that Peter hated the idea of a robot speaking for him, even if it mimicked speech patterns perfectly, he wanted it to come from his own: "voice" (for lack of a better term).

His mother, Kate Tacet, is held very near and dear to his heart. She serves as the dominant force in Peter's life, influencing all of the major decisions in he's made. This has often led to forms of teasing with his fellow soldiers, often referring to him as a: "Mommy's boy"


Early Life

Peter Tacet would be born on planet Lacrimae in May 6th: 10,370 CE to his mother, Kate Tacet. His father unknown, Kate would be left to raise her son on her own. During his formative years, he and his mother would be fairly well off financially, with Kate having a lucrative job in the massive ship engineering plants across the city of De-Tora. Specifically, the: "Carolina Ship Manufacturing" plant. Even with the Human Alliance of Ambrosia's financial crisis looming overhead, she managed to earn a decent living. However, the financial crisis would eventually strike at home, with the native De-Tora engineering plants' work being outsourced to larger human intergalactic ship manufactures.

And as such, Kate Tacet would lose her job, and the two of them would begin to suffer during Peter's teenage years, with them being in and out of homeless shelters that were the common sight across Human Alliance controlled worlds at the time. This would cause' his mother to fall into a depression, and Peter to become disenfranchised with both the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, and the larger Confederacy of Borealis, seeing them as corrupt bureaucrats who only cared about their own pocketbooks, rather than the people they swore to protect. Thus, when Farda Yckar's message of an independent state from the two aforementioned governments became commonplace across Lacrimae, he would become enraptured with his fiery speeches, and share his lofty views towards human expansion in the Ambrosia Galaxy. Once the True Alliance of Man was founded, and Lacrimae became one of the first worlds to join the new rebel government, Peter would quickly join their armed forces, wishing to take the fight to those who wronged him and his mother.

First Alliance War

Once outfitted and trained, he would immediately be sent to the dwarf planet of Petram to stage an attack that would become the catalyst to the First Alliance War in 10,388 CE. After this event, he would be deployed to every battle between the two fought against each other, for seemingly no reason in particular. But he didn't care. He got the chance to stick it to those who caused' his mother so much grief. Through these battles, Peter got to show his combat prowess to his superiors. Which thankfully for him, would not go unnoticed. Eventually, his exploits in the field would have him be placed in the: "True Hand of Man." The most elite branch of the True Alliance military. In this group, he would be placed with five other individuals, all of which were females who took particular humor in the reserved nature of Peter, nicknaming him: "Shy Boy" a name he would be most famously known as. Though being constantly teased by them, Peter would form a tight-nit bond with his fellow True Hand members, placing his life in their care, and vice versa more times then any of them could count. He and his teammates would only refer to each other as a verbal exclamation of the number zero, followed by the respective number they were assigned to, with Peter himself being designated as 06,

In 10,457 CE, he and his fellow True Hand members would be sent to planet Lacrimae on shore leave, as the war at that time seemingly grinded to a halt. No skin off of Peter's back as he would gladly accept this and he would spend the majority of his time in De-Tora with his mother. Unbeknownst to them however, the neighboring sister worlds of the Dilacerant System would be attacked by the Ugnara, and they would eventually make their way to Lacrimae.

As the Ugnara entered within Lacrimae's upper atmosphere, they began to bombard the surface through the use of a large array of warships, as they had done to the other worlds in orbit around Dilacerant. These orbital bombardments destroyed many of the cities across the surface of Lacrimae, and this would include De-Tora. At first, Peter and his teammates believed this to be a surprise attack by the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, but the ships did not match any known Human Alliance ship they had encountered. However unbeknownst to them, the Human Alliance would also suffer an attack by the Ugnara concurrently.

Unfortunately, Kate Tacet would be killed by a piece of falling debris during the attack, and Peter would have little time to grieve as he needed to assist his teammates in the evacuation of other civilians.

During the bombardment, Ugnara ground forces would be sent to the planet's surface, in order to wipe out any who survived the orbital attack. As they did, Peter and the True Hand, along with local True Alliance forces fought off against the alien threat valiantly, but they would be overwhelmed, causing four of the six true hand members to be killed, along with all of the aforementioned True Alliance forces, leaving Peter and 04 as the lone survivors.

Seeing no other choice, the two would make their way to the evacuation ships being launched from the city's main landing platforms. Unfortunately, almost all evacuation ships would have already been launched and they either escaped, or were destroyed by the Ugnara war ships currently in orbit around the planet. As well, the platform would be surrounded by around eighteen Ugnara ground units. The two of them would notice a lone shuttle left behind at the western-most point of the landing platforms, and the two would make a break for it, shooting down any Ugnara that attempted to stop them. As they arrived at the shuttle, they would soon discover that it only had enough room for a single individual, (most likely the reason it wasn't used by others) and Ugnara reinforcements would close in on them. Seeing no other options, 04 would push Peter into the shuttle and she would part ways with him with the following quote: "Live on Shy Boy." As Peter set the shuttle to launch, he would be forced to watch as his companion fought against the Ugnara, ultimately being killed by the attackers.

As the ship exited Lacrimae's orbit, it would be fired upon by Ugnara war ships, however thankfully Peter would be able to activate its on board warp drive, and he would be slingshoted to a random point in Realm of Resonance space. Though he managed to escape, this would not be the end of his troubles, as the shuttle's engines would be rendered inoperable by the warp drive, and he would be left marooned in interstellar space. Not only were the engines broken, but all on board communications would also be inoperable, for no other reason then to kick him while he was down. Thankfully for him, the ships life support would remain functional.

