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Phoulgard is a gas giant located in the Local Universe. It is the homeworld of space-faring animals called Phoulyrees.


It is the largest planet in the star system, stretching across 153000 km. Its expansive and vast rings contain billions of icy particles, in what is now the remnant of an ancient moon that was torn apart by Phoulguard's intense gravity. They won't last forever though, they will disappear in 100 million years.

Life & Environment

Even though the Phoulyrees are traversing the stars now, the majority of them are still commonplace here on Phoulguard. They rarely appear in groups, but rather travel alone. Their immense size is 1 kilometre in diameter. Lightning strikes on Phoulguard are common, which helps power the Phoulyrees' with energy. Smaller microbes that drift in wind streams act in unison with the Phoulyrees, picking dead organic matter off their thick skin. 

The Phoulyrees are completely vulnerable to the Boscytes, a parasitic microbe that causes them to writhe in pain as a toxin is slowly injected into the brain. Slowly, they die and their bodies fall into the molten core. As some travel across the depths of space, their corpses freeze and become rock solid.


The climate is typical for a gas giant. Across its equator are powerful storms that scoot around in just 9 hours. Objects caught within its grasp are pulled towards the eye of the storm at incredible speeds. Phoulyrees, on the other hand, are able to withstand the intensity of the storm. 

Thunderstorms are very common. Although a world without land, lightning strikes are plentiful - and beneficial to the native lifeforms.