100th Millennium Wiki

The Phoulyrees are a gigantic species that feed on gases. They are found on their home world Phoulguard and as lone stragglers across interstellar space. They are most commonly found in Ammeria with a smaller number of them found in the rest of Via Lacrimosa.


Adapting to a gaseous world with no land, these creatures resemble large aquatic organisms found on many worlds. They have a gas pouch on their underbellies. When they feed on gases like hydrogen and helium, the gas pouch inflates and provides the creature with enough nutrition and energy to last several days. The gas pouch is protected by long tentacles that release sharp, knife-like microbes on to the predator. They measure 1 kilometre wide and 400 metres tall, and they live on average for 500 years. Phoulyrees traversing space are able to live up to 100,000 years, as the time needed to travel between stars is significantly longer.

They reproduce sexually, but have no genders. When they want to attract others, bioluminescent lights flash on and off on their tentacles. On Phoulguard, where they can hear, they also make high and low pitch sounds. 


Phoulyrees are completely vulnerable to the Boscytes, a parasitic microbe that injects toxins into the blood veins. They gather in huge swarms on Phoulguard. When they find potential prey, they send electromagnetic signals to communicate with each other. Once they successfully infiltrate the Phoulyrees' skin, they inject a powerful toxin into their blood streams. The blood carries it to the brain, where the slow, agonising death begins. They writhe in pain, making a high pitch noise as their brain is slowly destroyed. It is a process that can take many weeks and leave the giant beast sleepless.