Ugnara Wars

Left with no power, and no means to contact the True Alliance for help, he was completely left to gravity's mercy. Days prior to the attack, he would take a nourishment supplement provided to all True Alliance ground forces, allowing them to operate for around two standard weeks without needing to eat or drink. This, combined with the handful he still had, would allow him to stay alive for an extended amount of time.

Left by his lonesome in the shuttle, and surrounded by the endless darkness of space, he would slowly begin to lose his grace, thinking of his fallen teammates, the destruction of his home city, and the death of his mother. If it were not for 04 giving her life so he could live, he would have surely taken his own life. Days would turn to weeks, and weeks would turn to months until' anyone would find him. In exactly three standard months after his escape from Lacrimae, a Human Alliance of Ambrosia ship would discover the shuttle, and he would be taken under their care. Though he would not appreciate the help, being as malnourished and significantly outgunned as he was, he wouldn't resist. Once on board the ship, he would be informed that the Human Alliance and the True Alliance had called for a ceasefire, and combined their forces to combat the greater shared foe that was the Ugnara Kingdom, and that they had been fighting the: "Ugnara Wars" for three standard months. While they were not happy to see an individual like Peter Tacet who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Human Alliance soldiers, they recognized the tactical asset Peter was, and they would extent an invitation to him to join the United Alliance front. Filled with a burning hatred towards all Ugnara-Kind, he would gladly accept, and as soon as he was ready, he would join the army and begin to fight against them.

During the remainder of the Ugnara Wars, he would fight in every battle he could, killing as many Ugnara as he could in the process, leading to his greatest feat during the war, at the battle known as the: "Fall of the Ugnara Kingdom" with a total of three hundred confirmed Ugnara kills. After the battle, the two respective human governments would separate once more, beginning the: "Second Alliance War",

Second Alliance War

Peter would join the True Alliance military, and his exploits of valor during both the First Alliance War, and the Ugnara Wars would be recognized by Farda Yckar, receiving the rank of Captain by Romeo Carolina himself. However Peter would not face the same enemy he once knew. Instead, the Human Alliance of Ambrosia would extent a hand to the rebuilding Ugnara, forming what we would now call the: "Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems" in 10,465 CE.

With the introduction of all Ugnara Kingdom military assets, the True Alliance of Man's domination in conflict would be erased, and the Ambrosia Alliance would win almost every conflict fought. Even with Peter's tenacity and tactical might, he would often have to retreat from conflict. Though other True Alliance Members wanted to keep fighting, including Romeo Carolina, Peter would be discreetly called by Farda Yckar, and he would inform him that the war would soon end, and the True Alliance was willing to make peace. Thankfully, Peter would share his view, and he would be asked to attend the peace treaty signing on the moon of Vulnere.

During the peace treaty, he would stand aside Farda Yckar, and he would ask him on the puzzling disappearance of Romeo Carolina. Farda assured him that he was off on an important delegation mission for planet Dralora and that he would appear later in around a seven standard hour time. As Lakarda Lakvan entered upon the massive stage the signing would take place on, Peter would feel incredible rage towards her. And, while he was not permitted to, wanted to kill her. As the peace signing reached its close, with Farda reaching towards Lakarda Lakvan to sign the terms, a sniper's bullet would find its way to Farda's head, and he would fall to the ground dead. Immediately after, the crowd and the two respective forces would begin to chaotically fight against each other, with Peter attempting to kill Lakarda Lakvan, but he was unable to get a clear shot, instead engaging with the Ambrosia Alliance troopers.

After the battle, the Second Alliance War would begin anew, with Romeo Carolina being elected as the new True Alliance leader. Though Peter would be extremely skeptical on the reason for the death of Farda, he would reluctantly continue to fight against the Ambrosia Alliance. With new vigor, the True Alliance would win several battles, however it would only last for so long, and they would return to their former losing streak.

In 10,525 CE a remote recording drone was discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance, showing Romeo Carolina as the true killer of Farda Yckar would be brought to Peter's attention, along with all in the True Alliance and the Ambrosia Alliance. Infuriated along with the rest of the True Alliance peoples, he would join with the Ambrosia Alliance to kill Romeo Carolina, fighting in the conflict known as the: "Retaking of Dralora." Peter and the rest of the united force would easily demolish Romeo's poultry force. And they would close in on Romeo Carolina. Unfortunately for Peter's thirst for revenge, Romeo Carolina would take his own life, enraging both him, and the rest of the True Alliance populace.

After the battle, the True Alliance of Man would lose all will to fight, and they would join the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, ending their existence on January 1st 10,526 CE.

After their joining, Peter Tacet would be contacted by Lakarda Lakvan, congratulating him on his selection to be made as a: "Supreme Commander" of the new Grand Army of the Ambrosia Alliance, the highest rank one can earn. While he felt that the title was hollow, and didn't appreciate that Lakarda was the one who granted him this position. He would accept, becoming: Supreme Commander 0004: "Shy Boy", ironically taking the number his fallen comrade once held, even etching her last words to his armor: "Live on Shy Boy".

Now, he holds his title well, leading Ambrosia Alliance troops with extreme skill, even creating a new True Hand of Man squadron to assist him in conflicts. Though his hatred of the Ugnara people would never leave him due to what they had done to him, he would have to work with them, along with other intelligent species he held very little love for. He has continued to serve the Ambrosia Alliance to this day.

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