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"Even though I hold an appreciation for all trees of Haven, there's something about a Haven Pine covered in snow that reminds me of home. Something about the smell they produce that places me in a log cabin, sitting by the fire to escape the snow outside, with a hot drink in my hand, I can't get enough of them."-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.


Pine trees, like their Oak Tree counterparts, are an extremely common form of flora on planet Haven, though their population pales in comparison to that of the Oak Tree, with around five hundred billion Haven Pine trees known to exist on the surface. They are known to spread amongst almost all landscapes of Haven, though they can most commonly found in colder regions such as taigas and tundras.


Like the Oak Tree, the Pine Trees are an extremely diverse family of tree, with around one hundred and thirty different species of Haven Pine trees known to exist, with each having traits unique to each other. Unlike the Haven Oak however, Haven Pine tree's wood is fairly brittle, only taking around three hundred pounds per square inch to break its structure. Its leaves, as the name suggests, are sharp thin cones, often considered to be prickly and irritating to the touch. These leaves have the fastest recorded time to fall of their mother tree, making the ground around a respective Pine tree riddled with leaves. The bark of most pines is thick and scaly, but some species have thin, flaky bark, and for wood-eating insect species, they find Haven Pine trees in particular especially delicious.

Typically, a Haven Pine tree requires around thirty standard years to fully grow, making them one of the slower growing widespread Haven tree species, but as a single Haven Pine tree can produce around twenty thousand acorns per standard year, many can grow in a single area at once. Haven Pine trees can grow extremely tall as well, with the longest known clocking in at around three hundred feet tall.


As Haven Pine trees are not as durable as their oak siblings, they are not often used in the construction of buildings. Instead, thanks to their brilliant auburn coloring, they are usually used in the creation of decorations and furniture. Along with this, many liqueur barrels are constructed using the wood, as its aesthetics pair very well with the brown hue of ale.

Small prey mammalian fauna that dwell within Haven Pine forests often create little nests underneath the thick covering of leaves to conceal their presence from predator species. As well, they will often make thick bedding out of the countless individual leaves that typically lie at the bottom of a Haven Pine tree, making a fairly comfortable place for their young, as well as themselves to rest on.