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"We, my love, are the ones able to make you enjoy the pleasures of this Universe. We are the embodiment of fun, love and pleasure: the ones bearing your love and your desires to new levels of conciousness. The Princesses of Kryso, as we may be called, are gifted with the arts; we can dance, sing, draw... many are our talents. However, none can be compared with the beauty and thrill we can give people with a simple conversation. Our words are as powerful as our physical attributes. We are known to bear powerful children, to be mothers and lovers, to never be boring. My love, we can give you whatever you desire, we can take you to otherwordly places. Trust us, give us your confidence and let us take over. You wont regret it" - Lisa Troms

The Branch is one of the 12 Branches of the Sisterhood of Kryso, an Order native to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It's Sisterhood headquarters as a whole are located in Kryso, but those of the Pink Branch are located in the Planet Tahon and Merkonen. In this world, they are in charge of training new members of this women-only Order. This branch is often called "the Lovers" , "the Dancers" or even "the Crafters".

This Branch focus itself in dance and other artistic fields of humanity, preserving it for eternity and future generations. Its main goal is to save what humanity has accomplished for the Universe to see in case the race goes extinct or is swallowed by a foreign power. Nevertheless it is also their duty to save that information for future generations of Humans.

They are known for being experts in the arts of entertainment and conversation (including manipulation). They are among the most creative and imaginative of the Sisterhood branches and are famous for it. They excell at singing, dancing, playing music, painting, riding, crafting, drawing, acting etc... They often use their abilities to calm down the common people or to appease the elites, relieving them from stress. However, their most pivotal skill is the art of conversation. Very often, they serve as concubines of important personalities and powerful people, enchanting them with their personality, their word and the physical and mental pleasures they may offer. They may serve as simply entertainment and relaxing company to sometimes even being mothers, bearing them children. Most notably, they use their skills to manipulate their clients.

It is known by many that the pink are always recluted among the most beautiful of the Sisterhood, specially if they are good at as specific art.To be a pink member means that you are choosen among the most beautiful, most charismatic and talented. The members of this branch are focused mostly in the art of seduction by the arts of the word. The best tool of the Pink is the art of speaking which is considered at the same level as any other arts and that all good educate member should dominate. They often manipulate in the smaller scale at high orders of the Sisterhood for a broader picture in the long term.

They often work in entertainment venues, all over the Union, or more often for personal clients who can afford one of the Pinks personal services. Sometimes they may be used to appease their client's in charge citizens or to appease his own clients lust or thrill for evading itself. But not all clients are vain, many are simply looking for good company or conversation. And here, the pinks come out of their sexualized bodies to paint a more intellectual approach (pleasure of mind). They dedicate themselves to pursue a life of training and study on their field of expertise, usually conversating or an artistic skill (oftern several artistic skills). For such tasks, they are often required to follow the Path of Awakening. Typically, the Path of Awakening that they do is the Path of Senses, the Path of Dexterity or the Path of the Seer, as it fits perfectly with the policy of the Pink.


The Pinks are known to wear, as it names shows, pink like clothing. Silk is often wore by them, as well as transparent fabrics of pinkish tonnes. They usually wear perfume and in case of wearing clothing of other colors, they wear large pink stripes of clothing, long and thin, around their wrist. This are hanging down showing the status of the person as a member of the Sisterhood and as a member of the Pink branch.

Functions and Power

Power of the Pinks is very much based on the emotional side of people's. They use their skills in beauty, art, confidence, manipulation and conversation in tricking and twisting those they serve to do as they please. To influence them behind the scenes. So with every straight powerful man, lies a powerful woman, of the Pink Branch (this also applies to strong lesbian woman).

There are two subclasses within the Pink branch: the artistic branch and the concubine branch. Both have knowledge of both subranches but they are specialized in one. This means that a pink member, who is trainned in the arts of love, pleasure, manipulation and conversation may also have some artistic skills, such as dancing or singing. On the other hand, the artistic subclass serve as artist of many fields (painting, musicians, dancers, poets, etc...) and focus on their art. Most of them are people who are not as beautiful but do have trained hard their skill to the point of perfectionism. They, as the concubines may held some concubine knowledge and influence and sometimes may work together with the invisible or the black branches to provide spying information or to hide one of this branches among themselves.

Psycokinetic Powers

The Psycokinetic powers are very much in used in between the members of this branch. They are in fact one of the branches to actually use them the most. This abilities do help them achieved their manipulation skills, anticipate to what may happen, defend their clients from aggresion, increase the impact they have on them or even surmonned them, talking to them through dreams.

Notable People of the Pink Branch

  • Anna Reichen
  • Lisa Troms
  • Ursil Yanivai