"Phenomoth. The infinite ruler of the ancient time. It who's potential is as limitless as the wondrous worlds of the Amaranth Realm. The being unfathomable, as its power is endless to all lesser beings. Chief of the Supreme Authorities. It who bended the Handmaiden of Entropy to its will. It who was first slain by the Great Unifier, for It was amongst the only beings in creation the God Legion truly feared."

Phenomoth was the enigmatic collective actuality of a once powerful race of psychokinetic beings located throughout the Unity's Domain central supermassive black hole. They are considered to be amongst the most powerful beings to ever arise from within Ambrosia's borders, as well as within the whole of known existence.


Phenomoth is an enigmatic entity whose actions have had a wide impact throughout most of Ambrosia's known history. The exact origin of the being remains a mystery to modern-day Ambrosia, however records kept by various high ranking individuals within the Etymology point to a common shared theory. It is believed the entity of Phenomoth is what remains of what is considered to be the most powerful known race of inherent psycho kinetics in the entirety of Ambrosia, when at some point within their history, the entire species was given a single directive of merging themselves into one another to increase the potency of said Psychokinesis. Phenomoth itself is the combination of quadrillions of these types of beings merged into one.

How these beings came to be from within the Unity's Domain supermassive black hole remains a mystery. The main reason for which it is believed Phenomoth is an entity comprised of multiple beings is how they would describe themselves, always referring to themselves as "we", "our", "us", and "ours", instead of "I", "my" "me", and "mine", and loose descriptions of they're existence prior to the founding of the Etymology." Though due to a lack of solid information on Phenomoth's existence, we simply do not know.

The existence of Phenomoth itself has been called into question by many throughout the ages, though accounts from individuals who are more easily provable to have previously existed, such as Mystara, who often times spoke of a being consistent with the currently held version of the theorized being of Phenomoth, it is rather safe to assume that some being matching the modern-day consolidated description of Phenomoth existed around that time.

Along with its origin, the exact date of the creation of Phenomoth remains a mystery, however a major piece of evidence regarding what may have been its date of origin is that the Theogony, the most powerful type three civilization who controlled over the Ambrosia Galaxy prior to the Etymology, entered into a long form conflict within the Unity's Domain , with battles against beings matching the description of Phenomoth in the year 5,000,000,000 BCE. While this doesn't necessarily prove that Phenomoth came into being in this time, the Theogony was able to hold a foothold in the area in which the conflict was waged for thousands of standard years prior, then were suddenly attacked by an entity around this time, leading to many to believe this was the time in which Phenomoth came into being.

Phenomoth served as one of the Ten Supreme Authorities, who secretly held dominion over all type three civilizations considered to ne apart of the Etymology label after the War of the Ten in 3,400,000,000 BCE. Phenomoth itself served as the defacto leader of the Ten Supreme Authorities and held the most power within the group, even sitting on a throne above the equally enigmatic Mystara, who herself held much disdain for Phenomoth and kept a long lasting rivalry with the entity for the remainder of the group's existence. His role was to ensure that the groups power remained absolute within all civilizations across Ambrosia, as they would continue to serve as the unseen hand, guiding galactic affairs to their own ends. His position would mostly remained unchallenged, at least openly. However, select Supreme Authorities including Mystara had attempted to supplant his rule through various machinations, the most major of these would be the C.Y.R.E.X. who Mystara created with the secret purpose to overthrow Phenomoth should the opportunity present itself.

It is currently believed the entity of Phenomoth no longer exists and was more then likely destroyed by the C.Y.R.E.X. during the Red Galaxy Event in 604,000,000 BCE. How exactly the AI managed to accomplish this remains unknown, however the currently accepted theory is that it somehow managed to cause the Unity's Realm supermassive black hole to emit an unfathomably large amount of electromagnetic radiation, enough to send energy several million light-years out in an upward direction above the galactic plane, causing the being's own energy to be overmatched and torn apart by the newly produced energy. While it remains unproven that the C.Y.R.E.X. managed to destroy Phenomoth, due to the AI remaining within the former capital of the empire the being helped to create without contestation by said entity, it is fairly safe to assume.


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