The Pisces Core Cluster is a designated 15.25 million l.y region located in the very center of the Herschel Space. As the Core of the Herschel Space, it is sometimes known as the "Herschel Core Cluster". This cluster contains the famous Lewis Galaxy from which human settlement expanded into the Herschel area and where all the Lewis Nations originated. It contains a total of twenty eight galaxies and a total population of 17 Septilion inhabitants.

It has a notable population, primarily being famous for Human and alien races.

Another view of the Pisces Core Cluster.

Galaxies of the Cluster

  1. Lewis Galaxy
  2. Anaya Galaxy
  3. Megara Galaxy
  4. Elcano Galaxy
  5. Apros Galaxy
  6. Kaila Galaxy
  7. Tarnos Galaxy
  8. Mendana Galaxy
  9. Thisbe Galaxy
  10. Pyramus Galaxy
  11. Oraios Galaxy
  12. Hannakon Galaxy
  13. Alba Galaxy
  14. Larissa Galaxy
  15. Porphyrous Galaxy
  16. Ethos Galaxy
  17. Kyklos Galaxy
  18. Sedna Galaxy
  19. Keaka Galaxy
  20. Horus Galaxy
  21. Skadi Galaxy
  22. Aura Galaxy
  23. Motra Galaxy
  24. Denilo Galaxy
  25. Volaka Galaxy
  26. Ferrenda Galaxy
  27. Toilac Galaxy
  28. Infaros Galaxy
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